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Melody Pond's third incarnation, best known as Professor River Song, was a "child of the TARDIS" and the wife of the Doctor, specifically of their eleventh and twelfth incarnations, although she also had encounters with their tenth and thirteenth incarnations, as well as earlier incarnations whose memories were later redacted. She was mostly human, with some Time Lord DNA, and was conceived by her parents, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, aboard the TARDIS as it travelled through the Time Vortex. She was then raised and conditioned by the Silence, who used her unique DNA to transform her into the first of several Proto-Time Lords, granting her great strength, a deep understanding of the complex principles of time and space, and the ability to regenerate. She loved the Doctor dearly, and shared a long-lasting relationship with them. River was one of the very few people who knew the Doctor's true name.

Melody was stolen from her parents as a newborn baby by Madame Kovarian, to become a weapon of the Silence in their crusade against the Doctor. After a later regeneration, she killed the Eleventh Doctor, but then broke her mental conditioning to give her remaining regenerations to revive his corpse, after learning that River Song was who she would become.

The Doctor and her parents left her to make her own way in the universe. With no connection to her family or the Silence, River became an archaeologist, ostensibly to track the Doctor through time. She crossed the Doctor's path on several occasions, across many of their incarnations, and generally with the result that she was meeting them at progressively earlier points in their own time stream. Hoping to avoid temporal paradoxes, the Eleventh Doctor gave her a diary to keep track of their meetings and to prevent her from revealing "spoilers" to him about his own future.

Again forced by the Silence, she made a second attempt on the Eleventh Doctor's life, which led to their eventual marriage. Though actually unsuccessful, she was convicted of his murder and spent many years in Stormcage Containment Facility for it — to convince the universe and the Silence that her husband actually was dead. This confinement was made more bearable by escaping frequently to go out on dates with the Doctor. She was eventually pardoned, due to the Doctor deleting any evidence of his existence, and became a Professor of Archaeology.

After a final adventure with the Twelfth Doctor, which ended with them spending a twenty-four year long night at the Singing Towers of Darillium, she died saving the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Strackman Lux, and the 4,022 people saved in the computer system in the Library. The Tenth Doctor saved her consciousness digitally to the Library's computer system CAL. This data echo desired a true goodbye from the Doctor, and persisted for some time until the time came to say goodbye to her husband.


Becoming River Song[[edit]]

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River Song was the third incarnation of the assassin Melody Pond, the child of Rory Williams and Amy Pond who had been stolen away (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) by the Kovarian Chapter to be used as a weapon against the Doctor to prevent the Siege of Trenzalore. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) Shortly after regenerating from her second incarnation in 1938 Berlin, Melody began examining her new body and, per her programming, began using every obvious means of trying to lure the Eleventh Doctor into a false sense of security. Having already applied lipstick laced with Judas tree poison, she kissed the Doctor, poisoning him beyond his ability to regenerate, as she cheerily ran amok in Berlin, arming herself with guns from German soldiers and stealing clothes from patrons at the posh Hotel Adlon.

Melody sacrifices her regenerations and "becomes" River. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The Teselecta, after taking her parents on board, decided to punish River for her murder of the Doctor, but the Doctor stopped them. When her parents were in danger of being killed by antibodies, Melody was surprised to see the Doctor ignore his pain for the sake of saving them. Convincing her to let him save her parents, the Doctor had Melody pilot the TARDIS to save Amy and Rory. Melody then agreed to give a message to River Song from the dying Doctor, and he whispered it in her ear. Asking who River was, Amy had the Teselecta turned into Melody's new incarnation. Melody realised that she was the person the Doctor kept calling for help, and reawakened him with a kiss, using all of her remaining regenerations to bring him back to life. She passed out in the process.

The Doctor took River to the "best hospital in the universe" to recover. Knowing of her future as an on-and-off companion, he left a TARDIS-shaped diary as a gift. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) The Doctor made it so that the diary's number of pages reflected exactly the amount of adventures they would have together for River to record. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) The next morning, River found clothes that her parents had left for her. However, they had not left River anything to write in her diary with. The nurses called the closest antique shop and were able to secure a pen for her, and she used it to make the first entry in her diary. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

Studying at Luna University[[edit]]

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Hoping to find the Doctor once again, River entered the Luna University in 5123. When asked why she wished to study archaeology, River said she was "looking for a good man". Her studies led to her knowing some of the Doctor's locations in the past. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) One of the things River decided to research was the legend of the Furies. (AUDIO: The Furies) River chose Bernice Summerfield as her tutor because she found out that Benny knew the Doctor. She rarely attended Benny's lectures but still graduated top of the class. Benny recalled River as the most annoying student she ever had. (AUDIO: Lies in Ruins) During her studies River once transmatted the contents of a professor's office to an upper atmosphere and frequently sought permission to visit Dalek space. She once stole an old vortex manipulator to attempt to contact her future self for help on essays. When caught she avoided expulsion by successfully arguing it was impossible to plagiarise from herself. River also swapped her diary for a special lipstick.

In December 5124, River encountered numerous Silents infiltrating the university and helped fellow student Donovan Claire flee in a shuttle, as she'd caught their attention by remembering a planet erased from time by a crack which the Silents were trying to cover up. (PROSE: Student Bodies)

The assassination of the Doctor[[edit]]

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River under Lake Silencio, waiting for the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: Closing Time)

Working hard for "some afternoons", River eventually gained a doctorate from Luna University, (AUDIO: Songs of Love) but Kovarian appeared with agents of the Church and the Silence. They seized her, forced her into a modified version of the astronaut suit and took her to Utah on 22 April 2011, where they submerged her in Lake Silencio to await the Doctor. (TV: Closing Time)

When the time came to kill him, River emerged from the lake as the Doctor picnicked with Amy, Rory and an older River. The Doctor approached her alone to speak with her, (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) and reassure her that all was going to be well. However, River drained her weapon pack to defy the fixed point in time and save the Doctor, but time shredded into a reality where all history happened at once due to her actions. Working with individuals who remembered the correct history, River captured Kovarian and the Silents, and had Amy bring the Doctor to her. Refusing to fix reality, River was convinced by the Doctor to let history unfold after he wed himself to her to get close enough to whisper his plan to her. Sharing a kiss with her new husband, River went through with his apparent murder to restore the timeline, knowing he was really safe inside the Teselecta. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) Despite their marriage, River never believed her love for the Doctor was mutual. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) With the deed apparently done, River walked back into Lake Silencio, the astronaut suit protecting her from being shot by her future self. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

Imprisonment at Stormcage[[edit]]

River was put on trial for the Doctor's alleged murder and pleaded not guilty, saying that she had killed him to save the universe. However, she was found guilty (AUDIO: Whodunnit?) and sentenced to twelve thousand consecutive life sentences in the Stormcage Containment Facility in the 52nd century. (TV: Flesh and Stone, The Pandorica Opens) She served the sentence to make the Silence believe him dead, but often escaped to spend time with her husband before returning to her cell. They started on her very first night in the prison, when he paid a visit to bring her to Calderon Beta and explained to her the purpose of their diaries. (HOMEVID: First Night, Last Night) River became well-known for her countless escapes; it was believed that no prison could hold her for long. (AUDIO: The Bekdel Test)

Early imprisonment[[edit]]

River shared an adventure with the Doctor in the Bone Meadows, (TV: The Time of Angels) and was taken out for karaoke in the 48th century with Jim the Fish and the Doctor. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

River used her vortex manipulator to travel down the Doctor's timeline, and had several encounters with nine of his first ten incarnations, but erased their memories of her with mnemosine recall-wipe vapour to avoid corrupting his timeline. She went to 76 Totter's Lane to observe the First Doctor, but fled when she heard Susan Foreman's voice calling him. She also had an encounter with the Second Doctor that resulted in an animosity toward him when he tried to offer her "this cool place on Telos", and had an encounter with the Fifth Doctor that involved him continuously mentioning the Eye of Orion. She conversed with the Third Doctor and believed this resulted in the Sixth Doctor trying to mimic her hair style. When she met the Ninth Doctor, she accidentally set him off after mentioning the Last Great Time War, and quickly learned it was a bad idea to discuss it with him. She visited the TARDISes of the fourth and eighth incarnations, finding a room dedicated to a collection of scarves in the former, and hearing someone screaming from within the walls of the latter. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

Amy and Rory visited River for Christmas each year. One year Rory came alone, due to Amy staying home with her sick mother, and he and River were caught up in a prison riot orchestrated by the prison's psychologist, Henrik Chyll, who was trying to manipulate River and Rory to agree to be subject of his thesis. (PROSE: Visiting Hours)

Whilst in Stormcage, River was visited by Doom, who was seeking her advice on how to find the Doctor. (COMIC: Target Selected)

Adventures out of prison[[edit]]

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Five years into her imprisonment, River escaped and encountered several Sontarans who shot at and chased her halfway across the galaxy after she asked them if they were on a hen night. She escaped into the TARDIS where the Doctor returned her to Stormcage via her vortex manipulator to prevent her from interacting with her past self and her future self. (HOMEVID: Last Night)

River escaped Stormcage for a date with the Eleventh Doctor on Asgard, a planet-sized theme park. Throughout their date River wrestled with her deep desire to have a child, even though she knew she didn't lead a life conducive to raising children. She attempted to ask the Doctor his views on her or them having a child multiple times, but was either too nervous to get her thoughts out or interrupted by the continuing problems occurring on Asgard. After she and the Doctor saved Asgard from Tomith, River decided to enjoy a private picnic with the Doctor and not ask him about having a child. (PROSE: Picnic at Asgard)

River came to know that a bounty had been put on "young Time Lords"; fearing for the safety of the Doctor, she went to London, 1963. She managed to be hired as a history teacher at Coal Hill School, while also taking a second job as an assistant patrolwoman at night, to look for bounty hunters. It was during this time that she met Susan, her step-granddaughter; she also befriended Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, as well as briefly meeting the First Doctor. With the help of Ian and Barbara, she was able to track down a shapeshifting bounty hunter who took control of Sheila Page, one of Susan's classmates. Assisted by Susan (who vaguely recognised she had "an air of family" around her), River managed to get it out in the open and then neutralise it, thus ending the threat. She then left Coal Hill, refusing Susan's invitation to enter the TARDIS. (AUDIO: An Unearthly Woman)

Visiting her parents[[edit]]

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River spent some time at her parents' house, at one point being picked up for a date by the Eleventh Doctor, wearing a long black dress of which her father did not approve. (COMIC: Pond Life)

River and the Doctor were repeatedly invited to attend the fish people's annual parties. The Doctor at one point decided to visit one of these gatherings, where they were tied up, dipped in guacamole, and hung upside down over a fire pit. (COMIC: An Adventure in Brine and Plaice)

River joined a date of her parents on the Doctor's initiative. Amy and Rory were disappointed by the unexpected double date. (COMIC: Double Date)

The Doctor and the Ponds had to decide where to go for their bank holiday and their ideas were conflicting. River Song decided to leave them, making her own vacation plans as the Doctor and her parents went to Florana. (COMIC: Summer Wholiday)

River and the Doctor were chased by Judoon on Riftan Five. They were found because of her posts on the social network Bookface, but she defeated them by spamming their accounts with a game invitation. She showed jealousy that Leela and Polly Wright commented the Doctor's profile. (COMIC: Timeliney Wimey)

Escaping the Bekdel Institute[[edit]]

