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Narvinectralonum (Narvin for short) was a Time Lord and an important figure in the Celestial Intervention Agency. He rose to the position of Coordinator before being made Romana II's Deputy Coordinator, serving during the early stages of the Last Great Time War. After her attempt to assassinate President Rassilon, he and Romana were exiled from Gallifrey together.


Early life[[edit]]

A member of House Witforge, (AUDIO: Transference) Narvin belonged to the Patrex Chapter. (AUDIO: Ascension) His father was an engineer, a job that Narvin did not want to pursue as he considered it to be "a lot less fun" than working for the Celestial Intervention Agency, (AUDIO: Havoc) and his uncle Rexin was exiled to Lowtown for drawing attention to himself. (AUDIO: Transference)

Narvin basic astrophysics and astronomy at the Time Lord Academy (AUDIO: Annihilation) and was acquainted with Clemantia, whom he trusted. (AUDIO: Collaborators) Tauras once implied that Narvin had regenerated at least once. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth) Early in his career, Rexin asked Narvin to help get his children Helico and Lenaris into the Capitol, but he refused as he did not wish to jeopardise his position. (AUDIO: Transference)

Working as a technician under Glower, Narvin was a part of Project Alpha and assisted in the development of the Timonic Fusion Device despite the warnings of Braxiatel. The catastrophe caused by the detonation of the device destroyed Minyos and necessitated a cover-up of the Time Lords' involvement by the CIA. He and Braxiatel harboured a long-standing enmity towards one another thereafter. (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

Rise through the ranks[[edit]]

Not long after Project Alpha, Narvin took up a position at the CIA and "never looked back". (AUDIO: The Inquiry) When asked why he joined the CIA, he answered that it was because of the lack of diplomacy and the less impractical robes. (AUDIO: Appropriation) He trained for two hundred years on Gallifrey. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine) At one point he visited the Patrex Chapter retreat on Micallon but grew frustrated there and took a TARDIS back to the Capitol, determined to make a difference in the CIA. (AUDIO: Dissolution)

In time Narvin moved up the ranks, (AUDIO: The Inquiry) eventually becoming Sub-Coordinator. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Narvin was sent to Bellascon by Vansell to investigate the time travel technology being constructed by the natives of the planet. It was there that Narvin met the Doctor for the first time, in his fourth incarnation, who was travelling alongside Adric and also investigating the technology. Adric was suddenly wiped from history and Narvin realised that his ancestors had been killed when the ship that they were on exploded. The Doctor sent Narvin back in time to prevent the explosion, where he discovered that one of the people involved with the technology had gone back to prevent all of the Doctor's companions from being born. Narvin killed him and the Doctor brought him back. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Life as Coordinator[[edit]]

Early career[[edit]]

Narvin early in his career at the CIA. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Shortly after becoming Coordinator, Narvin gained permission from President Romana to use the Oubliette of Eternity one last time to wipe Bellascon from history. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Following the Daleks' attack on the Temporal Powers, (AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element) Narvin exploited Gallifrey's operation to help the Monan Host rebuild to restructure their planet's hyperspatial links. This meant that, with the correct equation, Narvin would be able to destroy the Monans should the need arise. (AUDIO: Square One)

Narvin was sent to investigate Josiah W. Dogbolter's experimentation into the combination of Time Lord and Speravore technology to create the Quantum Possibility Engine. He lost his TARDIS along the way and met the Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane - both of whom he freed using his sonic screwdriver - and, later, Melanie Bush. After the engine was activated, a new timeline was created in which Narvin worked for Kaltron, Inc. as an air oven designer. His memories were returned and both Dogbolter and the Krasi were defeated, after which Narvin asked the Doctor if he could take him back in his "scrap" TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine)

While Gallifrey was under the influence of the Now, Narvin struggled to resist and sought to bring the alternate version of the Doctor from another universe, who was currently travelling in the prime universe with Bernice Summerfield, to Gallifrey in hopes of him providing a solution. (AUDIO: Gallifrey) He announced their capture when they were located. (AUDIO: Inertia) He brought the Doctor and Benny back to Gallifrey and stood as prosecutor to the Doctor's trial. When the Doctor concocted a solution to Gallifrey's predicament that would involve the genocide of the Now, Narvin took it upon himself to use it, and revealed this to have been his plan from the start. He was indignant to the Doctor's disgust and told him that he didn't belong there any more than any Doctor from his universe, earning him a punch from Benny. (AUDIO: Gallifrey)

When Andred pretended to be against Romana's reforms and arranged a meeting, Narvin was suspicious of him and sent Torvald to meet with him instead. Andred killed Torvald and took on his identity, after which Narvin covered up the incident. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

