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This subpage includes information about Fifteenth Doctor from sources that are not valid on this wiki.

The Fifteenth Doctor confronts Jason Quinn, Richard Atkinson and Mike Jones. (COMIC: Find the 600! [+]Loading...["Find the 600! (comic story)"])

The Fifteenth Doctor was depicted in several sources considered by this Wiki as "non-valid sources".


Undated events[[edit]]

After Jason Quinn, Richard Atkinson and Mike Jones travelled to Wolf Studios in Cardiff to get to prevent Doctor Who Magazine from being erased from the timeline, the Fifteenth Doctor materialised his TARDIS and the trio entered, discovering copies of every issue of DWM; the Doctor confronted them upon seeing them.

The issue of DWM picked up by Jason had the Doctor and Ruby Sunday on its cover. (COMIC: Find the 600! [+]Loading...["Find the 600! (comic story)"])

The Fifteenth Doctor arrived in 2023 with his companion, but got temporarily separated. He then encountered Robin, and they ran away together from the Spikes that were chasing them into a nondescript room which sealed up after them.

The Doctor discovered through a computer in the room that they had a hundred seconds of air left, and attempted to guess Robin’s questions before answering them. He soon unsealed the room and offered Robin a place in the TARDIS, before revealing that he had deduced Robin was actually an imposter — the Spikemaster — who had killed the real Robin, before sealing him back up in the room. He reunited with his companion and proposed to take them to Cardiff. (PROSE: The Fifteenth Doctor Audition Piece [+]Loading...["The Fifteenth Doctor Audition Piece (script)"])