At some point, River was taken out of Stormcage due to her famed escapology attempts from the prison. After encountering some of the prisoners at the Institute, she learned that the Director was in fact a "solidogram", a solid hologram. When Missy, the female incarnation of the Master, came to the Institute, River helped her to escape. To throw off the Director, they created a set of solidograms, one to be placed into the detention cells, and another to crawl through the sewers in order to be caught by the Director and the cubes, a trick to allow both River and Missy to meddle with the Institute's computers. It was at this point that the two women figured out that the prisoners were all solidogroms, generated by the Institute's main computer. River and Missy also figured out that they were brought to the Institute to learn if the Doctor was still alive after his assasination at Lake Silencio. They finally escaped after Missy tricked the computer into thinking that the inside was the outside and vice versa. After agreeing to save Missy from an opening airlock using her Vortex manipulator, they were transported to a planet, where Missy set off back to her TARDIS and then revealed she’d meddled with River’s manipulator so it instantly teleported her back to Stormcage. (AUDIO: The Bekdel Test)

Revisiting her past[[edit]]

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On receiving an invitation from the Doctor, River escaped from Stormcage to meet Amy, Rory and him in Utah in the United States on 22 April 2011. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) The Doctor, inside a Teselecta double of himself, took them on a picnic where the Teselecta was shot by River's younger self. Amy, Rory and River went to a cafe to find a version of the Eleventh Doctor two hundred years younger than the one inside the Teselecta. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut, The Wedding of River Song)

River secretly revisited her childhood when she accompanied her parents, the Eleventh Doctor, and Canton Everett Delaware III to Florida on 8 April 1969 to find the little girl who kept ringing Richard Nixon. Adhering to the Doctor's rule against "spoilers" which could collapse time, she feigned ignorance of her childhood self's identity. The only information she gave the Doctor about her old spacesuit was that which she could have reasonably determined by her inspection of it and she offered Amy and Canton no forewarning about what they would find in her old orphanage. Any knowledge she may have retained about the Silence she kept to herself. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

River after killing a room full of Silents. (TV: Day of the Moon)

River, Amy, Rory, Canton, and the Doctor split up to investigate the Silence across America over the next three months. By July, River was in New York City. She showed her reliance upon and faith in the Doctor and his TARDIS being in the right place and time to rescue her as she dove backwards out of the 50th floor of a building and into the TARDIS' swimming pool. She helped the Doctor defeat the Silence by using their brainwashing of humanity against them, while making sure she did not meet her first incarnation. River killed all of the Silence who were holding her mother hostage. At her request, the Doctor returned her to Stormcage, where she kissed him. He was shocked and she realised that from his perspective, it was their first kiss. (TV: Day of the Moon)

Using her vortex manipulator, River returned to Demons Run shortly after the conclusion of the Battle of Demons Run, mere minutes after Kovarian had fled with her infant body. As the Doctor angrily confronted her on her refusal to help, River pointed out how his own actions had led to the events of the battle due to making people so afraid of him. As the Doctor demanded to know her real identity, River showed the Doctor his old cot , cluing him in to her parentage and true nature. As the Doctor raced off to locate baby Melody, Amy demanded answers from River. In response, River showed her parents the prayer leaf upon which the name "Melody Pond" became "River Song" in the language of the Gamma Forests and explained that she was their daughter. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

Nights out with the Doctor[[edit]]

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On her birthday, the Doctor took River to the last Winter Frost Fair on the River Thames in 1814. Stevie Wonder performed, not knowing where and when he had truly been brought, before being restored to his proper time. Back at Stormcage, River met Rory in his Roman garb. Looking in her diary, River realised that he was there about the Battle of Demon's Run. Having already experienced the event, she refused to come aid them at Demons Run, saying she couldn't be there "until the very end". When Rory pressed her for a reason, River simply explained that it was the day that the Doctor would learn her true identity. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

River attended a party with the Doctor and helped him search pet shops for a Queen of England who had become a goldfish. (HOMEVID: Bad Night) River and the Doctor had an adventure involving a euphonium, a biplane and someone named Marilyn. (HOMEVID: Good Night)

Arriving on the “planet of the rain gods”, the Doctor and River were set to be sacrificed by the natives until the Doctor successfully petitioned to the rain gods themselves for rain. (HOMEVID: Rain Gods)

The opening of the Pandorica[[edit]]

In 5145, the TARDIS rerouted a phone call for the Doctor from Winston Churchill to River's Stormcage cell. Using hallucinogenic lipstick on her guard, she escaped to warn the Doctor of a prophecy of the TARDIS exploding. She blackmailed a Time Agent's vortex manipulator off Dorium Maldovar and stole a Vincent van Gogh painting from Liz Ten showing the TARDIS exploding and space-time coordinates. She graffitied a diamond cliff at the dawn of time with the coordinates, then travelled to England in 102 AD to meet the Eleventh Doctor and Amy, posing as Cleopatra in order to blend in with the Roman garrison stationed there.

The Pandorica lay under Stonehenge, transmitting a signal to summon an alliance of the Doctor's enemies. The Doctor got them to back off and sent River to fetch the TARDIS. Instead, it took her to Amy's house on 26 June 2010. When River told him the date, the Doctor realised the TARDIS was about to explode and told her to escape. (TV: The Pandorica Opens) Unable to leave, she was trapped in a time loop of the first moments of the explosion. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang) The Doctor rescued her in 1996, told her his plan to use the Pandorica's restoration field to reverse the Total Event Collapse of the universe and was shot by a stone Dalek. River told the Dalek to look in its data banks for her, taunted it into begging for mercy, then killed it.

After the Doctor had rebooted the universe by erasing himself, River left her now blank diary at her parents' wedding so Amy could remember him back into existence. After a brief conversation about her marital status and identity, River told the Doctor he was "going to find out very soon", and left him wondering. (TV: The Big Bang)

The Eternity Clock[[edit]]

River realises that her timeline is being rewritten. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

In 5145, River escaped from her cell in the Stormcage Containment Facility using her hallucinogenic lipstick, after receiving a phone call saying that the Doctor needed her help. She located her vortex manipulator and used it to travel to London in 2012 where she rescued her stranded husband.

She helped the Doctor fight off Cybermen, Daleks, Silents, and Silurians in different eras of London; each had a piece of the fabled Eternity Clock to fuel their plans against humanity. She and the Doctor collected the pieces and brought them back to the TARDIS, which was at the heart of a temporal storm being caused by the Eternity Clock pieces trying to pull themselves together.

River discovered, much to her shock, that there was an entry about the clock in her diary that she hadn't written; the Doctor explained that it was due to the temporal anomalies the clock was causing to time. No sooner had this been explained, the clock began tracking all fixed points in time and began attempting to rewrite them. Adding to the insanity, the TARDIS was towed away with them inside for the ride. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

Consoling the Tenth Doctor[[edit]]

River devised a plan to help the Tenth Doctor get over the loss of Donna Noble. She sent him a message on psychic paper, telling him to meet her at the Apocalypse Vault, making him believe she intended to disrupt a fixed point in time. At his refusal, she led him into a chase from planet to planet, where she arranged different situations where he could solve problems and help people. When the Doctor eventually found a forged copy of the Scroll of the Last Days, she invited him to a date at the Cafe du Paris, 2061. That message, however, mistakenly arrived to the Fifth Doctor. After an initial disappointment, River manipulated the Fifth Doctor into stealing from the Tenth Doctor the faked Scroll, before drugging him and making him forget what had happened.

Eventually, though, her continual messages to various incarnations of the Doctor to reach her at the Vault came to the attention of the Tenth Doctor, who berated her and called her a thief, saying she was only using him. To prove him wrong, River forced him to go the Vault and steal the Scroll - only for the Doctor to leave the Scroll there and tell her to make her choice of how to use it. By that time, however, River had already used the TARDIS to go back in time, change the Scroll and also the future without disrupting the fixed point in time, thus proving her valour to the Doctor. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating)

The crash of the Byzantium[[edit]]

River was put in Father Octavian's custody in the 51st century for a mission to try to earn her pardon. She infiltrated the Galaxy class Byzantium to find its Home Box, into which she carved "Hello Sweetie" in Old High Gallifreyan, along with her temporal coordinates. This attracted the Doctor's attention twelve thousand years later, leading Amy (who at this point in time had not met River before) and the Doctor to her and the Byzantium's crash site on Alfava Metraxis. (TV: The Time of Angels) They defeated an army of Weeping Angels who had awakened in the planet's Maze of the Dead. River hinted they would meet again by the opening of the Pandorica before being returned to Stormcage, though she hoped she had done enough to earn a pardon. (TV: Flesh and Stone)

Following this adventure, she visited Amy and Rory after they witnessed the Doctor's "death" in Utah and exposed some of the truth behind her many lies to her parents. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

Recording the Monster Files[[edit]]

In her diary, River made records of several species. Regarding the Weeping Angels, River acknowledged Rastan Jovanich's Book of the Weeping Angels, the crash of the Byzantium and their activity on Earth. (WC: Monster File: Weeping Angels) Though she was not there personally, she demonstrated an awareness of the Eleventh Doctor's confrontation with the Saturnynians in Venice in 1580 as well as other vampire species, namely the Ogri, the Three Who Rule and the Plasmavores. (WC: Monster File: Vampires) River also covered the history of the Silurians and the Sea Devils and their encounters with humanity and several incarnations of the Doctor, including the incident in Cwmtaff in 2020 which involved the Eleventh Doctor with Amy Pond and Rory Williams. (WC: Monster File: Silurians)

Facing the Malignant[[edit]]

More adventures out of prison[[edit]]

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River was sent to retrieve one of the solar batteries powering a miniscope, and travelled to Inter Minor, where the Third Doctor was working on disabling one. She miniaturised and went into the miniscope, only to find out that the Doctor neglected to look at the bin of the miniscope, inadvertently leaving other species contained in the machine to die when it would go out of order. With the help of Dibbsworth, a man trapped into the miniscope with his office, she managed to get out of the miniscope with the battery and the bin, and gave them to the Doctor; she also took advantage of this chance and consoled him for the imminent separation between him and Jo Grant. (AUDIO: Peepshow)

On an expedition to find out what happened to Annam Henic. River arrived to the planet Gelidius, where she was greeted and welcomed by a deserted colony of Mechonoids. Suspecting that they seemed not to know Henic, she dug under the ice and found an inner chamber, but accidentally caused a glacier to fall over the ship. Now stranded, she sent a distress message, which Space Security agents Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven picked up a month later. River manipulated them into helping her get to Henic's tomb, where they found out that he was actually alive, partially converted into a Mechonoid and in command of an army of Mechonoids he reprogrammed to get revenge on Earth Empire. River and the agents worked together to stop him, and were eventually able to trap him in the ice - event though River had to give up her plan to retrieve Henic and give him up to the authorities. (AUDIO: Queen of the Mechonoids)

Recruited at UNIT[[edit]]

The Master hired River to transport an expanding sun and its planet, in dimension condensers, from one side of the universe to the other, to a place where the planet would have been saved from destruction. River accepted the assignment, but during transport a fault in her vortex manipulator caused her to crash to Earth, separated from the two condensers. Aware that they would soon burst from the pressure of their contents, River infiltrated UNIT, sending the Third Doctor on a wild goose for Sensorites and convincing the Brigadier to hire her as Liz Shaw's assistant; thus she was able to take hold of the TARDIS and use it to trace the capacitors. (AUDIO: Rivers of Light)

Liz at first reacted very badly to the betrayal but later came to appreciate River thanks to an investigation they conducted on strange otherworldly phenomena in an English village, which led the two women to confront and stop Beatrice Gray from consuming the life energy of the entire village with a Guardian Stone. (AUDIO: The Blood Woods)

