Daleks Invade Zaos (short story)

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Daleks Invade Zaos was a short story published in Dr Who's Space Adventure Book. It featured the Second Doctor.


The Doctor arrives on Zaos, home of the friendly Zaons. The Daleks have arrived in force, intending to use the planet as a base to attack Earth. The Doctor sends a distress signal to the Sky Ray Space Raiders. They arrive and help him make contact with the giant Astrobeetles, who assist in destroying the Daleks. Afterwards, the Space Raiders contact Earth for the parts the Doctor needs to repair his damaged TARDIS.



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The Second Doctor, drawn with the look of a dark-haired William Hartnell.
  • In addition to its printing in Dr Who's Space Adventure Book, Daleks Invade Zaos was serialised across the backs of 36 trading cards included in the wrappers of Wall's Sky Ray ice lollies. Each card bore an illustration of the corresponding scene on its front, and Space Adventure Book included spaces for each illustration to be glued into place alongside the text of the story.
  • For reasons unclear, the Second Doctor is drawn with the height, facial structure and haircut of the First Doctor, with only the black hair differing him from his previous incarnation.


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