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Dalek Empire was a series of linked audio dramas and one book in the Short Trips series, all published by Big Finish Productions.

The Dalek Empire range started with a progressive thread through four stories in the Main Range of Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories (The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, The Mutant Phase and The Time of the Daleks), then spun off into an independent audio mini-series.

Promotional illustration for Dalek Empire by Lee Sullivan (DWM 307)

The first two mini-series, Dalek Empire and Dalek Empire II: Dalek War, told the story of struggle against the Daleks, following their invasion of Mutter's Spiral and subsequent conquest of the galaxy from the perspectives of three key characters: Alby Brook, Susan Mendes and Kalendorf.

Dalek Empire III continued 2,500 years after Dalek Empire II: Dalek War, as the galaxy prepared for a new invasion by the Daleks. Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless took a different approach and detailed other areas of the first war with the Daleks, with different characters.

In December 2006, Big Finish released Return of the Daleks, a special subscribers exclusive audio drama, which featured the Seventh Doctor with Susan Mendes and Kalendorf. It takes place between the events of The Human Factor and "Death to the Daleks!", the second and third releases in the first series of Dalek Empire. Also in December 2006, Big Finish released Short Trips: Dalek Empire, a short story anthology, featuring supplemental stories from various Dalek storylines, including the Doctor in several incarnations. Adapting Dalek Empire to the world of print, it also featured the full script to Return of the Daleks.

In November 2020, Big Finish released Dalek Empire: Series I - II and Dalek Empire: Series III - IV, collecting all stories from the series.


Dalek Empire[[edit]]

Main article: Dalek Empire I
# Title Author Director Featuring Released
1.1 Invasion of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs Pellan 25 June 2001
1.2 The Human Factor 6 August 2001
1.3 "Death to the Daleks!" Mirana 29 October 2001
1.4 Project Infinity Mirana, Seer of Yaldos 21 January 2002

Dalek Empire II: Dalek War[[edit]]

Main article: Dalek Empire II: Dalek War
# Title Author Director Featuring Released
2.1 Dalek War: Chapter One Nicholas Briggs Mirana, Hardew, Tarkov January 2003
2.2 Dalek War: Chapter Two Mirana, Hardew, Tarkov, Morli February 2003
2.3 Dalek War: Chapter Three March 2003
2.4 Dalek War: Chapter Four Hardew, Tarkov April 2003

Dalek Empire III[[edit]]

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# Title Author Director Featuring Released
3.1 The Exterminators Nicholas Briggs Frey, Kaymee, Culver, Suz May 2004
3.2 The Healers June 2004
3.3 The Survivors Frey, Kaymee, Culver, Amur Tarkov, Suz July 2004
3.4 The Demons Amur, Frey, Culver, Suz August 2004
3.5 The Warriors Frey, Kaymee, Culver, Elaria, Suz September 2004
3.6 The Future Frey, Kaymee, Hardew, Culver, Elaria, Suz October 2004

Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless[[edit]]

Main article: Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless
# Title Author Director Featuring Released
4.1 The Fearless: Part 1 Nicholas Briggs Suz October 2007
4.2 The Fearless: Part 2 November 2007
4.3 The Fearless: Part 3 December 2007
4.4 The Fearless: Part 4 January 2008

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