The Blue Box Files

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The Blue Box Files was a 21st century podcast hosted by Cleo Proctor, Abby McPhail and Shawna Thompson. The podcast covered conspiracy theories concerning the Doctor's TARDIS, as well as other supernatural topics. (AUDIO: SOS) In the words of Abby McPhail, it was dedicated to uncovering the truth about an enigmatic cuboid shape, which seem[ed] to appear at times of historical upheaval. (AUDIO: Regrets [+]Loading...["Regrets (audio story)"]) It had a conversational format. Among others, they interviewed Penny Carter (AUDIO: SOS) and Oliver Morgenstern. (AUDIO: Hysteria) They had also covered QAnon, ATMOS and Saxon truthers. (AUDIO: Requiem) They approached Mr Degsy over claims that his meat products contained extraterrestrial DNA. They had also done an episode on "killer shop dummies". (AUDIO: Regrets [+]Loading...["Regrets (audio story)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Cleo (left), Abby (mid) and Shawna (right)… the hosts of The Blue Box Files fanart by Rosie.[1]