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Romanadvoratrelundar's third incarnation was a matter of contention. However, both of the purported successors to Romana II continued to serve as President of the High Council and ended up going to lengths that some deemed immoral as they led Gallifrey through devastating wars.

As she returned to her native Gallifrey after her adventures in the Axis, Romana II met a Matrix projection of her next incarnation, a black-haired woman with prominent cheekbones, who adopted the nickname of "Trey" to avoid confusion. (AUDIO: Renaissance) In her own era, she led Gallifrey through a series of cataclysmic events that started with the return of Omega (AUDIO: Intervention Earth) and continued with a devastating war (AUDIO: Luna Romana, Enemy Lines) that eventually left Romana III as the last of her kind. (AUDIO: Renaissance) However, Irving Braxiatel eventually altered the timelines, averting Romana II's regeneration into this incarnation so as to also avoid the war. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

As shown in another set of accounts, with the War in Heaven looming on the horizon, Romana voluntarily regenerated into an incarnation more suited to war, who adopted the title of "War Queen of the Nine Gallifreys", (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon) copying the appearance of Miranda Pelham. (PROSE: Tomb of Valdemar) As the War Queen, Romana thus appeared as a slim, but imposing woman with black hair and a snub nose. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles) She had a fringe, green eyes, and a tattoo of the Prydonian Seal on her left ankle. She wore pearls. (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon) This incarnation lived into old age, dying her hair a chestnut colour and becoming riddled with arthritis. Eventually, she regenerated into a an incarnation with dark eyes and clear ebony skin. (PROSE: Tomb of Valdemar)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Writers involved in the future War arc of Eighth Doctor Adventures novels based Romana III's described appearance on that of the American silent film actress Louise Brooks, although upon meeting this incarnation for the first time the Eighth Doctor noted that she now looked "worryingly like his mother".

James Goss created Juliet Landau's "Trey" incarnation of Romana for the Big Finish audio stories. It was unclear which incarnation of Romana she was, and Goss initially contrasted her with "other future Romanadvoratrelundars" such as the "brilliantly glacial flapper", Romana III, who first appeared in Paul Cornell's The Shadows of Avalon. (VOR 56) However, Lady Trey was later definitively shown to be the third Romana in Enemy Lines.