Campaign against Romana[[edit]]

Narvin lied to Romana about Project Alpha when a supposed Timonic Fusion Device was taken by Nepenthe on the Third Moon of Kikrit and sent Andred with Leela and K9 Mark I to Gryben to recover it, secretly giving Torvald a translocation beamer to get the device back to the Capitol. He ordered Battle TARDISes be sent to Gryben when the device was seemingly armed and encouraged Romana to destroy the planet, but she refused; he later went to Darkel to instigate an inquiry into Romana's actions. (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice)

Romana sent Narvin to a temporal summit which, unbeknownst to him, was a fake. He argued with V'rell and Flinkstab before Hossak reset time the first time and was framed for Pule's death by Baano before the second. Finally, the restructuring of Monan's hyperspatial links was exposed, although Romana covered up Narvin's involvement by claiming that it was done by unknown elements and gave him full credit for helping flush out Baano and V'rell. He was, however, unhappy that he had been sent to a fake summit. (AUDIO: Square One)

Narvin was a witness at the inquiry into Romana's response to the Timonic Fusion Device and insisted that the device could not possibly have been built. Following the discovery of a data bomb in the Matrix, Narvin sought to discover who had planted it and identified the culprit as Braxiatel, whom he had Andred arrest. At knifepoint, he told Leela about her husband's supposed death and was later forced by Braxiatel to confess that the Timonic Fusion Device had been stolen. He was also unsuccessful in getting Braxiatel charged with his crimes. (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

Mephistopheles Arkadian contacted Narvin and informed him that Torvald was corrupt. Narvin kept this information from Andred, whom he still believed to be Torvald, and went with him in search of Cecelia Pollard with a displacement monitor. He finally learnt the truth about Andred's identity and, at Romana's command, happily burned away six months of the real Torvald's memories so as not to disrupt the timeline. He felt an immediate loathing for Andred for killing one of his operatives. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

Narvin was unable to sleep after Pandora began using his mental energy to feed herself, leaving him exhausted. He allied himself with Darkel due to their shared belief that off-world students should not be admitted to the Gallifreyan Academy and began manipulating Wynter into thinking that Romana might make him redundant. Narvin was knocked out by K9 to stop Pandora from using his energy, causing her to become trapped in her Matrix partition. (AUDIO: Lies)

After Romana arranged for the transport of the broken man to Gallifrey, Narvin and Wynter argued over whose jurisdiction the matter came under; as the pathogen was likely alien, Narvin believed that it came under the CIA's remit. (AUDIO: Spirit)

Narvin interrogated Gillestes after Wynter arrested her. He and Darkel went to raise the alarm after Pandora possessed Wynter, but he was not taken in by Darkel's insistence that Romana or Braxiatel must have been behind her release and warned her that she was playing a dangerous game. He supported Andred's appointment as Castellan following Wynter's death and publicly exposed Braxiatel's violation of the First Law of Time. (AUDIO: Pandora)

Due to the declining political situation, Narvin and the CIA recovered Aesino from a temporal cul-de-sac and attached her to Wynter's TARDIS in the Anomaly Vaults, planning on using her as an assassin. However, they were unable to fully stabilise her. (AUDIO: Fractures)

When Archivist Duaden informed him that Romana was finding a way to connect to the Matrix, Narvin believed that she might already be under Pandora's control and was worried for Gallifrey, but Darkel told him to remain loyal to her until he had an unimpeachable reason not to. He was ready to contact the Chancellery Guard when he detected Taylor Addison in the Vaults, but Darkel suggested that he wait to do so, resulting in Taylor's death. (AUDIO: Insurgency)

Narvin was on the scene after the Academy was bombed and had the alien students taken to safety, guarded by CIA agents. He was upset by the attack but could not properly investigate without exposing himself due to his belief that Darkel had sanctioned the bombing and used his codes, instead using the alien students at the scaphe port as bait to draw the guilty party out. He and Leela determined that Antimon was the bomber, having put bombs in his camera drones, and warned Romana that the drones in the Panopticon likely held bombs as well, allowing K9 to stop them. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix)

Civil War[[edit]]

Narvin and Leela during the Gallifreyan Civil War. (AUDIO: Fractures)

Narvin allied himself with Romana during the Gallifreyan Civil War. He was badly wounded by the premature detonation of a percussion bomb whilst sabotaging the Artron Forum and had to be taken to Elbon in the Outlands for treatment, later going to the Vaults with Leela to save Romana and prevent her from being taken over by the sentience therein. He successfully got himself, Romana, Leela and Hallan to safety at the Academy using Braxiatel's matter transmitter and agreed that it was an ideal place for their new base of operations. (AUDIO: Fractures)