When Liz was kidnapped by the Residient and transported to the fake suburb of Fetter Bailey, Sahara, River tracked her down and infiltrated the compound. Once she reached Liz, she managed to rouse her from the parasites' mental influence long enough to discover the truth about the place and stop their attempt to feed off the residents' psionic energy. (AUDIO: Terror of the Suburbs)

Later, River and Liz found themselves investigating the case of missing students linked to the activities of the electronics company Intertraxia. They discovered that it was being run by another alien parasite, feeding on human neuronic energy. River connected to the company's network to save the people inside, and managed to send Liz back to the real world when she was captured. This allowed Liz to disconnect the network, saving River's life as well. (AUDIO: Never Alone)

Eventually, the Doctor returned to UNIT, just as River had finally found the capacitors in a small village in Yorkshire. Their contents were beginning to leak out, and soon the Earth would be destroyed. With the help of Liz, the Brigadier and a reluctant and suspicious Doctor, River managed to recover the cubes and complete the mission. After getting paid by the Master, and learning that this was a dress rehearsal for his own plan against the Doctor and Earth, she tricked him and locked him up in a dimension condenser and handed him over to the Time Lords. (AUDIO: Rivers of Light)

A pardoned woman[[edit]]

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River was later pardoned and released from the Stormcage Containment Facility after it was discovered that there was no evidence of the man she had murdered having ever existed. This was due to the Doctor erasing himself from all databases in the universe. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) As a time-travelling archaeologist, River sometimes made money as a mercenary, according to the Time Lords' files. (AUDIO: Songs of Love)

River escaped the Bloody Tower and the private boudoir of the Marquis de Sade, (AUDIO: The Sonomancer) saw the golden sunset on Florana with the Doctor, (AUDIO: Signs) and had at one point been transporting dragon eggs on the Starship Harmony and Redemption when there had been some trouble with them in the baggage hold. The staff at the Harmony and Redemption remembered this for her future visit and installed a deadlock seal. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) River encountered Andrew Edwardson and noticed his remarkable resemblance to the Fifth Doctor. (AUDIO: My Dinner with Andrew)

River retrieved Katarina's body from deep space to give her a proper burial. She was attacked by the Nine who she quickly ascertained had been lured there by her future self. To her horror the Nine escaped with Katarina’s body. (AUDIO: Companion Piece)

Investigating the Mortimer family[[edit]]

River went to a Luna University dig at a preserved 20th century house to investigate why Professor Pierson had found some pages of her diary there. Suspecting a trap, she didn’t intend to use her vortex manipulator to travel back in time, but borrowed an echo gun prototype to use instead. To that issue, she had to be accompanied by a Hugo, a solidogram whose aim was not only to check on her use of the prototype, but to assess her for potential professorship. The torn pages from the diary told her to “Learn the rules of the house, Find the key to the door, Save the bird of the nest, draw the isle on the shore”, and when she tried to use the echo gun she was catapulted back to 2014, meeting Harry Mortimer and Vinay Siddiqui. Attempting to use her vortex manipulator, she realised that her ability to time travel had been limited to 1936, 1962, 1988 and 2014 with a shield present during all those years didn’t allow her to escape.

Her and Hugo’s attempt to solve the riddle across brought them into contact with generations of the Mortimer family, a number of which where gay during a period where that was generally not accepted, and a cook who seemed to resent her, who they discovered was an offshoot of Hugo. Her trips culminated in being mistaken for Madeleine Mortimer’s lover in 1936, Henry, leading to Henry shooting at her with the echo gun. Maddie took the hit. After angrily dismissing Henry, setting up events in the future she had already experienced in doing so, River set up a temporal field with the echo gun to try to slow Maddie’s now rapid ageing process, realising this field was what had trapped her and Hugo to begin with.

Returning to 2014, River awoke Maddie in time to witness the wedding of her great-grandson Harry with his boy friend. River was the official celebrant of the ceremony, which she did in the name of the president of Earth and the Lady Universe herself. She then brought Maddox back in 1936 to say goodbye to her children before disappearing, as she was only able to partially reverse the consequences of the shoot. Following the disappearance of the shield, the two Hugos merged and sent a notice to Luna University in the 52nd century, endorsing that River become a professor. River finally left behind the pages from her diary to resolve the loop and went back to visit Harry and Vinay. (AUDIO: Friend of the Family)

The Rulers of the Universe[[edit]]

River was hiding in the 1920s when she was lured away to Mesopotamia to investigate a mysterious tomb. She realised someone had planted saline drones in the tomb and that kept Prim in a state of life in order to attract River's interest. After killing Prim once and for all, River opened an invitation given to her by Bertie Potts that invited her to a party on a spaceship. (AUDIO: The Boundless Sea)

River discovered Bertie Potts did not die in the tomb in Mesopotamia, but couldn't get him to reveal how he survived. While he was distracted she snuck around restricted areas of the party he invited her to and discovered the murder of Jenkins and was asked for help by Spritz, a woman pretending to be one of the robotic waitresses. With a subterfuge, she ended the manipulation program of the Rulers of the Universe, which used to condition other planets' development. Eventually, she was approached by Mr Song, who claimed to be a future incarnation of the Doctor (AUDIO: I Went to a Marvellous Party) until she discovered he was a member of the Kamishi pretending thanks to information taken from her diary. (AUDIO: Signs) Eventually, during the early times of the Last Great Time War, the Rulers involved the Eighth Doctor to achieve their purposes. River knew she couldn't reveal to him her identity, so — by radio communication — she dealt with him under a fake identity. Together, they scuppered the plans of the Sanukuma caste of the Kamishi, then parted their ways. (AUDIO: The Rulers of the Universe)

On and off friendship with Jack Harkness[[edit]]

While investigating Vortex Wraiths in 1940s London, River met Jack Harkness for the first time. When she later moved into the Powell Estate and became a neighbour of Jackie Tyler, she asked her for advice about her conflicting feelings for the Doctor and Jack, and they became friends by the time Jack arrived to visit Jackie. While posing as Queen Elizabeth I in the Elizabethan era, River was investigated by him in his previous Time Agent identity, Javic Piotr Thane. She sent him away when they were attacked by androids disguised as the Queen's guard. After her own escape from the Elizabethan era, River took over the Time Agency in an attempt to get Javic out of her way.She visited Jack some time after in Gallipoli, where they planned to get married. The ceremony was interrupted by Snorvlast, who was devoured by the vortex wraiths. Jack and River then visited the end of the universe for their honeymoon. (AUDIO: R&J)

Two Doctors at once[[edit]]

When a mysterious new planet appeared in the solar system, causing all sorts of temporal anomalies around it, River was called as a consultant on the Saturnius, a ship especially built to investigate the phenomenon. As they were on course, the ship crashed into the Seventh Doctor's TARDIS: the resulting impact between the two ships and the gravitational pull of the planet caused reality to warp about them, trapping them into a living paradox. To resolve this, River and the Doctor (whom she did not recognise due to the paradox affecting her memory) worked together to detach the TARDIS from the ships; River was the one to actually do it after the Doctor was killed in this alternate reality. She forgot precisely what happened, but retained enough consciousness to avoid impact and grant the ship a safe landing on the new planet - which she recognised as a devastated future Earth. While wandering amongst the desolation, she stumbled into Rachel Burrows, an android and the only survivor. (AUDIO: The Unknown)

From her, River recovered a date and a place, but no indication of what happened to Earth. She then travelled back in time to when it happened, where Rachel and her adoptive parents, Emmett and Lisa Burrows. There she witnessed the arrival of a temporal wave, killing every living being on Earth when the respective time-zones reached the hour 17.29. She tried to save the life of the Burrows, but with nowhere to go and no visible solution, was ultimately convinced by Emmett and Lisa just to boost Rachel's circuits, thus ensuring her survival until River herself would find her. She then had a final meal with the Burrows, and just moments before they died, she picked up on her vortex manipulator the signal of a direction for the wave and left to continue her investigation. (AUDIO: Five Twenty-Nine)

She followed the signal to the firm Golden Futures, where she applied as a temp - and was appalled at finding out the Sixth Doctor as the managing director, holding the majority of shares in the company. She found out that the company had been taken over by Speravores, and they were planning to destroy Earth to replace it with a duplicate of their own creation, "Elysium", only to sell its surface and gather new humans to feed on. She confided in the Doctor who, realising he had been duped and trapped, helped her into uncovering the conspiracy and deflecting the cancellation wave from Earth to Elysium. For doing so, however, the Doctor suggested letting one of the Speravore larvae to feed on him, which would have caused him great harm and even possibly making him regenerate: to spare him, River then deflected the larvae on the Golden Futures' shareholders. Unfortunately, this failed to provide enough energy to successfully deflect the wave, and because of it different alternate Earths begin to pop up, threatening to disrupt reality. River kissed the Doctor with her lipstick, making him forget what happened to spare him the guilt, carried him to this TARDIS and sent him away, (AUDIO: World Enough and Time) while she remained there in an attempt to fix it. She used the energy of her vortex manipulator to feed the circuits and managed to stop the process, thus reducing the disruption to only two alternate Earths fighting for existence. Her vortex's energy was depleted as a result, but in that nick of time the Seventh Doctor arrived and River snuck aboard his TARDIS.

Surprised by the Seventh Doctor as she was trying to depart, she was able to convince him to help, and together they tracked the origin of the disruption on Earth, London, in 1703, just before the Great Storm. To her amazement and worry, the Sixth Doctor was there too, investigating on his own, and had found that two young human lovers, Isaac George and Sarah Dean, had been targeted and manipulated by the Speravores. She tried in vain to tell him to renounce his investigation. Later, she and the Seventh Doctor tracked down a nest of Speravores at the house of Sarah's employer, sir Robert Harley, and discovered their Queen had been feeding on Sarah's discarded choices in life. The Seventh Doctor left River there encuffed to be found and imprisoned as a thief (he didn't trust her), and the Sixth Doctor only visited her in prison to retrieve her manipulator and keep her out of his business. She only regained her freedom thanks to her cellmate, Daniel Defoe, just before the Great Storm, and reached the Doctors as they tried to intervene on Isaac and Sarah's meeting, the Sixth to help it, the Seventh to prevent it. The three of them were captured by the Queen of the Speravores, and the Sixth Doctor sacrificed himself, staying behind to be devoured so that the other two could reach Golden Futures. The Seventh Doctor was ready to cancel Isaac and Sarah from history to solve the crisis, but River persuaded him to wait long enough for her to tell the truth to the couple and let them decide to freely sacrifice themselves. She then went once again back the Sixth Doctor to his TARDIS and sent him away; she also tried to make the Seventh Doctor forget with crumpets, tea, and her lipstick, but he refused it all and in the end she had to knock him unconscious and wipe out his memory before departing. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Storm)

Educating Rachel Burrows[[edit]]

Feeling responsible for her, River went back to retrieve Rachel Burrows, in order to teach her what it means to be an immortal. She brought her to a planet and used her vortex manipulator to jump through its history, so she could see how the people eventually brought on their own destruction, in spite of their efforts to help them. Rachel at some point rebelled and tried to change history, but found out she couldn't. However, River brought her to the moment in time they started their journey, and together they did effect a small change that did not change the future of the planet, but allowed its people to find a solution to survive: when the planet was eventually destroyed by a solar flare, they built rockets and left it for a new home. Rachel then expressed a desire to stay and help the people in their new life. (AUDIO: Slight Glimpses of Tomorrow)

