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This subpage includes information about The Doctor's TARDIS from sources that are not valid on this wiki.

The Doctor's TARDIS in the garden of the Diaz Household. (TV: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (Disney XD TV story)"])

The Doctor's TARDIS was depicted in several sources considered by this Wiki as "invalid sources".


Connected to Festive Road[[edit]]

A young boy stands outside of the TARDIS. (TV: Future Generations [+]Loading...["Future Generations (TV story)"])

While telling the story of a broadcasting corporation, a young boy walked through the changing room door of a costume shop on Festive Road, only to exit out of the TARDIS near a pair of Daleks. (TV: Future Generations [+]Loading...["Future Generations (TV story)"])

The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler[[edit]]

The Tenth Doctor once flew Rose Tyler and himself "further than [they'd] ever gone before", first flying the TARDIS over the Odyssey and then through an "abyss of nothingness", which was displayed on the Multi-Universe Transprojector within the Odyssey, with Penn Zero being left speechless at the sight. Next, the ship flew through the Davenport Bionic Academy, past Leo Dooley who, after taking a moment, questioned "what was that?!". After this, the ship was flown into Forest Hills Jr. Sr. High, where it landed in the cafeteria in front of Kirby Buckets, Fish, and Eli, the former of whom had recently drawn the TARDIS in his notebook, a coincidence he noted as "weird".

The TARDIS crashes through the roof of the Mystery Shack. (TV: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (Disney XD TV story)"])

After leaving the school, the TARDIS landed in the back garden of the Diaz Household in Echo Creek, where Marco Diaz saw it, screamed, and fainted, shortly before Star Butterfly noticed it, exclaiming "Oh my gosh!" before it flew away again. Finally, the ship crashed through the roof of the Mystery Shack before flying through it, to the sight of Dipper, Mabel, and Stan Pines. (TV: Untitled [+]Loading...["Untitled (Disney XD TV story)"])

Fifteenth Doctor's era[[edit]]

The control console of the Fifteenth Doctor's TARDIS. (COMIC: Find the 600! [+]Loading...["Find the 600! (comic story)"])

After Jason Quinn, Richard Atkinson and Mike Jones travelled to Wolf Studios in Cardiff to get to prevent Doctor Who Magazine from being erased from the timeline, the Fifteenth Doctor materialised his TARDIS and the trio entered, discovering copies of every issue of DWM; the Doctor confronted them upon seeing them. (COMIC: Find the 600! [+]Loading...["Find the 600! (comic story)"])

On another occasion, the Doctor and their companion arrived in 2023 in the TARDIS before becoming separated. The Doctor encountered Robin and ran into a room together after being chased by Spikes, and Robin asked what the "blue box" was. After defeating Robin, actually the Spikemaster who had killed and impersonated Robin, the Doctor proposed to take their companion to Cardiff. (PROSE: The Fifteenth Doctor Audition Piece [+]Loading...["The Fifteenth Doctor Audition Piece (script)"])