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Gabriella Lucia Fernanda Gonzalez, also known as Gabby, was a Mexican-American companion of the Tenth Doctor. She travelled with him shortly after he lost Donna Noble and, like Martha Jones, was originally promised only one trip in the TARDIS.

Gabby unknowingly possessed block transfer computation abilities which tapped into her deep interest in art. Because of this, Gabby's notebook would often contain real-time documentations of her adventures; even when she was not around it. Gabby was also able to summon butterfly-shaped apparitions which she would use for various purposes.



Gabriella Lucia Fernanda Gonzalez (COMIC: The Good Companion) was childhood friends with Cindy Wu, a Canadian immigrant. When the pair were ten or eleven, they went to summer camp at Echo Lake. During one night, the pair were told a campfire story about a Rabid Raccoon which would stalk the campgrounds looking to attack anyone who got too close. Gabby and Cindy spent the night cowering inside their tent, shining a flashlight out into the dark. Eventually, they fell asleep. The next morning they realised that the whole story was a hoax made-up by the counsellors. (COMIC: Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook)

Meeting the Doctor[[edit]]

Gabriella worked at her father's businesses, a Mexican restaurant located at Sunset Park, New York City, as well as at a laundromat while attending night school for accounting and getting straight A's, but she really wanted to be an artist. One day when she was at the laundromat with Cindy, all of the washing machines shot water everywhere and, later, on the subway home from class, she was attacked by a Cerebravore, which was where she met the Tenth Doctor. She then used a mirror to reflect Cerebravore's psychic energy, defeating it.

The next morning, she was working at the laundromat when the Doctor appeared again. He explained that the attacks were by Cerebravores who were not from Earth; he was searching for their entry point to this world. Gabby helped him find and destroy the interdimensional bridge in the laundromat used by Cerebravores and then, during Day of the Dead celebrations in Green-Wood Cemetery, she helped him defeat the small party of Cerebravores already on Earth.

Gabby is invited aboard the TARDIS. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

Realising that the Doctor could teach her more than any college, Gabby begged for the Doctor to take her with him. He initially refused, but agreed eventually, for just one trip. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

The Doctor took Gabby to the Pentaquoteque Gallery on Ouloumos, where she was left in awe by the entire experience. On this trip she also saw a sky aqueduct. Wanting to visit Zhe Ikiyuyu, they went to her private retreat, where they were attacked by the binary apprentice. Despite the apprentice trying to kill them, Gabby's sincerity won her the trust of its female aspect, who gave her a connection to the quantum sphere. Using this connection, Gabby could use the residual block transfer energy, creating sometimes butterflies and sometimes levitating talking mouths. Gabby could not always control these abilities. Zhe believed that they would fade away leaving only heightened awareness and occasional flashes of abilities. After this trip the Doctor invited Gabby to stay on in the TARDIS. (COMIC: The Arts in Space)

Gabby encountered the Weeping Angels in World War I. Whilst there, she met Jamie Colquhoun, instantly becoming smitten with him. The TARDIS was temporarily taken by the Angels, who picked off the soldiers one by one to feed on their potential energy. Once the Angels were trapped underground, Gabby bid farewell to Jamie, knowing she could not be with him. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

Asking to be taken home briefly to check on her family, Gabby had her mobile phone upgraded to allow her to call the TARDIS and text the psychic paper. She attempted to call Cindy, who screamed and hung up. Gabby visited her home, finding everyone was beginning to scream; the entire city was sounding loud. Luckily, the Doctor gave her sonic earmuffs to block out the noise; it turned out sentient whales made of sound known as Echoes where being hunted by Shreekers, who planned on weaponising the Echoes abilities. With the Doctor incapacitated, Gabby used his sonic screwdriver to turn the Empire State Building into a transmitter to overload the Shreekers' ship and force them to flee. (COMIC: Echo)

While the Doctor went to investigate something benign, Gabby decided to go looking for Cindy again. When she found her, Cindy demanded answers. Gabby showed her her journal and told her about her adventures with the Doctor. However, Gabby was disbelieved. Getting a bad feeling, she checked her phone, finding messages from the Doctor that said he was in terrible pain. Following the address, Gabby ended up in the home of Dorothy Bell, where the Doctor explained something terrible was going to happen due to Dorothy messing with a Quantum harvester. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever)

After dealing with a group of Cybermen trying to raid the French gold reserves in Paris in 1923, the Doctor sent Gabby ahead to a French café where she was met by Clara Oswald and Alice Obiefune. As the three spoke, a Gabby from a bad future arrived and told them that the real threat was a mad version of the Twelfth Doctor who had joined the Voord, before she faded away. Joining up with the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, the group made it to the Voord city where they forced the alternate Twelfth Doctor to regress the Voord to what they'd been before the Last Great Time War. After short goodbyes, the groups went their separate ways. Though the Doctor naturally lost his memories of what had just happened, Gabby retained hers. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

When Gabby's powers further began to mutate, the Doctor left her and Cindy in Willesden in 2009 to be looked after by Sarah Jane Smith. After suffering a surge of energy, Gabby fell unconscious for days before she reunited with Cindy and Sarah. To pass the time, Gabby signed up for an art class, with her drawings coming to life one night. As Gabby met up with Cindy and Sarah, the Butterfly, a possible future for Gabby, arrived in London only for the Doctor to send it away by assuring Gabby that he would never abandon her. (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)

