The Daft Dimension (DWM 579 comic story)

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The one hundredth instalment of The Daft Dimension was printed in DWM 579.


Gathered in a living room, three Doctor Who fans discuss all the exciting things they have to look forward to in 2022 and 2023. While the first fan lists off recent announcements, the second admits she is so excited that she is counting the sleeps until the next special episode. At this, the third fan mocks her for even sleeping, showing how he is staying awake 24/7 in front of a room full of computer monitors just in case of any news alerts. The other fans ask him if that is a little too obsessive, to which he replies that he has no choice, having rented out his bedroom to pay for all the equipment.




  • The top of the third fan's two copies of Doctor Who Magazine is based on DWM 578.


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