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This is a gallery of images depicting the Doctor's TARDIS.



Doctor Who[[edit]]

Season 1[[edit]]
An Unearthly Child[[edit]]
The Daleks[[edit]]
The Edge of Destruction[[edit]]
Season 2[[edit]]
The Dalek Invasion of Earth[[edit]]
The Romans[[edit]]
The Chase[[edit]]
Season 3[[edit]]
The Myth Makers[[edit]]
The Celestial Toymaker[[edit]]
Season 4[[edit]]
The Tenth Planet[[edit]]
The Power of the Daleks[[edit]]
Season 5[[edit]]
The Tomb of the Cybermen[[edit]]
The Abominable Snowmen[[edit]]
Season 7[[edit]]
Spearhead from Space[[edit]]
The Ambassadors of Death[[edit]]
Season 8[[edit]]
The Claws of Axos[[edit]]
Season 9[[edit]]
Day of the Daleks[[edit]]

The Curse of Peladon[[edit]]
The Time Monster[[edit]]
Season 10[[edit]]
The Three Doctors[[edit]]
Season 11[[edit]]
Death to the Daleks[[edit]]
Season 13[[edit]]
Terror of the Zygons[[edit]]
Planet of Evil[[edit]]
The Android Invasion[[edit]]
Season 14[[edit]]
The Masque of Mandragora[[edit]]
The Hand of Fear[[edit]]
The Deadly Assassin[[edit]]
Season 15[[edit]]
Horror of Fang Rock[[edit]]
The Invisible Enemy[[edit]]
Image of the Fendhal[[edit]]
The Sun Makers[[edit]]
The Invasion of Time[[edit]]
Season 16[[edit]]
The Ribos Operation[[edit]]
The Armageddon Factor[[edit]]
Season 17[[edit]]
Destiny of the Daleks[[edit]]
City of Death[[edit]]
The Creature from the Pit[[edit]]
Season 18[[edit]]
State of Decay[[edit]]
The Keeper of Traken[[edit]]
Season 19[[edit]]
Four to Doomsday[[edit]]
The Visitation[[edit]]
Season 20[[edit]]
The Five Doctors[[edit]]
Season 21[[edit]]
The Caves of Androzani[[edit]]
The Twin Dilemma[[edit]]
Season 22[[edit]]
Attack of the Cybermen[[edit]]
Vengeance on Varos[[edit]]
The Two Doctors[[edit]]
Season 24[[edit]]
Time and the Rani[[edit]]
Season 25[[edit]]
The Happiness Patrol[[edit]]
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy[[edit]]
Season 26[[edit]]
Doctor Who[[edit]]
Series 1[[edit]]
Aliens of London[[edit]]
World War Three[[edit]]
Father's Day[[edit]]
Boom Town[[edit]]
The Parting of the Ways[[edit]]
Series 2[[edit]]
The Christmas Invasion[[edit]]
School Reunion[[edit]]
Army of Ghosts[[edit]]
Series 3[[edit]]
The Runaway Bride[[edit]]
Human Nature[[edit]]
The Sound of Drums[[edit]]
Last of the Time Lords[[edit]]
Series 4[[edit]]
Partners in Crime[[edit]]
The Unicorn and the Wasp[[edit]]
Turn Left[[edit]]
The Stolen Earth[[edit]]
Journey's End[[edit]]
2009 Specials[[edit]]
The Next Doctor[[edit]]
The Waters of Mars[[edit]]
The End of Time[[edit]]
Series 5[[edit]]
The Eleventh Hour[[edit]]
Victory of the Daleks[[edit]]
The Time of Angels[[edit]]
The Vampires of Venice[[edit]]
Amy's Choice[[edit]]
Cold Blood[[edit]]
The Pandorica Opens[[edit]]
The Big Bang[[edit]]
Series 6[[edit]]
The Curse of the Black Spot[[edit]]
The Doctor's Wife[[edit]]
The Rebel Flesh[[edit]]
The Almost People[[edit]]
A Good Man Goes to War[[edit]]
Let's Kill Hitler[[edit]]
Series 7[[edit]]
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship[[edit]]
The Snowmen[[edit]]
The Rings of Akhaten[[edit]]
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS[[edit]]
The Name of the Doctor[[edit]]
The Night of the Doctor[[edit]]
The Day of the Doctor[[edit]]
The Time of the Doctor[[edit]]
Series 8[[edit]]
Deep Breath[[edit]]
Time Heist[[edit]]
Series 9[[edit]]
Hell Bent[[edit]]
Series 10[[edit]]
World Enough and Time[[edit]]
The Doctor Falls[[edit]]
Twice Upon a Time[[edit]]
Series 11[[edit]]
The Ghost Monument[[edit]]
Arachnids in the UK[[edit]]
It Takes You Away[[edit]]
The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos[[edit]]
Series 12[[edit]]
Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror[[edit]]
Series 13[[edit]]
The Halloween Apocalypse[[edit]]
2022 Specials[[edit]]
The Power of the Doctor[[edit]]
60th Specials[[edit]]
The Star Beast[[edit]]
Wild Blue Yonder[[edit]]
The Giggle[[edit]]
Season 1[[edit]]
The Church on Ruby Road[[edit]]

Children in Need[[edit]]

Future Generations[[edit]]
Born Again[[edit]]
Time Crash[[edit]]
Destination: Skaro[[edit]]

BBC Christmas idents[[edit]]

It's Showtime[[edit]]
Main article: It's Showtime (TV story)/Gallery

The Sarah Jane Adventures[[edit]]