River left Rachel on the ship when it became clear the oxygen supply could not sustain her on board, but told her to call her if she needed her. This happened during an adventure she was having with the Tenth Doctor, which she promptly left to come back to Rachel. She discovered that two crew members of the ship had linked Rachel to the computer on board, using her to navigate, and that a breed of "zombified" electric eels invaded the ship and was threatening the life of the colonists. She was tempted to leave the ship and the occupants at their destiny, but Rachel insisted to save them and River eventually helped her and another crewmate, Aaron, to do so. Respecting Rachel's decision to stay and help, she left her with the colonists on their new world. (AUDIO: A Brave New World)

Working with the Doctor's friends[[edit]]

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Charged by Neon to retrieve the last copy of a painting by Brugel the Elder, River travelled to London during the Yeti attack. Discovering that the painting had already been stolen, she was forced to search for the thieves along with Captain Ben Knight, whose survival she tried to ensure so that history would not change. In the end, however, she was forced to let the painting burn in order to save the life of the little girl who had taken it, Erin Harris, from the Intelligence; she then brought Erin herself to Neon, offering her as the new tour guide for her collection. (AUDIO: The Web of Time)

Upon learning that a Hanovari woman was attempting to kidnap Princess Myrahla of Ozkozania, River infiltrated the Galactic Heritage rendezvous by posing as a delegate from Gallifrey: Romana. His deception attracted the attention of the interested party, who sent Leela to investigate. River involved the savage in her attempt to rescue the princess. The two succeeded, but discovered the Hanovari was also trying to save the princess, who was to be sacrificed to keep the peace on Ozkozania.The three of them then travelled to the planet and discovered that the princess was actually a girl of the people who had been kidnapped and forced to participate in saving the life of her twin sister. Their actions led to the downfall of the Royal Magnificat's regime and a new civil war, but River and Leela were able to take the twins away into the future of the planet, guaranteeing them a happy life. (AUDIO: Emancipation)

With the activity of her manipulator disturbed, River travelled to Victorian London to discover the source of the disturbance. Her investigation led her to Henry Gordon Jago's Palace Theatre, in whose cellar she found traces of Magnus Greel's 51st-century time technology. After witnessing the kidnapping and murder of a dancer, River stayed at the theatre (hiring herself out as a singer, and even performing as one) long enough to ruin the plan of Greel and his servant, Li H'Sen Chang, to take control of Jago to supply "nourishment". He left a moment before the TARDIS arrived. (AUDIO: The Talents of Greel)

The Wampeerix captured River and took away her time-travelling technology, which they used to try and drain the Earth of its energy at three different points in time, creating a paradox; their Queen even assumed River's appearance to lead the operation. Escaping their clutches, River travelled to Earth and, after attempting to warn her once, rescued Petronella Osgood in 1971. The two fell through a time fissure and ended up in 2091, where Osgood was contacted by her boss, Kate Stewart, from 2019. River and Osgood worked together to destroy the Wampeerix's Earth-ray in 2091, thus contributing to the operation by which UNIT repelled that species' attempted incursion on Earth. Having resolved the paradox, River asked Kate if they were going to lock her up somewhere, but she chose to let her go instead. (AUDIO: The Power of River Song)

River was captured by Balthazar Drix and brought to the SS Pollyanna, where she was kept in a cage and "entrusted" to two robot animals, K9 and FE-LINE, for safekeeping. On Drix's instruction, K9 tried to convince River she had been involved in another fight between the Doctor and the Master, and was kept here to heal from a biological weapon she was in touch with. River, however, saw through the lies and convinced FE-LINE to help her get out and find out the truth: Drix had come in possession of the K9-Mark III the Fourth Doctor was sending to Sarah Jane, reprogrammed it and copied it to keep his crew prisoner; River even discovered that the mind inside FE-LINE belonged to Drix's assistant, Maria. River then forced Drix to release Maria from her FE-LINE body, discovered a cure for his condition she did share with her but not with him, then healed K9 and sent him to Earth. She then left, leaving Drix in the same situation he put her: a pet in a cage. (AUDIO: A Forever Home)

Confronting her past[[edit]]

In search of family, River visited Terminus Prime where clients could choose their own means of demise and found a cult of Proto-Time Lords, cloned from her by Kovarian at Demons Run, regularly using the facility, led by Lake. Lake had become obsessed with his potential mortality and experimented on other proto-Time Lords’ regenerations, trying to determine how long he himself had to live, but was halted by the discovery that the number of regenerations for each clone was relatively random and there was no way to know how many lives Lake had himself. River worked with a recently regenerated proto-Time Lord, Lily, to stop him. After he shot Lily, River killed Lake who regenerated into Lily, forcing River to send the new Lily back in time to complete the cycle, River tortured by her simultaneous compassion for Lily and hatred of Lake. After burying Lily, who she believed to be the last of her siblings, River summoned an incarnation of the Doctor to take a break with. The Fifth Doctor responded and introduced her to his current companion, Brooke, to River’s surprise as she’d never heard of her. (AUDIO: The Lady in the Lake)

River had several adventures with the Fifth Doctor and Brooke, who she did not know, including their visit to Gadalax Prime. The Doctor took River and Brooke to 18th Century Venice where they investigated the mystery surrounding Mozart's final piece, discovering Aqua Galatia had been sold among disgruntled wives to kill their husbands. River became suspicious of Brooke who was increasingly jealous of River. Brooke spiked the Doctor's tea with Aqua Galatia and attempted to use it to assassinate him but River neutralised it with her love for the Doctor. (AUDIO: A Requiem for the Doctor)

She and the Doctor forced Brooke to take them to where she was meeting her employer, The Bumptious Gastropod, a restaurant outside space-time where the rules of causality did not apply. Horrified to discover Brooke’s employer was Madame Kovarian, River used her lipstick to erase Brooke’s memories of meeting her and told her she’d just killed the Doctor and then sent the Fifth Doctor away with his memory wiped. She planned to infiltrate the restaurant to get revenge on Kovarian but was thwarted when the Fifth Doctor immediately returned and was noticed by Kovarian. River kidnapped and dressed Andrew Edwardson in the Doctor's clothes as an attempt to save the Doctor from Kovarian's new plot to kill him. However, River was convinced by Maitre D' that this was immoral and something the Doctor would not approve of. Whilst River was caught up in increasingly complex timeline of events, Brooke found and killed the true Doctor using regeneration inhibitors to prevent further regenerations. In fury, River shot Brooke, who simply regenerated, and was taken captive by Kovarian. (AUDIO: My Dinner with Andrew)

Back in her old childhood prison in Concorde Well, she discovered that Madame Kovarian had created Brooke and numerous other new proto-Time Lords. Brooke blamed River for the murder of H-One, another proto-Time Lord, however discovered it had been another clone. As the Deterrent laid siege to Concorde Well, River was released to help the defences and convinced Brooke and the other clones to create a psychic link of the mythic Furies to taunt Kovarian with the image of the Fifth Doctor, eventually causing Kovarian to have a meltdown. River's vortex manipulator was used by Brooke to travel back in time to convince Andrew to take the Doctor's place at the Bumptious Gastropod and she brought the Fifth Doctor back in his TARDIS. Though he was unaware of her identity, River said a quick farewell to him. River left Kovarian a prisoner of her cloned siblings. (AUDIO: The Furies)

Teaching Luke Sullieman[[edit]]

As a visiting professor at the University of Chasca Major, River took it upon herself to teach one of her students, Luke Sullieman, the finer poins of Archaeology. Together, they sneaked into the local museum and opened a tomb which was recently brought there from Chasca Minor, inadvertently waking up his occupant, who turned out to be the Decayed Master. River agreed to help him go back to Chasca Minor to retrieve his TARDIS, and witnessed the Master murder their companions, but didn't stop him, acknowledging this allowed them to distract the local people, the Therians. She was distressed, however, when the Master apparently caused Luke's death to keep open the door of the ziqqurat's inner chamber. After they turned off the sun relais preventing night from falling on the planet, River wanted to leave the Master, but realised she needed his help to get back safely to the shuttle they arrived in. She recognised Luke in one of the Therians attacking them and, using the Master's solar capacitor, reversed the progress bringing him back to normal. River thought of using the capacitor to cure all Therians, but Luke persuaded her it was not her choice; she then left it to them and went off with Luke in the shuttle, abandoning the Master. (AUDIO: Animal Instinct)

Archaelogical investigations[[edit]]

Following an advice from the Doctor, River went on holiday on Bondar, where she ended up being entangled in a mysterious murder spree. She found out that the cause was a colony ship, and all the colonists were clones created by it when it crashed on the planet: the ship program kept recreating them and substituting the originals with new "specimens". With the help of mayor Gudrun, River destroyed the ship, releasing the colonists from their condition. (AUDIO: Colony of Strangers)

On a trip to 12th century England, River stopped at an abbey to consult the mysterious Book of Stars. There, she found out the nuns were dying due to a mysterious epidemic, and set out to investigate, facing the hostility of Sister Magdalene. She gained the trust of sister Patrick, the nurse of the Convent, when she helped her hide a man, Thomas, inside the convent. Together they discovered the source of the epidemic was a futuristic portal developed by Sister Ursula, the librarian - actually an alien in disguise, trying to get home. When the library burnt, River saved Ursula from the fire and persuaded her to stay and face the consequences of her actions, so to atone for her sins, instead of going back. (AUDIO: Abbey of Heretics)

When she was charged with the murder of the Duke of Ferrox, River called upon Roger Hodgkiss, an English barrister from 20th century, to defend her. Together, they proved the real murderer was his esquire Strax, who did not agree with his master's choice to turn a new leaf. It was implied that River actually plotted the murder together with Ferrox's wife, who then went on to succeed her husband and lead the Ferrox towards a future of peace. (AUDIO: Barrister to the Stars)

The mysterious planet[[edit]]

When a mysterious planet appeared out of nowhere, a message was sent to the Luna University, requesting the aid of its most eminent archaeologists. River accepted the message and went there with a class of students, where they found a tomb apparently untouched by scavengers. As they opened it, though, they found that Bernice Summerfield was already in it: she arrived first upon receiving the same message as River, recognising that it came from the Doctor. Minutes later, the Eighth Doctor landed on the planet with his present companion, Ria, and River sent her class back, fearing for their safety. She later made the shocking discovery that the planet they were on was the ruins of Gallifrey after the Time War; she wanted to keep it quiet, but Benny told the Doctor. Upon further searches, they found out that the Matrix was still active, and that the Doctor and Ria had the power to access it and control it. The arrival of another troop of scavengers then prompted the Doctor to use the powers of the Matrix not only to protect the ruins, but also to rebuild Gallifrey; River then encouraged him to do so, to make himself a god, thus snapping him out of his delusion. By then, she had already worked out that the planet was not really Gallifrey, but instead the ruins of a TARDIS, which projected the illusion of Gallifrey by connecting with the mind of the Doctor. The Doctor then reprogrammed it to dispel any illusion after he, River and Benny had gone. River and the Doctor stood hand in hand and watched Gallifrey disappear, before leaving. (AUDIO: Lies in Ruins)

Adventures with the Tenth Doctor[[edit]]

River discovered Kamen Vers, a Movellan/human hybrid created by the Movellans during their war with the Daleks whose emotions had caused the entire Movellan crew to malfunction. She posed as a Movellan herself and tried to keep his emotions in check, however struggled to control him as he began using a tractor beam to capture more and more vessels to attach to the crippled Movellan ship he'd been created on, forming Mto and tricking human colonists into believing they'd crashed here. She diverted the Tenth Doctor and Anya Kingdom's time jump to make them arrive nearby and lured them to Mto With a message of "hello sweetie" in a Dalek voice. As the Doctor and Anya investigated River maintained the pretence of being a Movellan, to the Doctor's frustration, until they managed to expose the truth about Kamen and send the humans on Mto to safety. This drama caused her to lose control of Kamen's emotions, leading to him fatally overloading. Overwhelmed by the effort of trying to control Kamen, River advised the Doctor to find the First Movellan and then left with her vortex manipulator. (AUDIO: The First Son)

