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Cleo Proctor was one of the hosts of The Blue Box Files, alongside her friends Abby McPhail and Shawna Thompson. By 2022, she was 26 years old.


Early life[[edit]]

Cleo was born in 1995 or 1996 under the deadname of Jayden. (AUDIO: Lost) Growing up on the Powell Estate, (AUDIO: Ghosts) she had a strained relationship with her mother. (AUDIO: SOS) As a child, Cleo was babysat by Rose Tyler. (AUDIO: Salvation)

In around 2002, (PROSE: Meet Rose) Sally Salter led No Hot Ashes, which made her a "local celebrity". Cleo longed to live in the tower in which Salter lived, as Sally was a trans woman, not unlike Cleo. However, Cleo was too young to even be a teenage groupie for the band, and she was never able to get to know Sally. (AUDIO: Ghosts)

Nearly 20 years before 2022, (AUDIO: Recruits) when she was six or seven years old, Cleo and her father were attacked during the Red Hatching. Cleo was saved by the intervention of the Doctor but he was too late to save her dad. Cleo subsequently forgot the incident as her mind shut it out. (AUDIO: Salvation)[1] Cleo believed that her dad's absence enabled her mother to banish her from their home when she started her transition, forcing her to live with her brother Jordan.

Cleo met Abby McPhail and Shawna Thompson during the three months when Cleo attended university and they bonded over their mutual love of murder podcasts and hatred of their "alt-right neckbeard neighbour". (AUDIO: SOS)

By 2022, Cleo had developed a vague familiarity with and instinctive fear of the Daleks, as would be demonstrated when she saw one in a UNIT warehouse. (AUDIO: Recruits) The Daleks had waged multiple full-scale assaults on early 21st century Earth, (TV: The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, Revolution of the Daleks) though the memory of these incidents were lost to the general public. (PROSE: Dalek Combat Training Manual)

The Blue Box Files[[edit]]

Cleo lived in London with Jordan in his flat by 2022 and worked as an usher at the Queen Vic Theatre. (AUDIO: Hysteria) At the same time, she became one of the hosts of The Blue Box Files alongside Abby and Shawna, although she considered herself "on the fence" about its validity. Among the people she interviewed for The Blue Box Files were someone concerning a yeti and Penny Carter, at which point she began to discover the Doctor and their friends being redacted from history. Later, when going to work, she received a call from Rani Chandra telling her to stay alert over meeting the Doctor and to contact her urgently. (AUDIO: SOS)

Although highly dubious, she eventually agreed to meet Rani at the Hotel Onyx with Jordan. Upon entering Suite 13, however, they were met by a hologram of Rani who claimed that Cleo was one of the Doctor's friends' last hopes of keeping them safe. They were eventually interrupted by a hologram of a giant robot that tried to home in on Cleo's location and kill her. (AUDIO: Hysteria)

By 2023, while Abby and Shawna had forgotten the events of the previous year, she remembered everything - including the Doctor. Cleo was researching her own case involving giant rats in Docklands, partially in the hope of running into the Doctor again. Cleo was still working shifts as an usher, while doing an acting course at a theatre school. She was living by herself after Jordan and Floater went to "find themselves in Bali". (AUDIO: Regrets [+]Loading...["Regrets (audio story)"])

Later that year, Cleo Proctor and Apex Costa were on a rooftop overlooking Camden when they witnessed a spaceship crash. (AUDIO: Redemption [+]Loading...["Redemption (audio story)"])


Cleo resented her mother for chucking her out when she started to transition, and claimed that if her dad had not left by then, he would have stuck up for her. Although Jordan tried to reconnect them, Cleo was unwilling to meet with her mother again, even ten years later, as she claimed "time [wasn't] a healer". (AUDIO: SOS)

Cleo considered Jordan to be a "mummy's boy", (AUDIO: SOS) while he said she was "the ultimate daddy's girl". (AUDIO: Hysteria)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Cleo Proctor fanart by "Rosie".[2]


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