He helped build a stronghold there, creating his own adaptation of certain Matrix partitions, in effect a force field capable of keeping everything out. He had a standoff with Darkel outside of his barriers where Darkel managed to plant a Bug Bomb on him. Luckily, Leela managed to get it off him. He reported to Romana that there was a bio-hazard and realised that Pandora had re-engineered it with her own DNA. He suggested that Hallan should freeze himself until a cure was found. Narvin created a new partition to allow Romana to enter the APC Net chamber and eventually defeat Pandora. Though Narvin had started as someone who would have liked nothing better than to see Romana defamed, he ended up, unexpectedly, after the events of Free Time, Pandora, and Darkel's machinations, as one of the staunchest supporters of Romana and one of the few senior Time Lords who continued to be so after the civil war had ended. When Romana ultimately chose to sacrifice herself along with Pandora and the Matrix, Narvin was the only one who actively attempted to save her as his President, seeing it as his duty, as Matthias had accepted her decision and Elbon didn't care. (AUDIO: Warfare)


Narvin with a blind Leela after the war. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Following the war he wanted Mathias to become acting President instead of Valyes, however, Matthias said that by law this couldn't happen. When the Sunari invaded he was worried about Romana's safety. He took great risks in keeping Romana informed and alive during the election preceding the war and also did everything in his power to try and prevent Darkel from obtaining the Presidency, even going so far as to say that if she were ever elected, he would resign from his position. Romana asked him to help Leela and K9 as well as suggesting that he should make himself a candidate. He managed to repair the transduction barriers, but this destroyed the Nekkistani and Sunari fleet by accident. (AUDIO: Appropriation)

He suggested to Leela and K9 to become Romana's legal counsel when she was arrested. Darkel wanted to know which side in the election Narvin supported. Narvin thought that Darkel's assassin was asked to do it for political gain. He worked out that Romana's cell was bugged so got her to visit him. He got Leela and K9 to search Braxiatel's office. Annos asked for his advice when Darkel ordered Annos to execute Janartis. When Braxiatel pardoned both Romana and Janartis, he announced that Janartis had revealed Darkel's plans. (AUDIO: Mindbomb)

He warned Matthias not to allow Mephistopheles Arkadian as he was a known criminal. He was worried about the potential deal they were making. He asked Leela to give evidence about Arkadian. Following Arkadian to the biodata archive, he was time scooped to the Braxiatel Collection by accident. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Exploring alternate Gallifreys[[edit]]

Braxiatel brought him to the Axis, where they started exploring alternative realities. He didn't want to leave the Biodata Archive behind. He felt like he didn't fit in on this version of Gallifrey. He learnt that the Time Lords were selling Gallifrey's secrets and TARDISes to the highest bidder. When trapped on an alternate Gallifrey where regenerations were extracted and sold among Time Lords, Narvin had his remaining lives stolen from him as a form of torture. (AUDIO: Reborn)

He visited another alternate Gallifrey, where he was appalled that they were temporal interventionists. The Burner Doctor told him that he was a paradox, this was because the version of him in that reality was killed by an alternate Leela. He thought this was the cause of the Axis system collapse. He helped Braxiatel find the source of the instability. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

Narvin whilst on an alternate Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Forever)

After losing Braxiatel after the system collapse he explored many realities with just Leela as Romana would not join them until they found a Gallifrey which was unusual. He started to notice that Leela was ageing. He found out that this Gallifrey contained a vampire race. When Leela wanted to become one of Borusa's hounds he was concerned as she might die and he would be alone. He went with Leela to help her take down the transduction barriers. He was attacked by Lord Prydon and had to tell Romana that he could no longer regenerate. (AUDIO: Annihilation)

He wanted to stay somewhere for more than one day. He found out that his counterpart on the final Gallifrey they visited was the Lord Chancellor, and how ruthless he was. Knowing the attitudes of his counterpart, he could obtain information about the time travel experiments. When his counterpart sacrificed his life to save the planet when the Krilig attacked, Narvin took his place as Chancellor after they were stranded on the planet. (AUDIO: Forever)

Romana put him in charge of finding new time technology so that they could get home. He reminded her that the council had doubts about her as she was less ruthless than her counterpart. He warned Romana against negotiating with the outsiders. He was framed by Allora for an assassination attempt on Leela. Romana used this to get more information about Allora by placing them in the same cell. He was released after it was discovered that Valyes was behind the attempt. Narvin told Kavil that he had covered up his part in the assassination attempt as they needed him to help them get back to the Axis. (AUDIO: Emancipation)