Whilst investigating Demonese, the most haunted planet in the galaxy, River summoned the Tenth Doctor. They discovered the “ghosts” were actually holographic recreations created by the computer of a crashed spaceship, which was struggling to maintain them. Devising a computer virus to help, the Doctor created holographic replications of River and himself who could make the computer accept it, and they discreetly guided their doubles to deduce the situation by themselves. (AUDIO: Ghosts)

River worked with the Tenth Doctor to investigate explosive jewels unearthed in Cheapside in 1912, tracing their origins to a man named Gerard Pulman in 1632, who they found possessed alien explosive material and had killed his wife. Tracking Pulman on a sailing ship, the Doctor confronted Pulman whilst River held off the crew who had turned on Pulman. She was forced to retreat and the crew threw her, the Doctor and Pulman overboard along with the TARDIS. The Doctor and River swam to the TARDIS which was directed by the locket belonging to Pulman’s wife, Omara, who had actually been an alien, to a spaceship. Whilst the Doctor confronted a data projection of Omara, River discovered the ship was draining psychic power from the TARDIS. After Doctor persuaded Omara to use the energy to defuse the jewels, River encouraged him to let Omara go when she refused his offer to preserve her and faded away. The Doctor then returned River to 1912. (AUDIO: Precious Annihilation)

Investigating the Weeping Angels[[edit]]

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River arrived in 1938 New York City via her vortex manipulator (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) and set up the Angel Detective Agency together with her former student Luke Sullieman, investigating the Weeping Angels' invasion of New York. During this time she went by the alias "Melody Malone." The two were hired by Marty Stone, a musician, who claimed to have seen his own death. River went with him to Coney Island, where she found out the Angels had taken over one of the carnivals, turning it into a food resource; they had also the help of the director of a local freak show (actually an alien), Miss Quirke, which had been promised by the Angels to being taken home. River could not save Marty, but together with Luke and Dean Cray, one of the freaks, foiled the Angels' scheme. She then sent Luke home with Dean, while she remained to face the Angels. (AUDIO: Carnival of Angels)

A month later, a man named Rock Railton hired her to investigate what he feared to be a murder plot against him involving "the kiss of an angel." The following day, while attending a Starlight Studios party, she encountered an old man claiming to be Rock Railton, but believed him to be a bum. When she encountered the man she recognised as Rock, he had no memory of their meeting in her office the previous day.

After dealing with two thugs that were hired to kill her, River returned to her office only to receive a call from head of Starlight Studios, Max Kliener. She agreed to meet him at his studio the next afternoon, where she was reintroduced to Rock, who claimed to remember their prior meeting. However, River knew he was lying when she asked about giving him coffee and he pretended to remember this although it never happened. She also noted that Giddy Semestre, Rock's co-star, also did not remember meeting her the day before at the party.

Max then led River down a block from the main studio and revealed to her a room full of giant bell jars filled with what appeared to be clones of Rock Railton, Giddy Semestre, and of Max's bodyguard, Hank Sissy. Max explained that they were not clones so much as everyday people who had had their flesh redistributed in their bodies to make them look identical to their template bodies. To do this, he had used "the kiss of an angel." The duplicates did not live very long, however, and were in fact growing old and dying out faster and faster because the Weeping Angel he was using to create his duplicates was growing stronger and therefore absorbing more and more of the victims' energy. Max planned to transform River into a copy of Giddy Semestre, but River kissed him using her hallucinogenic lipstick and managed to escape by killing the Hank copies and pushing Max into the arms of his Weeping Angel, who kissed him and turned him to dust.

As River was reversing the process to turn the other transformed victims back into themselves and escort them to safety, she was unaware that the Weeping Angel was being stolen from behind the curtain it was sitting behind via an escape hole that had been cut into the wall. She returned in time to see a van speeding off, presumably with the Angel inside. (PROSE: The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery)

When Rory was sent back in time to 1938 New York City by one of the Angels, he met River. Amy and the Doctor had difficulty following him since all the time energy the Angels had consumed made time travel difficult; with the help of a Chinese vase as "landing lights", they managed to get through but found River trapped in the grip of one of the Angels; she had to break her wrist in order to escape and the Doctor used up some of his regeneration energy to fix it. Rory was locked in a cellar with a group of baby Weeping Angels but instead of sending him back in time, they just sent him to Winter Quay. When River, Amy and the Doctor found Rory, they also found an older version of him, dying in a bed. After that they heard loud thumps, made by the Statue of Liberty, which had become a Weeping Angel.

With the Angels closing in, River, her husband and her parents were forced to flee towards the roof and got separated on the way up. The Statue of Liberty was waiting for them and Rory and Amy decided to sacrifice themselves and create a paradox which would poison the Angels food source and kill them. River and the Doctor watched in horror as Amy and Rory threw themselves off the roof, and the paradox killed all the Angels except one, which somehow managed to survive.

The group found themselves in a graveyard that had a gravestone with Rory's name on it. As they were preparing to leave, the surviving Weeping Angel ambushed them and sent Rory back in time. Because of the paradox, and all the poisoned time energy, the Doctor couldn't take the TARDIS back to find him. Amy decided to allow the Angel to touch her so that she could be with Rory. After a tearful goodbye to River and the Doctor, Amy turned away from the Angel and allowed it to touch her so that she could live with Rory for the rest of her life.

The devastated Doctor asked River to travel with him. River said she would go with him anywhere, but "not all the time", as there was "only room for one psychopath" on the TARDIS. Under the name "Melody Malone", River went upstairs to write the book that led the Doctor to 1930s New York and said that she would get Amy to write the afterword when she sent it to her for publishing, in hopes that the Doctor would listen to Amy. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

The Doctor decided to take River to Darillium, knowing there would be their final meeting. Along the way they encountered his younger self who was currently taking River on her first night out from imprisonment. (HOMEVID: Last Night) The Doctor ultimately changed his mind and came up with an excuse not to go to Darillium, as he had many times before. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River helped her parents setup their new lives in New York by giving them the revenue from Melody Malone, which had proved surprisingly successful. As a result of the first book's success River wrote a prequel book, The Angel's Kiss, and likewise gifted the profits to her parents. (PROSE: The Ruby's Curse)

Working with Melody Malone[[edit]]

To keep her parents funded until Amy was ready to take over writing the Melody Malone books, River embarked on a third book, The Ruby's Curse, and broke back into her old cell in Stormcage in 5147 to get some peace and quiet. There she met Ventrion who she read passages from her story until he felt able to confess why he was in prison, due to crimes he'd committed under the influence of a reality-altering device which they named the Eye of Horus after the titular ruby of her book. When Stormcage was attacked, River deduced the raiders were seeking Ventrion after word of their conversations had leaked and gave him her vortex manpulator to retrieve the device and meet her at her home in 1939 New York. She fled the raiders by leaping into open space, hoping that her future self had arranged a rescue. Jack Harkness came to her aid, having been summoned by the Doctor's automated helpline, and gave her a lift to 1939. Expecting Ventrion, River was instead met by alien gangster Death who threatened her parents if she did not handover the device when Ventrion arrived. Their confrontation was interrupted by a package from Amy, including a finished version of The Ruby's Curse and her vortex manipulator. Deducing this had come from Ventrion in the future, River intercepted him when he arrived and diverted him and then used the older manipulator to travel to it's previous destination.

Arriving in Egypt in 39, River found Ventrion on his death bed. He explained the finished book had clues as to how to destroy the Eye of Horus, which he was now too weak to do himself, before dying. River scoured his version of the book for clues, being baffled by a riddle he'd added at the start and the addition of a character called Phil. She attempted to find Cleopatra's tomb, reasoning that since the plot of the book focused on an expedition to find it that was where the Eye currently was, however realised after multiple attempts she was being constantly driven back by a Silent guard who also erased memories of her past attempts. Her frustration at this led to her venting at the book, which triggered an AI that Ventrion had left hidden in the novel, with the personality of Melody Malone. Melody possessed a cat and worked with River to solve the riddle, with them correctly finding equations hidden in the novel to destroy the Eye and embarking on fruitless trips back in time to meet Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. Even more frustrated, River embarked on a direct assault on the tomb again, with Melody able to help her overcome the Silent this time and the other traps left by Ventrion to stop someone claiming the Eye, however fell for a trick by touching a ruby instead of the true Eye. Thrown back in time a few months she met Cleopatra and devised a plan to take her place by playing dead, enabling the real Cleopatra to escape alive without changing history and giving her easy access to the tomb again.

Back in the tomb again, River deduced the true interface for the Eye and upon touching it found herself as a character in The Ruby's Curse. She played along to help Melody solve the murder mystery and realised that Phil was actually Cleopatra's son Caesarion hidden in fiction by Ventrion with the Eye in his possession. River claimed the Eye and returned to reality, surprised to find a version of Melody had appeared alongside her. She used the Eye's power to reunite Caesarion with his mother, but began to fall under its hold and was merging with Melody in the process. A brief mental link with the Thirteenth Doctor helped her stay focused, enabling her to use the Eye to dispatch Death, however she struggled to resist its pull and could not remember Ventrion's equations to destroy it. Working together with Melody however, River stood up to the Eye and they overwhelmed it, at the cost of Melody's existence.

River subsequently met up with her parents to explain what had been going on and was surprised when Amy pointed out The Ruby's Curse was now rewritten to match her experiences since Stormcage. For fear of exposing her parents as time travellers, they resolved to publish it in the 21st century instead and River was touched to find a final message at the end of the book from Melody to herself. (PROSE: The Ruby's Curse)

Running from the Discordia[[edit]]

Professor Jemima Still has picked up a signal from an impossible source and takes an expert team to investigate. Unable to reach Liperia, a planet where time no longer exists, she recruited River who, due to her Time Lord DNA, will be able to operate a Galifrean device that can generate a time bubble. She was tricked and used it to free the Formidian, the local specie, freeing in the same time the Discordia, a specie that change their form to mach the primal fear of the species they fight and constantly go back in time to alter the events until they win. To human, they look like the devil. (AUDIO: Time in a Bottle)

Having been able to destroy one of the Discordia space ship. However, the Sub-captain Melak was able to retrieve the head of a robot duplicate of River Song with a Link to her real self through the vortex. He then hunt her across time and space. With the on their tail, River and her friends run for their lives. Unfortunately, she was the only one able to survive that chase using an emergency medical space station, one of the few she created. Not wanting to lose his prey, Melak let his guard down and allowed the robot head of River Song to be connected to the main computer of his ship, letting it unleash a virus that destroyed his whole fleet. Unfortunately, General Dantey, another Discordia having seen it decided to chase her. (AUDIO: Kings of Infinite Space)

Trying to hide from the Discordia, and not wanting to involve the Doctor, River Song ask a dying Franz Kafka to create a story. She borrowed the Tardis and use it and a dream weaver to be kept in Kafka’s dream. Melody Malone finds herself in a castle, with an assortment of strange companions, all detectives to solve a mistery. But guests are being murdered, one by one, until one of then, inspector Dantey, reveal being a Discordia General hunting River Song, trying to kill her in the dream. At the last moment, the dream is stopped by the Fourth Dodtor that came to retrieve his Tardis and rescue River. (AUDIO: Whodunnit?)

