Fifteenth Doctor (The Daft Dimension)

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"Fifteenth Doctor (The Daft Dimension)" is a title based upon conjecture.

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In the Daft Dimension, three Doctor Who fans expressed their excitement for all of the new announcements that had recently been made, including one that involved a new Doctor. Meanwhile, one particularly obsessive fan had a copy of an issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which had the face of an actor on the cover, on his desktop near the array of computers which he had a 24/7 live feed in case of any potential news. (COMIC: The Daft Dimension 579 [+]Loading...["The Daft Dimension (DWM 579 comic story)","''The Daft Dimension'' 579"])

This Doctor and his companion appeared on the cover of an issue of Doctor Who Magazine. (COMIC: The Daft Dimension 600 [+]Loading...["The Daft Dimension (DWM 600 comic story)","''The Daft Dimension'' 600"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

In a post-The Power of the Doctor context, the Doctor being referred to is clearly intended to be the Fifteenth Doctor as played by Ncuti Gatwa. At the time of the strip's publication, it was known that Gatwa would be the latest actor to play the Doctor following Jodie Whittaker's departure, with his incoming incarnation, logically, being assumed to be the Fourteenth Doctor, this being before David Tennant, who was known to be returning in an unspecified capacity, was revealed to be playing an intermediate incarnation visually resembling the Tenth Doctor.