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Serving Commander Inston-Vee Vinder of Kasto-Winfer-Foxfell was a pilot and guardian. After he turned whistleblower, he was demoted to the role of observation officer manning Observation Outpost Rose. He was at this posting when the Flux arrived and caused the entire galaxy to be erased.


Early life[[edit]]

Inston-Vee Vinder trained to be a pilot with the Grand Serpent's space fleet and qualified highest in all streams. During the later stages of his training, he risked his own life by flying into a blaze to save the lives of three of his colleagues and received an exceptional honours award and a commendation. Although he suffered no post-traumatic psycho disturbance, he accepted all offers of counselling and term-coming.

Vinder married Bel, with whom he once fought the Daleks. (TV: Once, Upon Time) They planned to do twenty rotations in the floating canals of Puzano for their honeymoon, but they were deployed separately and only got one night in a cubicle hotel opposite the Academy. (TV: Village of the Angels)

Vinder was offered and accepted the role of Guardian of the Grand Serpent at the highest level of security clearance. His first task was to watch over and record a meeting between the Grand Serpent and the Alforia, during which the Grand Serpent had him switch off the recording before naming the assassination of the family of Frey Sampor as a condition of the agreement. Following an "accident" at the lunar range in which four family members of Frey Sampor were killed, Vinder made an official report against the Grand Serpent and was immediately reposted to Observation Outpost Rose. (TV: Once, Upon Time)

Meeting the Doctor[[edit]]

Upon Vinder's arrival at Outpost Rose, Vinder was allowed to send one message to his family. (TV: Once, Upon Time) He remained at the outpost, making observations of that section of the universe without any change, for 21,713 rotations. On the 21,714th, he noticed an anomaly in the Thoribus Trifecta and learnt of the damage caused by the Flux, leading him to evacuate at System's suggestion. (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse)

Vinder found himself in the Temple of Atropos where he and Yasmin Khan were forced to assist Swarm and Azure by standing in place of two dead Mouri. Swarm planned to expose the two of them, as well as the Thirteenth Doctor and Dan Lewis when they arrived looking for Yaz, to the full force of time, (TV: War of the Sontarans) but the Doctor trapped the four of them in a time storm. Vinder relived his experiences with the Grand Serpent, seeing Yaz instead of his commanding officer, and afterwards joined the travellers in the TARDIS to return to his home planet. (TV: Once, Upon Time)

Finding Bel[[edit]]

With a communicator from the Doctor, Vinder found that his home planet had been destroyed by the Flux and went in search of Bel. (TV: Once, Upon Time) He travelled to Puzano and met Namaca Ost Parvess Po, who directed him to a message that Bel had left for him; the message informed him that she had gone in search of a Passenger form containing survivors of the Flux deceived by Azure. (TV: Village of the Angels)

Following Bel, Vinder travelled to a structure in space and encountered Swarm, who trapped him inside a Passenger inside of which he met Diane. (TV: Survivors of the Flux) He found that Bel was not there and that his communicator did not work inside the Passenger, but they managed to escape and contact the Doctor. The Doctor reunited him with Bel, who told him that she was pregnant with his child.

Vinder and Bel helped fight the Sontarans, using a Lupari ship to take out their communications systems. Afterwards, he and Kate Stewart lured the Grand Serpent to the Williamson Tunnels and left him on a rock in space. Vinder and Bel left on the Lupari ship with Karvanista, planning on exploring and picking up some work. (TV: The Vanquishers) The Doctor gave Vinder a phone to contact her with. (TV: The Power of the Doctor)

Saving the Qurunx[[edit]]

After a Qurunx was kidnapped by the CyberMasters, Vinder travelled through a wormhole in search of it and crashed on the cyber-conversion planet. He called the Doctor after seeing the Master's TARDIS disguised as hers and was rescued by Yaz and a Holo-Doctor, whom he agreed to help defeat the Spy Master after he forced the Doctor to regenerate. He was briefly introduced to Ace.

Vinder sneaked into the TARDIS and forced the Master to undo the forced regeneration, shooting him in the shoulder when he doubted that he would use his gun. With the Doctor restored, Vinder joined her and Yaz in the TARDIS as they saved Earth and returned to the cyber-planet where she repaired his ship and thanked him, sending his family her love and wishing him safe travels. He returned home through the wormhole and the Doctor released the Qurunx. (TV: The Power of the Doctor)


Vinder had contempt for the recipients of his reports on Outpost Rose, telling them to "go to hell" each time he concluded one of them. Nonetheless, he marvelled at the beauty of the universe before him, and saw value in this chance he had to behold it. (TV: The Halloween Apocalypse)

Vinder considered exile to be a worse fate than death. (TV: The Vanquishers)