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Podcasts were a form of audio entertainment by 2017.

In 2017, the Twelfth Doctor was asked to present an episode of People of St Lukes, a podcast dedicating to telling the stories of day-to-day life at St Luke's University, where the Doctor was employed. Though at first he declined Petra's proposal, after a shared adventure ending in Petra's heroic sacrifice, the Doctor presented his episode, "The Monster at the End of This Podcast", in her honour. (AUDIO: Dead Media)

Hidden Human History was a podcast hosted by Bethany Brunwine about famous serial killers and obscure wars. It had episodes covering the Guelders wars of the early 1500s, Cary's rebellion in 1711, and the Battle of Ridgeway in the 1860s. Grace O'Brien introduced it to her husband and grandson. Yasmin Khan learned about it from a friend at work. Members of the Time Agency also listened to the podcast. Irene Schulz and Leon Perkins learned the Thirteenth Doctor was connected to three historical events through the podcast. (COMIC: Hidden Human History)

Cardiff Unknown was a weekly podcast hosted by Jeff Morris and Niamh about strange occurrences in Cardiff, Wales. Their October 2018 episode discussed Torchwood, room 111, the Red Doors, Cardiff Bay Intelligent Hotel and Spa, and Flight 405. They also interviewed Brent Hayden, the host of the Tomorrow's Truth Podcast. (AUDIO: Cardiff Unknown - October 2018)

The Blue Box Files was a podcast which covered conspiracy theories concerning the Doctor's TARDIS, as well as other supernatural topics. It was hosted by Cleo Proctor, Abby McPhail and Shawna Thompson with a conversational format. (AUDIO: SOS, et al.)

Rani Chandra hosted a podcast on 2023 called Rani Takes on the World. (AUDIO: Here Today, et al.)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

David Tennant hosted his own podcast series called David Tennant Does a Podcast With... which premiered on January 28, 2019. Guests on the show have included Jodie Whittaker, Olivia Colman, Michael Sheen, Ian McKellen,[1] Catherine Tate, James Corden and Brian Cox.[2]


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