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An explosion was a result of a material violently expanding outwards. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Resurrection of the Daleks (TV story)"]) An explosion could cancel out an implosion. (TV: Time Crash [+]Loading...["Time Crash (TV story)"]) It could also result from an unstable interaction of energies, be it in a reactor or within electronic circuitry. (TV: The Claws of Axos [+]Loading...["The Claws of Axos (TV story)"], Warriors' Gate [+]Loading...["Warriors' Gate (TV story)"] Additionally an overloaded mechanical or technical system, or system under constant load could explosively fail. (TV: The Robots of Death [+]Loading...["The Robots of Death (TV story)"])

The Fifth Doctor cited Event One as the biggest explosion of all time. (TV: Terminus [+]Loading...["Terminus (TV story)"])

The Wenley Moor Silurian based destroyed by UNIT in 1973 (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians [+]Loading...["Doctor Who and the Silurians (TV story)"])

In 1911 Sutekh contained an explosion of gelignite through projection. (TV: Pyramids of Mars [+]Loading...["Pyramids of Mars (TV story)"]

Imperial Dalek explodes after taking fire from Renegade Dalek in Shoreditch, 1963. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Remembrance of the Daleks (TV story)"])

In the latter quarter of the 20th century Ace blew up the art room at her school. (TV: Dragonfire [+]Loading...["Dragonfire (TV story)"])

In the 20th century the Ninth Doctor was seemingly involved with an explosion in the boiler room of the school attended by C. S.. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man?)

Chris Cwej and Clarence once watched a certain show that ran for thirty-odd years which involved lots of running and ending in explosions. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

When anti-matter came into contact with matter a large explosion occurred. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"])

In the 1970s Auderly House was destroyed in a Dalekanium explosion destroying a time travelling Dalek force from an alternate 22nd century. (TV: Day of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Day of the Daleks (TV story)"])

In 1979 the The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey made an x-ray machine explode by releasing stored subatomic energy. (TV: Shada [+]Loading...["Shada (TV story)"])

After spilling coffee into the Doctor's TARDIS's console it exploded with fire and flames. (TV: Wild Blue Yonder [+]Loading...["Wild Blue Yonder (TV story)"])

The spacecraft of several Parking customers exploded at takeoff. (AUDIO: The High Price of Parking)

Rose Tyler likened the Ninth Doctor's regeneration into the Tenth Doctor to an explosion. (TV: Born Again)

Astronomical[[edit] | [edit source]]

Proamon was engulfed in a supernova explosion two thousand years previous relative to when the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush were on Iceworld. (TV: Dragonfire [+]Loading...["Dragonfire (TV story)"])

Flora[[edit] | [edit source]]

Some plants exploded in order to spread their seed or other material around the environment. In circa 2086 the Ice Warriors deployed seed pods to reduce the oxygen content on Earth. (TV: The Seeds of Death [+]Loading...["The Seeds of Death (TV story)"])

Electronics and circuitry[[edit] | [edit source]]

In 1997 in Carbury UNIT's equipment exploded as a result of an electromagnetic pulse effect. (TV: Battlefield [+]Loading...["Battlefield (TV story)"])

Impact[[edit] | [edit source]]

Nemesis arrives on Earth in 1988. (TV: Silver Nemesis [+]Loading...["Silver Nemesis (TV story)"])

When an object (spacecraft, vehicle, asteroid etc) moving at a high rate of movement impacts with a motionless object such as the surface of a planet there is an explosion either from the material exploding upon impact or substances within the object exploding. (TV: Earthshock [+]Loading...["Earthshock (TV story)"], Silver Nemesis [+]Loading...["Silver Nemesis (TV story)"])

Implosion[[edit] | [edit source]]

When two versions of the Doctor's TARDIS collided, the Tenth Doctor, after witnessing himself doing so in his fifth incarnation, combined a black hole and a supernova to stop a black hole from being created, observing that the explosion cancelled out the implosion. (TV: Time Crash)

A damaged Zectronic Beam Controller threatened to both explode and implode before being fixed by the Twelfth Doctor. (TV: The Curse of Fatal Death)

Pressure[[edit] | [edit source]]

In explaining the dangers of space the Twelfth Doctor described it as a problem of pressure; and the potential of your lungs exploding when exposed to space. (TV: Oxygen [+]Loading...["Oxygen (TV story)"])

On the Buccaneer after the vacuum shield was disabled Turlough claimed he was worried he would explode in the vacuum of space. (TV: Enlightenment [+]Loading...["Enlightenment (TV story)"])

Reactors[[edit] | [edit source]]

Due to instabilities introduced to power-producing reactors they could become unstable and go into chain reaction and explode.

When Eldrad was reconstituting themselves at the Nunton Experimental Complex a chain reaction was initiated however Eldrad absorbed the explosion. (TV: The Hand of Fear [+]Loading...["The Hand of Fear (TV story)"])

Temporal[[edit] | [edit source]]

Cracks in time resulted from the Doctor's TARDIS exploding on 26 June 2010. (TV: The Pandorica Opens [+]Loading...["The Pandorica Opens (TV story)"])

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