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Lucy Saxon (née Cole) was the Saxon Master's wife. Initially having a happy marriage with the Time Lord, she displayed a sadistic streak and an appreciation for his morality and sense of priority. However, she lost this bond when over the course of "The Year That Never Was" he became abusive and uncaring, revealing to her that she was simply a pawn in his bid for power. Feeling disillusioned and hopeless, a void of despair formed in her, causing her to kill him in an act of cold-blooded vengeance, becoming the first individual to successfully end his life.


Early life[[edit]]

The youngest child of Lord and Lady Cole of Tarminster, Lucy attended Rodean School and represented Sussex playing netball. She then went to St Andrews University and studied the Italian language. After this, she became involved with several charities before working in the publishing industry. It was here that she first met Harold Saxon who was publishing his biography at the time. They married in 2007. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

With Harold Saxon[[edit]]

After sharing a trip with him to the end of the universe in the Doctor's TARDIS, Lucy became Saxon's partner, appearing beside him for the press and photos. Following the Master's appointment as Prime Minister, Lucy was interviewed in 10 Downing Street by Vivien Rook, who tried to convince Lucy that "Harold Saxon" was a false identity, and that whoever he was, he was putting both Lucy and everyone else in danger. When the Master appeared through a back door, Vivien tried to cover up what she had stated about him, but discovered that Lucy was well aware of how fake the Master's "Harold Saxon" identity was, and was killed by a group of Toclafane before she could leave. Lucy was upset and shaken by Vivien's screams. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

On the day of the Toclafane invasion, Lucy appeared eager for the fulfilment of the Master's true intent. When the Toclafane appeared and killed American President Arthur Coleman Winters, she showed no signs of fear or alarm and remained calm throughout the entire duration of the events. She joined the Master on the bridge when the sky above the Valiant ripped open and the Doctor was aged, seemingly enjoying the sight of the Toclafane flying down and killing one tenth of the human race. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

The Year That Never Was[[edit]]

Over the year of the Master's reign, Lucy became cold towards him due to abuse she received at his hands, prompting her to join in when the world started to chant the word "Doctor." When the Master, realising his plan had failed, tried to escape, she witnessed Francine Jones raise a gun in his direction, and when the Doctor and Jack Harkness stopped her, unseen, Lucy took the gun herself and shot him, wounding him fatally. Jack managed to disarm her, leaving her motionless, looking on with a cold, emotionless stare at the man who had broken her. After she witnessed the Master refuse to regenerate from the gunshot wound when he realised that the Doctor would keep him permanently confined to his TARDIS, (TV: Last of the Time Lords) Lucy was arrested and later charged with his murder. Her trial was held in secret and without a jury, and, found guilty, she was sent to Broadfell Prison where she began serving a life sentence. (TV: The End of Time)

Imprisonment and revenge[[edit]]

On Christmas Eve night in or around the 2000s,[nb 1] Lucy was released from her cell by her prison's new Governor, and brought to the basement, where a cult of the Master's loyal servants was implementing a ritual to restore him to life. One element necessary to the ritual was the Master's bio-metric imprint, something that could be extracted from Lucy's lips due to the many times that he had kissed her. To her horror, the ritual succeeded, and the partially-restored Master began draining his servants of their lifeforce. Before the Master's body was completely restored however, Lucy revealed to her former husband that she had long been aware of the ritual and had had her father's scientists develop an opposite to one of the life-restoring potions used in his resurrection. Given the potion by one of the guards, she hurled it at the Master, creating an explosion that destroyed the prison and herself. (TV: The End of Time)


At first, Lucy Saxon was a faithful wife to the Master and seemed to initially share an affectionate relationship with him, nicknaming him "Harry". When the Master took over the Earth, Lucy stood by him loyally, seeming neither shocked nor frightened by her husband's actions. However she was shaken by the murder of Vivien Rook, though this was because Vivien was one of a small number of people who were able to resist the Master's hypnotic influence, and she was reassured by the Master it wouldn't matter soon.

Lucy usually kept her feelings to herself and showed little emotion when the Master ordered the Toclafane to murder one tenth of the human race. Nevertheless, she did apologise to Vivien Rook just before she was murdered by the Toclafane. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

Lucy explained that when the Master took her to the end of the universe she became aware of the futility of life, believing it to be meaningless. During "the year that never was", her relationship with the Time Lord deteriorated, and he became physically abusive, causing Lucy to lose her feelings for him. As the year progressed, she gained a haunted look and became far less at ease, so much so that, after he was defeated, Lucy took her chance and shot him. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

Vivien Rook referred to Lucy as being from a good family, but claimed that she was not especially bright and essentially harmless, (TV: The Sound of Drums) statements she later echoed, stating that, although she was not especially bright, her family had contacts. (TV: The End of Time) However, her "harmlessness" was lost in the year that never was, allowing her to shoot the Master after he was defeated (TV: Last of the Time Lords) and to sabotage his resurrection. By that point, Lucy had descended into a bitter, vindictive woman with no qualms about death if it meant the Master would join her. (TV: The End of Time)


  1. Both Planet of the Dead and The End of Time are referred to in dialogue as taking place after the end of Journey's End, which is set in either 2008, according to TV: The Fires of Pompeii, TV: The Waters of Mars, and AUDIO: SOS (and heavily implied by TV: The Star Beast and TV: The Giggle), or six weeks after the middle of May 2009, circa June, according to PROSE: Beautiful Chaos. However, the year of The End of Time is unspecified, as is whether or not it is intended to be the Christmas immediately after Journey's End.

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