Narvin oversaw a conference of the Gallifreyan scientists that explored time travel technologies and had heard of Jonias. He was a bit suspicious of using money as an incentive. He employed Maris to look after Leela and find a research base. He found out about the ethics violation that Jonias had performed as there were experiments done on the former slaves. He questioned Jonias about it. (AUDIO: Evolution)

He had Kavil strengthen the signal coming from the Axis. He informed Romana that Lord Zakar's ship had been shot down. After Lord Zakar was captured by the outsiders, he visited Leela to negotiate his release. Narvin then talked to Zakar about his circumstances. He found out that Zakar knew that he and Romana were imposters and then ordered an attack to return Zakar back to the Citadel. He used the recording of Zakar showing his guilt to stop a civil war. (AUDIO: Arbitration)

Narvin with a Dalek. (AUDIO: Extermination)

He knew of the fate of the Daleks, but that knowledge didn't help him when he faced them in battle. He told the Daleks that there wasn't anything useful on this version of Gallifrey and they should leave. He tried to find a way to stop them, using his knowledge and technology available to him. Leela was surprised that he stayed to fight and look for Romana rather than save his own skin. He went to the armoury where he found experimental weapons. He saved Leela from being exterminated. He travelled back to the Axis and opened the portal to their Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Extermination)

Return to Gallifrey Prime[[edit]]

On returning back to his home Gallifrey, Narvin was trapped in a Chronic Hysteresis with Leela. He found Romana's deal with her next incarnation Trey disturbing but understood why she made it. He prepared Trey's exile on Romana's orders but had to use it to exile Romana instead due to the death of Kolspen of Unvoss. He invested Trey as president. This occurred in the Matrix. (AUDIO: Renaissance)

He again helped Leela when some masonry fell on her. When the Daleks invaded Gallifrey, and Romana had apparently sacrificed herself to contain them, Narvin saw no other way of defeating them and sent Valyes to Skaro. There, Valyes would send the Fourth Doctor on a mission to destroy the Daleks as they were being created. Narvin claimed, in a desperate ruse to save Romana, that he had seen a future where only Dalek life remained in the universe. (AUDIO: Ascension, TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

Upon discovering that Romana had been safe all along, Narvin feared that his orders to Valyes might have disastrous consequences. (AUDIO: Ascension) Indeed the Eleventh Doctor would later claim the mission to Skaro was the “first shot” of the Last Great Time War. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)

At some point Narvin and Leela sheltered from an earthquake in the House of Heartshaven. With Leela rendered unconscious, Narvin passed the time by telling her about his encounter with the Fourth Doctor on Bellascon. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Shifting timelines[[edit]]

Facing the return of Omega[[edit]]

Narvin and Ace during Romana III's era. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth)

In the original timeline where President Romana regenerated aboard the Moros, (AUDIO: Enemy Lines) Narvin continued to serve as Coordinator during the presidency of her third incarnation, though argued with her about the employment of Precogs. She sent him to Earth in 2986 BC, to Greater Henge, to retrieve Ace and the Hand of Omega. Though annoyed that Romana had forbade him from using his staser on the locals, Narvin did use it to show his strength to force their cooperation. He found out that his adjutant Tauras was behind the Hand's use. Then, he was brought to the anti-matter universe, when he tried to stop Omega being freed; he was involved in telepathic contact with Romana and Lukas to hinder Omega's willpower. Eventually, Omega fled and Narvin managed to escape the pocket universe along with Romana and Ace. When the TARDIS they were using to escape lost power just after leaving the black hole he was left stranded with Ace after Irving Braxiatel saved Romana. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth) Narvin was charged with treason, and Trave was sentenced to execute him, along with Ace, due to his part in the Omega Plot. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)


When Braxiatel changed the timelines by travelling back in time to prevent Romana's regeneration and guided her to avoid a terrible future, Narvin carried out her orders to pre-emptively arrest the Adherents of Ohm and place the Hand of Omega under lock and key. He was made Deputy Coordinator when Romana appointed herself as the new Coordinator of the CIA in her last act as President before resigning for Livia Caralis. He then sent Ace to Outpost Delta to discover any plots of the Monan Host against Gallifrey. Whilst in the Matrix, he was attacked by the Watchmaker and killed. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)


Romana and Leela made an agreement with the Watchmaker to create a new stable timeline. In this version of events, Narvin became Deputy Coordinator when Romana made herself Coordinator, as in the second timeline, and, together with Ace, arrested Plutus and Kalbez on charges of high treason and attempted murder, exposing their conspiracy much earlier than had occurred in the timeline in which he’d died. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Life as Deputy Coordinator[[edit]]

