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Karaoke was a form of singing at parties in the 21st century.

Karaoke originated on the planet of the same name. Clara Oswald was incredulous at this, for which the Twelfth Doctor scolded her. (COMIC: Day of the Tune [+]Loading...["Day of the Tune (comic story)"])

The First Doctor did not know what karaoke was. (AUDIO: The Demon Song [+]Loading...["The Demon Song (audio story)"])

The Doctor's TARDIS had a karaoke bar. The Eleventh Doctor once claimed that, if it were to be disabled, the TARDIS could sustain a paradox, although he later admitted that he was lying. (TV: The Girl Who Waited [+]Loading...["The Girl Who Waited (TV story)"])

Circa the 1980s, Iris Wildthyme and Clockwork Panda visited a karaoke bar in Tokyo. (PROSE: Flasket Brinner and the Clockwork Heart [+]Loading...["Flasket Brinner and the Clockwork Heart (short story)"])

In Leadworth, The Wig and Cravat hosted karaoke every Friday. (PROSE: Around Leadworth [+]Loading...["Around Leadworth (short story)"])

The Eleventh Doctor took River Song and Jim the Fish out for karaoke in the 48th century. (GAME: The Eternity Clock [+]Loading...["The Eternity Clock (video game)"]) Nonetheless, the Twelfth Doctor listed karaoke among things he didn't like. (TV: Deep Breath [+]Loading...["Deep Breath (TV story)"])

Clara Oswald sang "Hungry Like the Wolf" karaoke on hen night. Professor Grisenko, who was from the Soviet Union in 1983, had no idea what "karaoke" was. (TV: Cold War [+]Loading...["Cold War (TV story)"])

In 2015, MIAOW gave a karaoke machine to a group of aliens holding a party on Iapetus. (PROSE: Our Tune [+]Loading...["Our Tune (short story)"])

When Graham O'Brien asked his friend Gabriel if he had seen anything strange lately, he only told him about his wife going to karaoke with her friends. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth [+]Loading...["The Woman Who Fell to Earth (TV story)"])

Shana Siddiqui performed some very bad karaoke during her time at university. (AUDIO: Hosts of the Wirrn [+]Loading...["Hosts of the Wirrn (audio story)"])

Tyler Steele enjoyed karaoke. (AUDIO: How I Conquered the World [+]Loading...["How I Conquered the World (audio story)"])

Calapians and the Team TARDIS spent time with karaoke during their isolation of Calapia because of the passing of the Death Moon. (PROSE: The Shadow Passes [+]Loading...["The Shadow Passes (short story)"])

Adric and Galgo visited a karaoke bar on Argentia. (AUDIO: Serpent in the Silver Mask [+]Loading...["Serpent in the Silver Mask (audio story)"])