Peril at 60 Fathoms (comic story)

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Peril at 60 Fathoms was a TV Comic story featuring the Second Doctor.


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The Doctor's TARDIS lands on the water planet Nook, and sinks. The Second Doctor puts on a diving suit and leaves through an airlock in the roof. He finds a crashed space ship that has plunged into the water nearby and goes to see if he can help. The ship is from Earth, and the Captain explains that the ship is almost out of oxygen. The Doctor wonders if the ship could relaunch if it was upright, but the fuses are damaged and there are no spares. The Doctor has a fuse in the TARDIS and goes back to get it.

When he gets there, the TARDIS is being attacked by a giant squid. The Doctor shoots it with his ray gun but it grabs him. He manages to shoot it between its eyes and it lets go. He gets into the TARDIS and locates the equipment before returning to the sunken rocket. The Captain makes the repairs while the Doctor tries to get the ship upright. The task seems impossible until the giant squid reappears. When the Doctor hides underneath the rocket, the squid lifts it into an upright position to reach him. The Doctor shoots the squid again and kills it.

The ship can now lift off and reach the planet Ebor to get more oxygen. The Doctor makes his way back to the TARDIS.




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Original print details[[edit]]

(Publication with page count and closing captions)

  • TVC 907 (2 pages) Next week Dr. Who's efforts are hampered by a giant squid!
  • TVC 908 (2 pages) See the Doctor's desperate fight for safety, next week.
  • TVC 909 (2 pages) Next week... Don't miss the Doctor's final battle with the squid!
  • TVC 910 (2 pages) A sensational new Dr. Who adventure starts next week: Operation Wurlitzer!