Preparing for war[[edit]]

Narvin attempted to prevent the coming Time War by going on secret missions as “Coordinator in Extremis”, which Coordinator Romana was actually aware of. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures) He recruited the Master to use the Eminence against the Daleks, however the Master went rogue. Narvin recruited the Eighth Doctor to help stop him, claiming never to have met the Doctor before. He used the Matrix to show the Doctor the Master's actions on Heron's World. He knew what happened to the Ides Scientific Institute in both the pre and post Straxus timeline. He then showed him a Matrix projection of what would happen after the Master's departure. He requested the President to sanction the protection of the people of Heron's world, knowing that the Doctor's involvement would aid her decision. (AUDIO: The Death of Hope) He then directed the Doctor to Ramosa, and later sent him Liv Chenka as assistance. The Doctor demanded answers from him and he told the Doctor that part of the CIA were against his plans and had wanted to kill the humans the Master had infected with Retro-genitor particles. (AUDIO: The Reviled) He later saved the Doctor's TARDIS after the Master had ejected it from a spaceship (AUDIO: Masterplan) and accompanied the Doctor to Earth to thwart the Master's plans to exploit the Eminence's power and take over the human race. He was captured and held in an Eminence casket whilst the Master succeeded in corrupting the minds of humanity. The Doctor defeated the Master and freed Narvin. Narvin travelled back to Gallifrey and arranged for the Master's corruption of history to be airbrushed away. (AUDIO: Rule of the Eminence)

Narvin contacted the War Master once he had acquired enough Swenyo for the Time Lords' war effort. He gave him a Chameleon Arch as payment. (AUDIO: Sins of the Father)

Early stages of the Time War[[edit]]

Narvin was informed by one of his subordinates, Karla, of a facility in the Lune Forest. He was later informed of the destruction of Phaidon. Narvin found out that the War Council had placed a facility within the Death Zone and sent Leela to investigate. After Leela was caught, he travelled to the Death Zone with Romana II against his will. They were met by President Livia and General Trave who revealed the facility was part of Project Revenant. Livia shutdown the disputes between the War Council and Agency, confirming war would be formalised that evening. Together Romana and Narvin watched the broadcast in which Livia officially declared war on the Daleks. (AUDIO: Celestial Intervention)

Braxiatel sent him a message informing him of the "death" of Ace and that invasion was imminent, which he passed on to Romana. She then ordered him to find the Master. (AUDIO: Soldier Obscura)

Narvin captured the War Master on Kurnos 5 only to discover he had swapped his mind with the Eighth Doctor. The Doctor told him the Master had set off to the Lehar system in his body and persuaded Narvin to let him track him down. (AUDIO: The Castle of Kurnos 5) Narvin told him the Time Lords could take him as far as Redemption and gave him a credit card with a million credits to fund his travels to the Lehar system. Narvin later expressed concern about some of the crew he picked to travel with him, especially Ilya who could recognise the Master's appearance from Project Blackstar. (AUDIO: The Edge of Redemption)

Narvin with two Daleks. (AUDIO: Anti-Genesis)

Whilst Acting Coordinator Narvin was told by Crazlus that the Master had arrived on Gallifrey, seemingly finally dead. He ordered Crazlus to dispose of the Master’s body, however Crazlus secretly resurrected him. Crazlus told him the Master had been attempting to steal the Anti-Genesis codes, leading to Narvin going to check their defences with him. This inadvertently gave the Master access to them, stealing them right in front of Narvin. (AUDIO: From the Flames) Narvin worked with President Livia to try to combat the Master’s subsequent interference in the Daleks’ creation but they were unsuccessful, with Gallifrey being struck by temporal shockwaves as the Master rewrote history. (AUDIO: The Master’s Dalek Plan) The Master’s Anti-Genesis plot was later undone by the Master himself and a version of him from a parallel universe, who persuaded the Master’s past self not to instigate the plan. (AUDIO: He Who Wins)

When the Master answered the CIA’s summons, Narvin warned Romana not to use him and that the war had given him a purpose, only for Romana to reminded Narvin that it was him who had given the Master a purpose. He eventually lost track of the Master's TARDIS, after the Master had expelled Leela from it and went to Arcking. He angrily reminded Romana that it had been her idea to send Leela with the Master. (AUDIO: The Devil You Know)