Series 3[[edit]]
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith[[edit]]
Series 4[[edit]]
Death of the Doctor[[edit]]

Disney XD promotional videos[[edit]]



For Tonight We Might Die[[edit]]

Tales of the TARDIS[[edit]]

The Three Doctors[[edit]]



Scream of the Shalka[[edit]]

He Who Fights With Monsters[[edit]]

The Final Battle[[edit]]

Main article: The Final Battle (webcast)/Gallery




TV Comic[[edit]]
The Klepton Parasites[[edit]]
The Therovian Quest[[edit]]
Prisoners of Gritog[[edit]]
Prisoners of the Kleptons[[edit]]
Moon Landing[[edit]]
The Ordeals of Demeter[[edit]]
The Mutants[[edit]]
The Life Bringer![[edit]]
Doctor Who and the Free-Fall Warriors[[edit]]
Junk-Yard Demon[[edit]]
The Stockbridge Horror[[edit]]
The Shape Shifter[[edit]]
The Mark of Mandragora[[edit]]
The Chameleon Factor[[edit]]
Final Genesis[[edit]]
Ground Zero[[edit]]
A Life of Matter and Death[[edit]]
Happy Deathday[[edit]]
Beautiful Freak[[edit]]
The Last Word[[edit]]
Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game[[edit]]
The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack[[edit]]
The Land of Happy Endings[[edit]]
The Cruel Sea[[edit]]
The Crimson Hand[[edit]]
Hunters of the Burning Stone[[edit]]
The Blood of Azrael[[edit]]
The Highgate Horror[[edit]]
The Dragon Lord[[edit]]
Moving In[[edit]]
Be Forgot[[edit]]
Doorway to Hell[[edit]]
The Clockwise War[[edit]]
Fear of the Future[[edit]]
Liberation of the Daleks[[edit]]
Main article: Mancopolis (comic story)/Gallery
The Incredible Hulk Presents[[edit]]
Who's That Girl![[edit]]
Doctor Who Yearbooks[[edit]]
Doctor Who Yearbook 1993[[edit]]
= Metamorphosis =[[edit]]
Radio Times comic stories[[edit]]
The Continuity Cap[[edit]]
The Chromosome Connection[[edit]]
The Great Rain Robbery[[edit]]
The Invisibles[[edit]]
Terror in the TARDIS[[edit]]
Lucky Heather[[edit]]
The Forgotten[[edit]]
Agent Provocateur[[edit]]
Prisoners of Time[[edit]]
= A Rare Gem =[[edit]]
= Facades =[[edit]]
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor[[edit]]
= Laundro-Room of Doom =[[edit]]
Supremacy of the Cybermen prologues[[edit]]
= Prologue: The Eighth Doctor =[[edit]]
The Heralds of Destruction[[edit]]
The Lost Dimension[[edit]]


Book covers[[edit]]

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Target novelisations[[edit]]
Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks[[edit]]
Doctor Who annuals[[edit]]
Doctor Who Annual 2006[[edit]]
Dr Who's Space Adventure Book[[edit]]
The New Adventures Prologue[[edit]]

How did this creep get in here, Professor?[[edit]]
Virgin New Adventures[[edit]]
Human Nature[[edit]]
Doctor Who Storybooks[[edit]]
Doctor Who Storybook 2010[[edit]]
Whotopia: The Ultimate Guide to the Whoniverse[[edit]]


CD covers[[edit]]

Big Finish[[edit]]
Monthly Adventures[[edit]]
The Companion Chronicles[[edit]]
The First Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Third Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Fourth Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Fifth Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Sixth Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Seventh Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Eighth Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Eighth Doctor: Time War[[edit]]
The War Doctor[[edit]]
The Ninth Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Tenth Doctor Adventures[[edit]]
The Doctor Chronicles[[edit]]
The Diary of River Song[[edit]]

The Lives of Captain Jack[[edit]]

Cassette covers[[edit]]

Interior illustrations[[edit]]

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Traditional games[[edit]]

TV Comic's Counter Game[[edit]]
Lost... Dr. Who[[edit]]
Basil Brush goes Rent Collecting[[edit]]

Video games[[edit]]

The First Adventure[[edit]]
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror[[edit]]
Destiny of the Doctors[[edit]]
Eye of the TARDIS[[edit]]
The Adventure Games[[edit]]
Evacuation Earth[[edit]]
The Mazes of Time[[edit]]
The Keys of Time[[edit]]
The Eternity Clock[[edit]]
Time Vortex 360[[edit]]
Wonder Chase[[edit]]


DWM audio previews[[edit]]

Promotional material[[edit]]

DWM covers[[edit]]

SFX covers[[edit]]

Miscellaneous covers[[edit]]

Promotional images[[edit]]

Promotional photos[[edit]]

Future Generations[[edit]]
60th Anniversary Specials[[edit]]
Destination: Skaro[[edit]]
Main article: Destination: Skaro (TV story)/Gallery
Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story[[edit]]
Main article: Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story (TV story)/Gallery
Wild Blue Yonder[[edit]]
Main article: Wild Blue Yonder (TV story)/Gallery
Art of Regeneration[[edit]]
The Church on Ruby Road[[edit]]
Main article: The Church on Ruby Road (TV story)/Gallery

Promotional pictures[[edit]]

Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story[[edit]]


25 December 2022[[edit]]

The Adventure of a Lifetime[[edit]]

Find Your Festive Feel Good[[edit]]

Next Time: The Church on Ruby Road[[edit]]