Natural History Museum

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Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum was a museum in London.


The museum was at the corner of Cromwell Road and Exhibition Road. Knightsbridge tube station was within walking distance of the museum, though it wasn't the closest tube station. (TV: In the Forest of the Night) It was located across the road from the Victoria and Albert Museum. (AUDIO: The Victorian Age)


In 1899, Torchwood One was based in the Natural History Museum. (AUDIO: The Victorian Age)

In the Eleven-Day Empire, Morlock's bio-research workshops were located beneath the Natural History Museum. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

In the 2000s, Sarah Jane Smith bought Luke a T-Shirt from the Natural History Museum. It had a stegosaurus emblazoned across the front and was Luke's favourite T-shirt. He wore it a lot. (PROSE: The Lost Boy)

Luke was doing his work experience at the Natural History Museum. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

Yasmin Khan and Ryan Sinclair visited the museum on a school trip in Year 7, where they had an encounter with the Myriapods and the Second Doctor, an event that they had wiped from their memories. (PROSE: The Myriapod Mutiny)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

A special screening of the Series 3 opening episode Smith and Jones was shown on 25 October 2019 as part of a Doctor Who theme night as part of their after-hours series Lates.[1]