He was angry when Trave expelled the Phaidons from the planet and told Romana of this. When Livia contacted the CIA asking for help organising her resignation, he explained a way for her to resign but keep her dignity. He persuaded Romana to run against Livia’s nominated successor, Valerian, and subsequently was called up to become a soldier. Romana used this to her advantage to have him shut down Project Revenant before it fell into the Daleks’ hands. He told Karla that the Daleks would use the project to turn all the resurrected Time Lords into Daleks. Karla betrayed him, stealing the facility’s power and escaping into the Matrix, and left him to die in the explosion, but he was rescued by Braxiatel. He informed Romana of Karla's betrayal and she realised what the War Council were planning. Together they hurried to Valerian’s inauguration, arriving in time to witness Rassilon being resurrected in Valerian’s body. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures)

Rassilon's rule[[edit]]

Whilst Romana was arrested on charges of treason for negotiating with the Dalek Emperor, he became Coordinator again but was demoted once more when Rassilon pardoned her. He investigated the murder of a Chancellery Guard, discovering the culprit to be a future version of General Trave. He and agent Eris pursued the future Trave, resulting in him being mortally wounded. Before he died, Trave gave him a recording which he and Romana discovered was from a future version of Narvin, warning his past self that Rassilon’s regime would lead to Gallifrey’s downfall. (AUDIO: Havoc)

Romana sent him and Eris to Ysalus to tip the balance of the planet’s civil war to ensure a more favourable side emerged, to prevent the Daleks’ obtaining the planet’s resources in the future. He encountered a War Council agent who had been assigned the same mission, but discovered she had been ordered to make contact with partisans of the other side of the war. Their actions inadvertently led to the war escalating, forcing the CIA to place the planet in a time freeze to prevent its devastation. (AUDIO: Partisans)

When the time freeze around Ysalus was breached, Narvin worked with General Dalia to help organise an evacuation of the planet. They were successful in evacuating a few hundred of the natives before the War Council erased the planet from time. Afterwards Dalia disappeared and Narvin asked Cardinal Mantus about him. Mantus informed him there was no longer a General Dalia on the War Council or even on Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Collateral)

Taking him on an excursion far from the Capitol, Romana asked him to join her plot to assassinate Rassilon, after learning he’d deliberately breached the time freeze to make an example of Ysalus. Though he sympathised with her reasons, Narvin refused. Rassilon and Mantus began attempting to win him round to their faction. Rassilon met him, compli.menting him on organising the mission to avert the Daleks’ creation, and appointed him to the War Council. Mantus revealed the whereabouts of Ace, safe in Earth’s time lock, and that there was a way to restore his regenerations, however Narvin interrupted the process midway. Believing something was amiss, he rushed to Romana’s side just as her plot to assassinate Rassilon failed. He stood by her, so Mantus exiled him along with her, forcing them to depart Gallifrey in a TARDIS. (AUDIO: Assassins)

Exile in the Time War[[edit]]

Narvin and Romana during their exile. (AUDIO: Time War: Volume Three)

Romana and Narvin landed Dreadnought Septima after escaping one of skirmishes in the war. Finding that there were TARDISes on board they hoped to get spare parts for their now damaged TARDIS. He thought he saw other versions of Romana and himself. They discovered the results of Project Fury and how it related to the Sicari. He took a lot of equipment from one of the broken TARDIS including a Chameleon Arch. He tried to kill Qatal with a time grenade but that made things worse. They escaped the collapsing ship and replaced the broken dematerialisation circuit. (AUDIO: Hostiles)

Trying to trace Leela, something went wrong with the signal and they decided to land on Njagilheim which proved a bit difficult. What was happening reminded him of a test at the academy, which he never understood. He captured a random goat which belonged to Agata. He later heard the sound of children and a forge. When Romana heard screaming, he only heard laughter. Leela's signal still kept appearing and disappearing. He theorised if the temporal storm caused the loop. Romana told her that the Orrovix was what was hunting her. They managed to escape the time loop and the Orrovix before it collapsed. (AUDIO: Nevernor)

At some point in their exile Narvin and Romana encountered agents of the resistance and were told the location of their base. (AUDIO: Deception)

They tracked down Leela on Unity, however she was reluctant to leave as she’d begun helping a family there. Local crime boss Jarred McKenzie noticed their TARDIS and attempted to use it as leverage with the Daleks, bringing Unity to their attention. The Daleks tracked down the Time Lords, with Romana deciding to stay and face them whilst Narvin and Leela fled with Rayo in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Unity)

Working with the resistance[[edit]]