River has tried in vain to keep the Discordia away from the Doctor. However, entering the Tardis, she found the Fourth Doctor . Wanting to hide her identity, she paused as Romana. However, the Doctor recognise her as his wife River Song: he’s known her since his first regeneration, which should not been true. She then understood that her and the Doctor past have been rewritten, due to the Discordia commitments. They tried to escape them through all of time and space, including a stop on an earth where the human race have never fully evolved, but wherever and whenever they went, General Dantey was always waiting for them. River Song sent the Doctor away with her vortex manipulator, while being brought to Discordia prime, their Home planet, to meet the Emperor. In the mean time, the Doctor was sent to the same planet, where he met the  rebels and helped them to formulate a plan to stop the Discordia. They where caught during a raid to the temporal control and seemed to be killed on the order of the General Dantey.

In the mean time, Dantey, who was the obvious heir of the weakening emperor, needed a consort from another specie than his own. He choose River Song, and tried to seduce her. However, River never gave in, and her resolve was even stronger when she thought the Doctor was dead. So Dantey threatened to erase her from existence, making the Emperor react for the first time since she saw him. In the end, Dantey was killed by the emperor advisor that disguised himself as a rebel.

It turned out that the Doctor was not dead, but was acting on the request of said advisor. Questioning the emperor on the raisons of his actions, the Doctor and River learned that by jealousy the emperor had destroyed his wife’s planet even before her specie happened, thinking he would forgot her, But he never forgot. As he truly loved her, he wihed he would be able to undo that action, but that was not possible. Seeing a similar situation about to happen, he couldn’t accept it. The Doctor and River suggested that the only way to undo his action and save his precious wife, was to go back in time to stop the Discordia to discover time travel, hence not allowing him to go back and destroy his wife’s planet. Having discussed with his advisor, the emperor sent his fleet back in time to destroy his own planet even before life has started to evolve, erasing the Discordia from existence, and their consequences on the universe. (AUDIO: Someone I Once Knew)

The night on Darillium[[edit]]

River learned that King Hydroflax had the Halassi Androvar diamond embedded in his head. She purported to have married him as part of a plan to retrieve it. For this reason, she joked that she had actually married the diamond itself. At around the same time, she also claimed to have married her assistant Ramone.

River planned to use a surgeon to remove the diamond. She sent her assistant Nardole to bring the surgeon to her but Nardole inadvertently found the Twelfth Doctor and brought him to River by mistake. River did not recognise the Doctor in this incarnation. River brought the Doctor to Hydroflax, as part of a ruse to steal the diamond from his head. The Doctor repeatedly tried to tell her who he was, but she did not understand what he was saying. Hydroflax revealed himself to be a cyborg and discovered River's deception, removing his own head in the process. River and the Doctor snatched the head and escaped via teleport to a location near the TARDIS. River discovered the TARDIS and decided to take it for a ride without the Doctor's knowledge, indicating she had done it before. After a brief scuffle which trapped Hydroflax's body in the TARDIS with them, River and the Doctor piloted the TARDIS to the Harmony and Redemption.

Aboard the ship, with Hydroflax's body sealed in a cargo hold, River attempted to sell the diamond-studded head. Eventually, Scratch arrived to buy the diamond, but then revealed himself and every other person in the restaurant to be Hydroflax devotees. A fight ensued, during which Hydroflax's head was ultimately vaporised by the body. After Hydroflax's body decided to seek out the Doctor's head as a replacement, River came under questioning as to his location. To buy time by "keeping them talking", River claimed to Hydroflax's body that while she loved the Doctor, the Doctor didn't love her back, and he wouldn't be stupid or sentimental enough to come rescue her. River then realised who the Doctor was, and quickly revealed to him that a meteor storm was about to strike the ship and kill everyone and she planned her position perfectly. As the storm struck the ship, the floor broke under River and the Doctor, dropping them to a lower floor, and breaking the standoff.

The ship descended, with River and the Doctor unable to bring it under control. As they argued about who would save the ship from crashing into the planet Darillium, they realised they were seconds from crashing and fled into the TARDIS. The TARDIS shielded them from the crash, but the impact knocked River out.

The Doctor had regained consciousness first, emerged from the TARDIS on Darillium, and using the diamond, inspired a man called Alphonse to start a restaurant, so he could travel into the future and book a reservation for a balcony view of the Singing Towers. Dressing formally for River when she awakened, the Doctor gifted her with a sonic screwdriver of her own. River expressed concern about the stories saying that this would be their last date, but the Doctor had accepted that their time must come to an end. The Doctor told River that nights on Darillium lasted 24 years and the two enjoyed the view.

True to his word, the Doctor stayed with River on Darillium for the whole "night". Nardole later commented that it was a hell of a twenty-four years. (TV: The Husbands of River Song, The Return of Doctor Mysterio) Jack met with River during her night on Darillium. He asked her to have a proper relationship with him, but River turned him down and told him that the Doctor was her husband. (AUDIO: R&J)

Archaeological adventures[[edit]]

River Song and Willdar arrived on a mysterious planetoid to find the 'Dacha', but they also found various portraits of the Third , Ninth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors, along with two TARDISes. They soon discovered that the planet was also inhabited by Silurians, and that it was danger from an "exploding asteroid". The Silurians asked River for help, using Willdar as a bargaining chip, but she refused, claiming not to be the "saves everyone" type. Forced to run, River stated that "she hate[d] it when it [was] easy". (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

River Song finds herself on an irresistible mission: a dig led by Professor Dern investigating the tomb of the legendary River Song! Except the statues don't resemble her and the tomb contains a very different body. She rapidly discovered that it belonged to a River Song who was an alternate version of Melody Pond from a parallel universe. River Song II assassinated her universe's version of the Doctor, before turning on her captors during the Massacre of Demon's Run. She acquired a TARDIS and began travelling the universe, living through multiple incarnations including one resembling the River Song of the Doctor's universe, but soon found she was being pursued by the Karla-Gard. After setting a trap for the Karla-Gard, she accidentally slipped through into the Doctor's universe via a rip in dimensions followed by her pursuers. The two River worked together, travelling back all along Professor Dern time stream, trying to unravel the damages. They finally defeated the Karla-Gard by creating a paradox that allow River Song II to return to her own universe, where she sought out her own world's Professor Dern. (AUDIO: The Two Rivers)

Stranded in the Vortex after her manipulator malfunctioned, River was harboured by a man named Daniel and his daughter Alison on their ship, and stayed with them some weeks, trying to find a way to escape. They eventually came across the ruined timeship of Admiral Eno, and River devised a plan with her to take her back to working so they can live. Aboard the ship was, however, a dangerous criminal, Kaliopi, who attacked them. While working with Daniel to stop her, River suddenly realised the main core of Daniel's ship was built out of one of the rooms of the Doctor's TARDIS, and that the man who welcomed her and who she helped was actually the Master in Bruce's body. He allied himself with Kalopi to kill her, but River instead persuaded Alison to take off her stabiliser, thus reverting her to her original form, a Vortipoda cub; while it was attacking the Master, River escaped from the Vortex in Eno's ship, telling her to land someplace where she could repair the manipulator. (AUDIO: The Lifeboat and the Deathboat)

After receiving a galactic alert about plague and imminent uprising on Peladon, River Song travelled there to investigate, infiltrating Queen Thalira's court in the guise of High Priestess Cantinca. She clashed with the Chancellor, Gobran, as a group of Galactic Federation delegates visited Peladon on their own investigation. Befriending delegate Alpha Centauri, River fended off suspicion from Gobran and exposed his secret alien slave dealings with the Arcturan delegate and discovered a Karg Mafia agent, Mendica, had taken the Earth delegate's place. Confronting Mendica, she was saved by Alpha Centauri unleashing the slaves on him. (AUDIO: The Poison of Peladon)

The Doom Coalition[[edit]]

Detecting a power surge on Syra, River visited and investigated Ruslan's mining activities, sending a message to the Doctor which accidentally arrived when he was in his eighth incarnation. Ruslan locked River in a mining capsule from which she managed to escape thanks to Helen Sinclair, whom she told about her asynchronous relationship with the Doctor. Avoiding him, she handed Ruslan over to the Syrans, contacted Galactic Heritage and fought the Eleven before leaving.

River found and boosted (AUDIO: The Sonomancer) the artron energy of a piece of the Doomsday Chronometer and took it to Phillip Cook's shop in 1998 Calcot, staying at Kate Drury's pub and neglecting to pay. (AUDIO: Absent Friends)

Arriving in 1538 in a psychic wimple, River saved Thomas Cromwell from a Solver, preventing them from taking a piece of the Chronometer. She then went to 15th century Prague Castle where she was reunited with Liv Chenka and identified Syran metal as having been used by the Clocksmith to create the Chronometer. (AUDIO: The Eighth Piece)

In 2016 Rome, River picked up Helen and went to Rennes-le-Château, Leonardo da Vinci's studio, Temple Church and the Louvre, tracking down a piece in the Vatican in the 1960s. Returning Helen and giving her the piece, River went back to Prague to save Liv and took her to the Science Museum where the Doomsday Chronometer was completed. With the Doctor believed dead by Liv and Helen, he and River left in the Clocksmith's TARDIS to save the universe. (AUDIO: The Doomsday Chronometer)

After River and the Doctor found the Chancellery Guard killing temporal refugees, she gave the Doctor a psychic cloak to disguise himself as the Clocksmith, allowing them to infiltrate the Doom Coalition. She pretended to have been loyal to Padrac following his ejection of the Doctor, Liv and Helen into the Time Vortex in an escape shuttle. (AUDIO: The Crucible of Souls)

Her identify confirmed by Councillor Volstrom using her biodata, River was taken to Gallifrey and given a tour during which she stole Volstrom's passkeys. She blew her cover so that Volstrom could keep his and was tortured by the Sonomancer in the Matrix, later managing to user her position there to transport the Doctor into his TARDIS. She remained in the Time Vortex as it seemingly collapsed, feeling that she would soon be visiting her final destination. (AUDIO: Songs of Love)

River was found and saved by the Nine in the Clocksmith's TARDIS, who used her to identify and capture other companions of the Doctor for his collection. She put together a team of Charlotte Pollard, Liv, Helen and Bliss, who, as she expected, were able to escape whilst she distracted the Nine by sending him after Katarina where he encountered her past self. After they freed River, the Nine was defeated thanks to Katarina and River returned everyone home in the Clocksmith's TARDIS. However, she could not find her vortex manipulator. (AUDIO: Companion Piece)

During the Kotturuh crisis[[edit]]

"Melody Malone", editor of the Dark Times Times. (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times)

River travelled to Gallifrey before it was destroyed to "rescue" the Black Scrolls of Rassilon, which contained a history of the Dark Times. She then met up with her "occasional wife", the Thirteenth Doctor, and they authored The Dark Times Times based on the Scrolls and on the Doctor's memories of travelling back to the Dark Times in her previous incarnations. The Doctor penned a quick introduction on Page 1, while River served as the one-issue newspaper's editor under her pseudonym of "Melody Malone". (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times)

Final adventures[[edit]]

River meets the Tenth Doctor a twinge too early, in Atlantis. (GAME: Lost in Time)

River also undertook a vortex manipulator-aided mission to Atlantis, intending to recover the Crystal of Kronos moments before Atlantis's sinking, and sell it to the Lux Library Foundation. She was surprised to find Atlantis frozen in time in its final instants due to a time eddy created by the Crystal, which had turned Atlantis into a space-time Waypoint. After her presence was detected by the Fourth Doctor and K9 Mark I without actually meeting them, she stumbled upon the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, taking a quick jaunt to Atlantis. The Doctor was surprised to hear River call him "sweetie" and call herself his wife, and River realised this was an earlier version of the Tenth Doctor than she was meant to encounter. As a result, before making her escape, she "slapped a Memory Worm on [him] while [he was]n't looking", causing him — but not Martha — to forget the encounter.

