Emily Winter

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Emily Winter, a film actress in 1920s-era Hollywood, travelled with the Tenth Doctor as his companion after an incident in which her mind was taken over. (COMIC: Silver Scream) Like Charlotte Pollard before her, she was a companion whose death had been averted by the Doctor, even though her death was a fixed point in time. (COMIC: Fugitive) Formerly a meek and mild actress, following this event she became hardened, with violent tendencies. She insisted the Doctor give her a weapon. He refused. (COMIC: Tesseract)

Emily continued to travel with the Doctor, even after Matthew Finnegan had left with the Advocate. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass) They travelled and had adventures together for a short while, including one where the Doctor met Barnaby Edwards, a man who would be his companion in the future. (COMIC: Old Friend)

Under the alias Annabel Spring, Emily tearfully watches the Doctor's first encounter with her previous self

After having an adventure on a planet, she helped defeat the Advocate, and met Torchwood operative Annabella Primavera before she died. Emily decided to take her place on Earth (since Annabella's continued existence on Earth was a fixed point). Therefore, she left the TARDIS to take up this new life, discovered Archie Maplin and eventually set up United Actors in Hollywood, leading to the events of her first adventure with the Doctor. (COMIC: Final Sacrifice)