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Narvin took Rayo and Leela to the resistance, demanding to meet the resistance council. (AUDIO: Deception) Daleks, pursuing Romana’s associates from Unity, attacked the base forcing Narvin and Rayo to flee in their TARDIS, with Rayo furious that he left Leela behind though Narvin was certain she’d escaped another way. They were ambushed by Daleks as they escaped, with their TARDIS sustaining major damage. Narvin managed to get it to the Patrex Chapter retreat on Micallon, where the Apothecary agreed to repair it. A Hunter Dalek followed him and attacked them, but together they destroyed it. Rayo persuaded him to rejoin the resistance however Narvin insisted he stay behind on Micallon, now hidden from the War by its shield. (AUDIO: Dissolution) Narvin made contact with Leela and Eris and agreed to help the resistance’s plan to pollute the Time Vortex with energies from a deception field via the Untempered Schism. (AUDIO: Deception)

The resistance built a stealth Battle TARDIS primed to detonate which Narvin and Leela flew into Kasterborous. As they approached Gallifrey they overheard a Dalek saucer broadcasting an ultimatum to Gallifrey with Romana as their spokesperson. Narvin reluctantly let Leela use a short range teleport to infiltrate the saucer so she could rescue Romana. He intercepted Livia and Mantus’ Battle TARDIS after Rassilon ordered them on a suicidal attack on the Daleks. They revealed the Daleks had null zone technology aboard, which would enable them to time travel without the Vortex and to bypass Gallifrey’s defences. Realising the resistance’s plan to deprive both sides of time travel was impossible now, Narvin decided to stop the Daleks and took the Battle TARDIS to the Dalek saucer.

Aboard the saucer, Narvin, Mantus and Livia were pursued by Daleks and encountered Romana and Leela. With Mantus exterminated and Livia wounded, Narvin and Livia decided to stop the Daleks’ imminent attack on the Capitol by detonating the Battle TARDIS by their null zone power source, insisting Romana and Leela escape without them. Leela gave him her teleport in the hopes he could escape the detonation, however it failed due to interference. Moments before the explosion, Narvin was contacted by Eris. The TARDIS’ explosion tore apart the saucer and deprived the Daleks of null zone technology, saving Gallifrey, (AUDIO: Homecoming) whilst Narvin escaped with Eris’ aid.

Narvin continued working with the resistance for 70 years, during which he retrieved an old TARDIS modified by Ace that had been destined for scrap. On a mission for the resistance, he sabotaged a Dalek ship and discovered details of Operation Intercept. Narvin subsequently travelled to the newly-restored Phaidon to find the Time Lord artefact the Daleks had brought the planet back to intercept. He encountered Leela on the same mission for the War Council and she told him what had become of her and Romana. Together they helped a Warpwright use the artefact to save her surviving people from the Daleks and left it with her, though Narvin did suggest keeping it in hopes of saving Romana with it. He met with Leela at his TARDIS after she told the General the artefact was destroyed. The General interrupted their conversation, indicating he knew Leela had lied but didn't intend to tell anyone about it or Narvin's presence. Narvin and Leela then parted ways, as she returned to Gallifrey. (AUDIO: The First Days of Phaidon)


After the Time War, Leela acknowledged Narvin among those who were "gone" whilst speaking with the Tenth Doctor. (AUDIO: Splinters)

Alternate timelines[[edit]]

In an alternate timeline within the Axis in which the Time Lords regularly altered history through the Temporal Intervention Agency, Narvin served as the Interrogator General under Lady President Romana until he was murdered by Leela, who succeeded him in that position. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

In another alternate timeline within the Axis in which Rassilon had failed to finish the Eye of Harmony before his death, a version of Narvin served as High Chancellor. When Romana from the main timeline attempted to take the place of her recently assassinated counterpart, Narvin worked out who she was and forced her to help complete the Eye of Harmony. When she realised the incomplete Eye was actually a prison for the Krilig, this Narvin gave his life to prevent their escape and save Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Forever)

Several alternative iterations of Narvin were encountered by a version of the Master from the Unbound Universe during the temporal shockwave caused by the War Master interference in the Daleks' creation. One version of Narvin was a farmer on a Gallifrey still at a medieval level of technology while another showed their incumbent regeneration to be a woman. (AUDIO: Shockwave)

In an alternate timeline in the Beyond, President Romana ordered Narvin to lead the Dreadnought Servia to destroy the Cannavar system, to strike back against an enemy who had killed Leela whilst attacking Gallifrey. After firing a warhead to destroy the star, he had the crew evacuate to try to escape whilst he stayed behind. This version of Narvin encountered Romana and Braxiatel from the proper timeline, who were travelling through the Beyond, and let them use his TARDIS. He was killed by the Ravenous, who were pursuing Romana and Braxiatel. (AUDIO: Beyond)