Having become aware of the temporal crisis, she joined the Twelfth Doctor at another Waypoint, the Pandorica chamber under Stonehenge. (GAME: Lost in Time)

Whilst waiting on a beach for the Doctor to turn up for one of their dates, River encountered Jack, who asked her to run away with him. However, she turned him down. River instead attempted to visit the Face of Boe, but accidentally arrived at his funeral. (AUDIO: R&J)

River was part of a deep space exploration mission on the Utorpy. On the return journey, the ship began to malfunction, with its computer turning on the passengers, and an additional life sign appeared onboard which River mistook for the Doctor. He revealed himself as another incarnation of the War Master and picked off River’s crew save one who he’d tricked into incubating a unique lifeform. River denied him his victory by setting the ship to self-destruct and they were forced to escape together in an escape pod. Upon crash landing, the Master revealed he’d done his research into River as promised on Chasca Minor and successfully hypnotised her to forget his involvement in the crash. (AUDIO: Concealed Weapon)

The Library expedition[[edit]]

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River convinced the Tenth Doctor to take a bath with her after he sought her out for her expertise on Zygons. After unsuccessfully trying to get him to take off his suit, she revealed she already uploaded her intel to the TARDIS for him and left him a note saying she planned to accept an expedition job from the Felman Lux Corporation. She promised to invite the Doctor if anything exciting happened. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) In preparation for her expedition, River wrote a checklist in her diary consisting of: a payment advance, a visit to the British Museum 4.0, and packed lunches with roast chicken. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

River during her meeting with the Tenth Doctor in the Library. (TV: Silence in the Library)

In the 51st century, River led Strackman Lux and her team into the Library to learn what had happened there a hundred years earlier. A cryptic message had been sent: "4022 saved. No survivors." Expecting trouble, she contacted the Doctor by psychic paper. The version of the Doctor who turned up, again in his tenth incarnation, had not yet met her. Bewildered, he agreed to help and discovered the Library was infested with a swarm of Vashta Nerada.

River still had her battered diary of her life with the Doctor. She tried to use it to find the Doctor's place in his timeline, but realised he was a far younger version who neither knew nor trusted her. (TV: Silence in the Library)


As the threat of the Vashta Nerada worsened, River knew she must prove she was someone the Doctor would come to trust completely. With profuse apologies, she whispered his true name into his ear. The Doctor was stunned and River had won his trust.

The Doctor planned to rescue Donna, Strackman and more than four thousand others trapped in the Library Data Core by adding his memory space to the Library computer's. Removing the four thousand minds trapped inside the Data Core CAL would reset the computer and stop the countdown to the Library's autodestruct after it had been activated, but also sacrifice the Doctor's own life. River knocked the Doctor out, handcuffed him and took his place. She pleaded with him to not change their history, not a moment of what had or would come for them. She realised he had always known this was coming. The Doctor began to babble questions but River merely smiled, said, "Spoilers", and died as the autodestruct countdown was stopped.

The Doctor reasoned his future self had given River his sonic screwdriver for a purpose. Inside it was a neural relay holding her data ghost. The Doctor saved River by uploading her into the virtual world in CAL. CAL had also saved the data ghosts of her archaeological team, giving her company in the virtual world. River would take care of Donna's two virtual children and Charlotte Abigail Lux (the girl wired into the mainframe) in the virtual world, reading out her diary of her many adventures with the Doctor and how sometimes "everybody lives" when the Doctor came to call. (TV: Forest of the Dead)

As an echo[[edit]]

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While in her afterlife, River wrote My Guide to the Doctors after meeting the Thirteenth Doctor, whom she was surprised to see was a woman. (PROSE: A Short History of Everyone)

After River's death, she, Vastra, Jenny, Strax and Clara were brought into a dream-induced "conference call". There, she learnt that the murderer Clarence DeMarco revealed to Vastra the co-ordinates of the Doctor's tomb. The Great Intelligence, having kidnapped Vastra, Jenny and Strax, then told Clara to take the Eleventh Doctor to Trenzalore, the place of the Doctor's death, if the others wished to be saved. River kept in contact with Clara through keeping the link open, though, seemingly, only Clara was able to see her.

When Clara and the Doctor arrived at a gravestone bearing River's name in Trenzalore, Clara again saw the echo of River, which guided her. She also explained to Clara about her death and what the Doctor did for her, and later saved the Doctor's friends by giving in to the Great Intelligence's demands and opening the Doctor's tomb by saying his name.

Goodbye Sweetie. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

After Clara entered the Doctor's time stream, River tried to stop him from following her, even though she believed that he could not see her. When she went to slap him however, the Doctor caught her hand and explained that he had been able to see her all along, and they shared a kiss. The Doctor told River that her time had passed and she should stop clinging to him as an echo; without disputing this, River requested that the Doctor say goodbye to her but he didn't know how, so she said the only goodbye she would accept was one where he would see her later. Right after the Doctor granted her request, she revealed that she was mentally linked to Clara, and would not still exist if Clara had died. When he asked how Clara could be alive, she said, "Spoilers!" and her last words to him in this encounter were, "Goodbye Sweetie." River's incorporeal form faded away. To the Paternoster Gang, the Doctor had appeared to passionately kiss thin air. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

Undated events[[edit]]

Other events[[edit]]

River claimed to have dated androids, (TV: Silence in the Library) and a Nestene duplicate, (TV: The Big Bang) as well as a shapeshifter. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) She had at least two wives, (TV: The Husbands of River Song) and had even married herself on every planet where this was possible. (AUDIO: Someone I Once Knew)

River indicated that she stole the TARDIS many times and returned it before the Doctor ever noticed, usually using her own key, or in at least one occasion, the hidden spare TARDIS key, to "borrow" the timeship. (TV: The Husbands of River Song; AUDIO: Whodunnit?)

River wrote many books during her lifetime, including the first three in the Melody Malone series (Melody Malone: Private Detective in Old New York Town, The Angel's Kiss, The Ruby's Curse) She also wrote the archeological paper Concomitant Development on the Ood Sphere and the Sense Sphere. (PROSE: The Ruby's Curse)


The Tenth Doctor remembered River's death in the Library when Davros asked him how many people had died in his name. (TV: Journey's End)

The Eleventh Doctor mentioned River in his diary when he was attempting to write about losing Amy and Rory to the Weeping Angels in New York City. (PROSE: The Doctor's Diary [+]Loading...{"page":"8","1":"The Doctor's Diary (DWAN 2014 short story)"})

A request was made in the 51st century for Professor Song to be loaned out from Stormcage, but the Papal Mainframe denied it. Later, the Twelfth Doctor saw River's face alongside many others after he was hit with chronon energy. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)

During the Siege of Trenzalore, Tasha Lem noted how one of the Silence's attempts to keep the Doctor from reaching Trenzalore was to engineer a psychopath to kill him. The Doctor told Tasha he never would have made it to Trenzalore without River's help over the years, and realised that the Silence's efforts to stop him from reaching Trenzalore, led him there. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

After their night on Darillium, the Twelfth Doctor was greatly affected by River's death and "glued" Nardole's head back on so he wouldn't be alone without her. Nardole later told Grant and Lucy Fletcher about River and how her death had impacted on the Doctor, but Nardole promised them that he would make sure the Doctor was alright. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

The Twelfth Doctor's photograph of River. (TV: The Pilot)

Missy referenced the Twelfth Doctor's "domestic bliss" on Darillium, claiming to have heard about it from the Daleks. When she asked what happened and the Doctor didn't answer, she gave him her condolences. Later, Nardole encouraged the Doctor to save Missy by bringing him River's diary and quoting from it. (TV: Extremis)

The Twelfth Doctor kept a framed photograph of River on his desk in his study during the years he spent as a lecturer at St Luke's University, along with a picture of his granddaughter Susan Foreman. (TV: The Pilot)

During his impending regeneration, the Twelfth Doctor remembered River calling his name, alongside other recent companions. (TV: The Doctor Falls) He later repeated her oft-spoken phrase, "Spoilers", in conversation with Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. (TV: Twice Upon a Time) Their wedding ring, which the Twelfth Doctor wore, fell to the TARDIS floor upon his regeneration, (PROSE: Twice Upon a Time) lost as the console room subsequently exploded, and the Thirteenth Doctor fell to Earth. (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

The Curator, a retired incarnation of the Doctor, remembered Professor River Song fondly as a "wonderful woman". (AUDIO: Lost Property)

The Time Lords knew of River by the era of the Last Great Time War, though the Celestial Intervention Agency restricted any information on her species. (PROSE: Dalek Combat Training Manual) Following the conflict, a Time Lord author learnt of River and her unique conception while doing research for his book. The author briefly considered that River might have been the Hybrid of Gallifreyan legend but ultimately dismissed the idea as her story didn't fit the prophecy. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)

River's meeting with the Tenth Doctor in England in 1562 was recounted by the Doctor in the Doctor Papers, which were published as a work of "fiction". The same papers also cited Doctor Who and the Silence in The Library as containing an account of the events in the Library. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

The Eleventh Doctor had told Clara Oswald about River Song prior to the two meeting though he did so in such a way that Clara never thought of River as a woman or the Doctor's wife. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) When discussing their mutual attraction to one another, the Thirteenth Doctor praised Yasmin Khan as one of the best people she'd ever known, even counting River. Reflecting on their marriage, the Doctor noted that she was "a different man" back then. (TV: Legend of the Sea Devils)

In an edition of Summer Falls which had an about the author section about Amelia Williams, it was mentioned that she and Rory had two children, Anthony and a grown up daughter, Melody, who worked as an archaeologist. (PROSE: About the Authors [+]Loading...["About the Authors (feature)"])

The Fifteenth Doctor listed River as one of the people that the Doctor had loved and lost along the way while convincing the Fourteenth Doctor to enter "rehab" from overworking himself by settling on Earth. (TV: The Giggle [+]Loading...["The Giggle (TV story)"])

Alternate timelines[[edit]]

River and the Doctor married in an alternate reality. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

A Dalek continuity bomb revealed to the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors an alternate timeline where River refused to kill the Doctor at Lake Silencio and instead of choosing to save reality, the Eleventh Doctor and River lived as husband and wife, thus condemning the universe. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

River received five master's degrees from the Sorbonne, each in an alternate timeline. (AUDIO: The Sonomancer)

In an alternate timeline created by the Discordia, the Doctor and River knew each other since his first incarnation and were married by his fourth incarnation. The Fourth Doctor admitted he loved River dearly and feared losing her when the timeline was abolished, but River assured him they would meet again. (AUDIO: Someone I Once Knew)


River Song was very strong-willed; though brainwashed and raised to kill him, she decided the Doctor was "worth it" and saved his life, giving up all her regenerations to do so. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) She resisted the upgraded astronaut suit and refused to kill him, heedless of the consequences. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