As the trio sailed in the TARDIS, the ship came under assault from exotic white energy, dragging the craft off-course and back into N-Space, emerging at Poseidon, an energy collection facility. Passing off as Bell and his inspection team, the trio bore witness to the neutron helix collapsing before the station was invaded by Cybermen. As the Doctor made sure the personnel got to safety, Gabby guided Cindy back to the TARDIS, and the ship dematerialised a second before the Doctor detonated Poseidon. The TARDIS wound up at St Luke's University, merging with a future version of itself, where the group joined forces with the Twelfth, Eighth and Ninth Doctors. After the malignant energy was traced to the Void, the Doctors followed it and ended the threat. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

To help Gabby better control her powers, the Doctor left her on Zhe's moon. While there, she was abducted by the Red TARDIS and brought to the base of the Time Sentinels. After having her mind probed, Gabby spoke to the Lock Keeper only to realise that the Sentinels had been infected by the Red TARDIS who abducted Gabby and Marteek soon thereafter and tried to use them as hostages to enter the TARDIS only for both time ships to be sent crashing into the asteroid. As everyone prepared to flee, Gabby was guided by the Moment on how to finally defeat the Red TARDIS. Boarding it with Aspect Blue, Gabby ensured that the Red TARDIS was destroyed before she fell with it into the singularity. Rescued by the Moment, Gabby was then deposited into the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS. (COMIC: The Good Companion) Though initially shocked by the violation of the Laws of Time, Gabby soon hugged her friend. (COMIC: Catch a Falling Star)

Alternate timelines[[edit]]

After dealing with a group of Cybermen trying to raid the French gold reserves in 1923, the Doctor sent Gabby ahead to a French café where she was met by Clara Oswald and Alice Obiefune. After earning their trust, Clara told Alice and Gabby of a Multi-Doctor Event that she was trying to prevent before all three of their Doctors arrived, drawing the Reapers to their location. After outrunning the predators, the six arrived at the desert planet of Marinus where they fell victim to a Dalek continuity bomb, emerging in a timeline where the Twelfth Doctor had been driven mad by his solitude. The Alternate Twelfth Doctor brought them to the city of the Voord where he revealed himself to be their leader, intending to modify the timeline to ensure that Gallifrey remained lost. Deemed unimportant to the alternate Doctor's plan, Gabby and Alice escaped into the city, trying to reach the TARDIS. After Alice had been shot, Gabby ripped open the Eleventh Doctor's parcel only to find a Weeping Angel within, the alien sending her back to the Parisian meeting where she managed to warn her past self, undoing this timeline. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

In a timeline where Rassilon had joined forces with the Cybermen, the Doctor, Cindy, and Gabby were abducted by the Sontaran Empire to aid in their fight against the Cybermen. In the last stand on Sontar, Cindy and Gabby seized a Sontaran scout ship to distract the CyberKings only to wind up swatted out of the sky. This timeline was later negated through the efforts of a remorseful Rassilon and the Twelfth Doctor. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

As a result of the Osirian nano-machines, the block transfer energy remaining in Gabby mutated and turned her into an Omnipotent being called the Vortex Butterfly. She had been evicted from the TARDIS by the Tenth Doctor before this could happen. A saddened Gabby searched all possibilities of reality in the hopes of reuniting with the Doctor, learning of his other lives. However, she ultimately gave up on ensuring her existence, by allowing the Doctor to go back into her past and prevent the past Gabby from becoming her. (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)


Gabby was a generally happy and cheerful individual as well as an aspiring artist. She wanted to attend college and was frustrated that her father wanted her to stay at home, but ultimately loved him and the rest of her family. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

Gabby was childhood friends with Cindy Wu, but was unaware that Cindy harbored romantic feelings towards her. Gabby would explain to Cindy that while she did indeed love her, she wanted Cindy to realise that she didn't need their relationship to survive. (COMICOld Girl) She later admitted to herself that her love for Cindy was not the kind Cindy wanted. (COMIC: Catch a Falling Star)


After an encounter with the Apprentice, Gabby was infected with an organic block transfer matrix. Though it remained hidden for a while, she was able to access this ability following a run-in with Ebonite. Thanks to this power, Gabby could summon butterfly-shaped constructs of light for various purposes such as blasting them at people, forming protective shields around herself or even to levitate herself and others.

In a potential future, Gabby’s powers evolved to the point that she became a time-sensitive transhuman capable of creating an entire world using her block transfer abilities. This future version of Gabby could also travel through time and space at will, project herself across multiple locations and time periods simultaneously as well as fire blasts or electricity as a form of attack. (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Gabby in the story The Weeping Angels of Mons, one of the many stories to improvise on her basic appearance.

Throughout various alternate covers of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, Gabby has been represented alongside David Tennant through various models. These models, however, have not been credited or identified, and one model is never used more than once.[source needed] Gabby's appearance in the comic has been slightly inconsistent from artist to artist.

Gabby is notable as being the first known companion of the Doctor to be of Hispanic descent, both in-narrative and in the real world.

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