In another reality, Narvin retrieved the Fourth Doctor after he carried out his mission to wipe out the Daleks at their creation. He informed the Doctor the mission had resulted in a Time War and supplied him with an elixir so he could regenerate into a warrior. Alongside the Warrior, he subsequently oversaw the killing of an aberrant version of the Sixth Doctor. (AUDIO: Dust Devil) In a timeline sealed by the Warrior and the Master, the Time War resulted in this Narvin serving the Unified Skaroan Alliance who had taken control of time. (AUDIO: Aftershocks) During the Warrior's presidency, Narvin was captured and killed by the Difference Office after he attempted to travel back in time to stop his younger self committing atrocities in the Time War. (AUDIO: The Difference Office)


Romana once described Narvin as "a CIA half-wit". (AUDIO: Second Sight) Matthias called Narvin the "Black Sheep" of the Patrexes. (AUDIO: Ascension) Braxiatel said that he had an "intelligent, quick and very, very devious mind". (AUDIO: Lies)

Before eventually becoming friends with Leela and Romana, (AUDIO: Extermination) Narvin was concerned with his own survival above all else, (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine, Ascension) and was fanatically loyal to the Celestial Intervention Agency, refusing to hear a bad word about the organisation. (AUDIO: Erasure) He thought nothing of committing genocide to safeguard the Time Lords, to the Unbound Doctor's fury, (AUDIO: Gallifrey) and later admitted to having taken pride in erasing an entire planet from existence, after deeming their continued existence a potential threat. (AUDIO: Erasure)

Narvin regarded the Doctor as a criminal, though conceded he'd helped save Gallifrey many times. He was somewhat awed by the Fourth Doctor, (AUDIO: Erasure) but was dismissive of the Seventh Doctor and didn't like to be compared to him; this also extended to gadgets. When Melanie Bush was manipulated into handing the Doctor, Ace and the TARDIS over to Dogbolter, Narvin broke him out of prison with his own version of a sonic screwdriver. Narvin was annoyed when the Doctor hinted that he'd been inspired by the Doctor's own sonic screwdriver, and went as far as calling it a "sonic lockpick." (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine) Narvin was equally dismissive of the Unbound Doctor, claiming he belonged no more on Gallifrey than his prime counterpart. (AUDIO: Gallifrey)

Narvin was also dismissive of the Doctor's human companions, (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine) deciding to treat Adric as he would a time tot. (AUDIO: Erasure) He stated the Doctor only kept them around to stroke his ego because they kept making poor observations and asked what he considered stupid questions. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine) He showed more respect towards Bernice Summerfield, believing she would be a delightful opponent in court, however she came to dislike his attitude and finally punched him after he revealed how he'd manipulated the Unbound Doctor so he could wipe out the Now to save Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Gallifrey) Later in life, Narvin worked well with Ace, though was sometimes bemused by her Earth expressions. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Narvin and Leela shared an association, even a mutual respect for one another, (AUDIO: Annihilation) partially through the status that Leela held due to her husband Andred and through her friendship with Romana. Particularly during the civil war and after, with most of their other confidantes either exiled or locked up or dead, Leela often (if a little reluctantly) went to him for advice whereas Narvin often went to Leela for errands which he could not trust to anyone else. (AUDIO: Fractures, Warfare) Later in life Narvin credited Leela with helping him become a better Time Lord and showed affection towards her. (AUDIO: Erasure) He was furious when Romana's decision to use the War Master for a mission during the Time War led to Leela being lost. (AUDIO: The Devil You Know)

Narvin was initially highly sceptical of Romana during her presidency, triggering an inquiry to try to prove her decisions during the Timonic Fusion Device crisis on Gryben were flawed, (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice) and feeding intelligence to Darkel during her campaign against Romana, though later came to regret this decision when he realised how Darkel had used it. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix) He eventually stood by Romana during the civil war, (AUDIO: Fractures) and they became closer whilst in the Axis, with him seeming extremely concerned for Romana's safety after she was stripped of her rank. (AUDIO: Annihilation) He was eventually willing to make great sacrifices to save Romana, both because he felt Gallifrey needed her and because he came to realise he needed her. (AUDIO: Ascension) Though he'd initally refused to partake in her plot, Narvin ultimately chose to stand with Romana after her failed assassination of Rassilon, resulting in him sharing her exile. (AUDIO: Assassins)

Narvin was scared of spiders. (AUDIO: Forever)


In 1939, Narvin wore a hat and a leather coat. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)