River was flirtatious and cheeky like her mother, Amy. Like her father, Rory, she was stubborn, responsible and fiercely compassionate. She enjoyed showing off for the Doctor. She teased him and liked using the word "spoilers" whenever the subject turned to the Doctor's future. This began when the Doctor assigned her to document their adventures in the TARDIS diary. She adopted the word from the Doctor. He, however, used the word with Donna before he met River, establishing that not only he did not learn it from her, he foreshadowed her saying it to him when he met her. (TV: Silence in the Library, HOMEVID: Last Night) She kept her diary from him (TV: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead) and hid that his death at Lake Silencio was a hoax from everyone except her parents, waiting until the time was right to confide the real fate of the Doctor, without altering the course of a fixed point in time. River visited Amy and Rory after they found out that she was their daughter. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) As she neared Darillium and their adventures were coming to an end, River questioned the Doctor openly on her future, stating that she knew he was the kind of man who would give her a diary with the right amount of pages for her use, thus knowing when it was nearly full, their adventures were at an end. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

As soon as Amy and Rory knew they were her parents, she happily stopped calling them by their first names and called them Mother and Dad. She only used their given names when referring to them with a third person such as the Doctor. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler, The Wedding of River Song, The Angels Take Manhattan) She also learned a lot from her parents. For example, when she was younger, she would back off from the Doctor's verbal onslaughts until Amy's support and push taught her to not back down. (TV: The Wedding of River Song, The Impossible Astronaut, The Angels Take Manhattan)

River seemed at ease with being kept in prison much of her life for a crime she didn't commit and often flirted with the guards or made jokes about the facility, even once stating that she was "breaking in not out" which seemed to be a subtle taunt to the security of what was supposed to be an extremely secure prison. (TV: Flesh and Stone, A Good Man Goes to War) She was able to escape from prison "as though the walls aren't there" according to the Doctor. (HOMEVID: First Night) Nevertheless, she did work towards earning a pardon, eventually succeeding when the Doctor deleted records of himself from the universe. (TV: Flesh and Stone, The Time of Angels, The Angels Take Manhattan) She later stated she had "a significant history of escaping". (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River loved flirting with people and was constantly hitting on the Doctor, although she also had a tendency to flirt with other people such as prison guards and Hitler's soldiers. She often greeted the Doctor with the words "Hello Sweetie". (TV: Silence in the Library, Flesh and Stone, The Pandorica Opens, Let's Kill Hitler, The Wedding of River Song) She was also rather vain, believing that her cleavage "could fell an ox at twenty feet". (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

River was very confident in her abilities and she was very hard to intimidate, showing no fear when faced with the Weeping Angels, the Silence or the Vashta Nerada. She was also very good at hiding her emotions, and didn't like to show weakness. She was devastated when her parents were stolen by a Weeping Angel but unlike the Doctor she encouraged Amy to go to be with Rory and didn't break down after the Angel transported Amy away, showing a far greater level of self-control than her husband, and watching the Weeping Angel so it could not attack them while the Doctor looked away. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

River was deeply in love with the Doctor, even though she had been raised to kill him. She knew the Doctor more than most. River had pictures of the first twelve Doctors, including knowledge of the War Doctor. She learned of the Doctor's wasted regeneration and was surprised when the Doctor was given a new regeneration cycle. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) She teased Madame Kovarian about the mistake she made by kidnapping her since Kovarian was partially responsible for her falling in love with the Doctor in the first place. She stated at one point she didn't fear death but rather meeting a version of the Doctor who didn't know her at all. In this conversation, she told Rory that she lived for her adventures with the Doctor, even ones who don't know they are romantically involved, but felt that meeting a Doctor who doesn't know her yet would kill her. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) As she matured, she grew into a much more selfless person and showed a willingness to sacrifice herself, eventually giving her life to save the Tenth Doctor. (TV: Forest of the Dead, The Time of Angels) When the Twelfth Doctor learnt of all her other marriages, he asked River, who had no idea who he was, about her marriage to him. She indicated that she just found him very useful sometimes. However, when confronted by Flemming, she revealed that she really did love the Doctor and never denied it. However, she believed he didn't love her in return which was confirmed by a scan conducted by King Hydroflax's body. River described loving the Doctor as like loving the stars: "you don't expect a sunset to admire you back." However, she revealed she was fine with this and believed the Doctor was above falling in love with people. She also believed that if she were in danger, the Doctor wasn't stupid, sentimental or in love enough with her to be in danger with her. When River realised she just said that in front of the Doctor, she got emotional and claimed she was just buying time. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River learned a hard lesson when she first met Clara Oswald. Surprised to meet the newest companion since her and her parents' deaths, she asked if the Doctor had talked about her. She was very hurt when Clara told her the Doctor had done so in a manner that left her ignorant of River being his wife, having only mentioned that he had known a Professor Song. The Doctor never came to say goodbye to her or rescued her beloved diary from the Library on the day it was safe from the Vashta Nerada. She became a guide and helped Clara when the Doctor went to the Field of Trenzalore, even going as far as revealing some secrets of how she came to be. She saved Clara, the Doctor, and everyone else from the Whispermen by saying the Doctor's real name, first muting her connection with Clara so this secret couldn't be heard by anyone except the TARDIS. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

River shared the Doctor's habit of avoiding answering a question by answering a previous question. Like her mother, she was able to follow the Eleventh Doctor's train of thought so well that she could explain it to others. (TV: The Time of Angels)

She enjoyed drinking cocktails and ginger ale. (AUDIO: An Unearthly Woman)

River had varying opinions of the Doctor's earlier selves. She didn't like the First, Second, and Sixth Doctors; she got along with the Third exceptionally well, and she remained somewhat neutral about the Fourth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors, just voicing her shock at some of the traits they had, and her admiration of the latter's TARDIS. She wrote on the Fifth Doctor's short temper, as well as a note to herself to avoid setting the Ninth Doctor off about the Time War, suggesting arguments had ensued between her and these incarnations; she otherwise only elaborated on their traits. (GAME: The Eternity Clock) She had mistaken the Tenth Doctor as her husband upon meeting him. (TV: Silence in the Library)

While a younger River liked guns and was seen to carry them often, (TV: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon) her older selves lacked this tendency. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, The Husbands of River Song)

River once made fun of the Doctor for using his sonic screwdriver in battle, (TV: Day of the Moon) but apparently revised her opinion on this as she later used her own sonic trowel against King Hydroflax's guards and robotic body. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River had the habit of pretending to be Romana, much to Leela and the Fourth Doctor's disbelief. This was in case she needed to pose as a well known Time Lord. (AUDIO: Someone I Once Knew, Emancipation)

Towards the end of her life during her adventure with the Twelfth Doctor, River displayed a more ruthless, manipulative and selfish side than the Doctor was used to seeing from her. This caused the Doctor to wonder if this was what she was actually like when he wasn't around or at least when she didn't know that it was him. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

Physical appearance[[edit]]

In her third incarnation, River described herself as glamorous with exceptional hair, (AUDIO: Someone I Once Knew) hair that Brooke and Strax both described as being "big". Though Strax mistook it for a "gigantic head". (TV: The Name of the Doctor, AUDIO: My Dinner with Andrew) The Sixth Doctor said that she had a noble brow, clear gaze and a face "beaming with a vast intelligence" and the Seventh Doctor called her attractive. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Storm) River herself stated shortly after her regeneration that she believed her new body was suited to wearing jodhpurs. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

Skills and abilities[[edit]]

River showed that she had enough control over regeneration to be able to use it to attack Hitler's soldiers. She was also able to use her remaining regeneration energy to bring the Doctor back to life after she poisoned him, although she had to use up all of her remaining regenerations in order to do so. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) She had an extremely keen sense of smell enabling her to detect the presence of living or dead bodies (AUDIO: The Boundless Sea) and a respiratory bypass system, but had little experience with using it. She was also able to sense time shifts. (AUDIO: I Went to a Marvellous Party) River also had two hearts. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Storm, Songs of Love)

River was known as "the child of the TARDIS" and the time machine had taken a particular liking to her and taught her how to fly her. River was a very fast learner, becoming skilled at flying the TARDIS in a remarkably short time and she was able to control the time machine even more proficiently than the Doctor, despite the fact that the Doctor had been flying the TARDIS for centuries. (TV: The Big Bang, The Impossible Astronaut, Let's Kill Hitler) She indicated at one point she was so good at it, she stole and returned the TARDIS multiple times before the Doctor even noticed it was gone. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River also seemed to be well versed in temporal theory and advanced sciences, like Jack Harkness and the Doctor himself. In addition to her ability to fix, operate, and maintain the Doctor's TARDIS, she was proficient with her scanner (TV: The Time of Angels, The Pandorica Opens, The Impossible Astronaut) and was able to build a timey-wimey distress beacon. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) She was also able to read and write Old High Gallifreyan (TV: The Time of Angels) and without benefit of the TARDIS Translation circuit she inscribed the oldest graffiti in the universe on Planet One. (TV: The Pandorica Opens) Additionally, River spoke French. (AUDIO: The Boundless Sea)

In addition to piloting the TARDIS, River often used a vortex manipulator and was able to use it to get wherever she needed to be. She was able to escape from Stormcage easily, even without the Doctor coming to pick her up. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, The Impossible Astronaut, A Good Man Goes to War, HOMEVID: First Night, Last Night) She sometimes made impressive entrances whilst using the Vortex manipulator, such as when she made a bright flash of light appear when she teleported to Demons Run. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes to War) She was able to modify it someway. (AUDIO: The Sonomancer) However, in her later life she seemed to abandon use of the vortex manipulator, preferring to steal the TARDIS and return it before the Doctor noticed it missing. She specifically stated she needed the TARDIS to reach the Harmony and Redemption before its destruction rather than using her vortex manipulator as she would've in the past. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River Song proved able to achieve results in the academic field, since she gained a doctorate and a tenure in archaeology (TV: Silence in the Library, Closing Time et al.) and five master's degrees from the Sorbonne. (AUDIO: The Sonomancer)

River was also incredibly strong and in her first incarnation she was able to force her way out of the spacesuit that had been holding her prisoner. Even when she was forced back inside the spacesuit in her last incarnation, she drained the energy from the weapon intended to kill the Doctor, despite saying that the spacesuit was in control. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut, The Wedding of River Song) In her second incarnation she demonstrated her superhuman strength when she fought with Krampus' minions. (COMIC: Imaginary Enemies)

River was incredibly good at escaping. She made a habit of escaping Stormcage to the point that the guards were aware of her multiple escapes but were unsuccessful at stopping them. In one instance, upon her return, River called the guards to taunt them that she was back. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes to War) Indeed, she only remained locked in prison as she chose to remain there to further the deception that she killed the Doctor. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) She stated that she had "a significant history" of escaping. (TV: The Husbands of River Song, AUDIO: The Sonomancer)

River was also extremely skilled with a gun, being able to shoot the Doctor's fez which Amy threw in the air and shot a Dalek right through its eye stalk. (TV: The Big Bang) and later shot the Doctor's stetson clean off his head without harming him and killed a whole group of Silents in order to protect her family. She was also able to spin her gun and shoot down a surviving Silent without even looking at it, despite their demonstrated ability to erase themselves from her memory when she wasn't looking at them, suggesting she was still able to perceive either it or the other dead Silents in the room, or used her father's reaction to the Silent he could see behind her. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon) She could also wield a range of guns, from pistols and revolvers to sub-machine guns. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) Despite being known for her guns, River didn't carry one at all later in her life. (HOMEVID: First Night, Last Night, TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) When conning King Hydroflax, River instead used her sonic trowel as a weapon and didn't seem to be carrying an actual weapon as a result. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

River had an augmented lifespan. By the time she arrived on Darillium, she was 200 years old. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) She had great control over her appearance, and even deliberately de-aged herself later in her life, to ostensibly "freak people out". (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) She later revealed to Amy Pond that she maintained her appearance to appeal to the Doctor. River explained that the Doctor disliked aging, as it foretold "an ending". (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

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