Snow globe

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Snow globe
Walter pitches a snow globe in a fit of fear. (COMIC: Be Forgot)
You may be looking for Snowglobe.

Snow globes were hand-held ornaments that produced a fake snow storm when shaken.

In a marketplace, Peri Brown took a snow globe from a curio stall and raised it when she felt threatened by a man dressed in an animal costume who was attacking another man. (PROSE: See No Evil)

The Celestial Toymaker kept the village of Stockbridge in a snow globe while he created a false village to trap the Eighth Doctor. The Doctor and Izzy Sinclair went into the snow globe in the TARDIS, but left soon after learning where they were. (COMIC: Endgame)

The Ninth Doctor had a room full of snow globes in the TARDIS. (AUDIORetail Therapy)

The Eleventh Doctor carried a snow globe in his pocket while visiting St John's Monastery. He took it out and shook it to measure the waves of the approaching solar tsunami. (TV: The Rebel Flesh)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Director Ben Wheatley claimed that he deliberately tucked away a St Eligius Hospital snow globe inside Peter Capaldi's original TARDIS set. On the Into the Dalek commentary, he said that those knowledgeable of St. Elsewhere would know what that meant. After he made an oblique reference to the Tommy Westphall Universe theory, he continued, "The history of American television is within the snow globe, and now that's in the TARDIS, so there ya go."