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Following the announcement of the Whoniverse on 30 October 2023,[1] the BBC unveiled the Whoniverse ident on social media platforms. This ident plays for all newly-created Doctor Who related programming on BBC iPlayer, starting with Tales of the TARDIS.[2]

The ident featured characters and monsters from both classic and revival-era Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Class.

The ident made its televised debut on the 60th anniversary date, 1 November 2023, when it preceded the broadcast of Talking Doctor Who on BBC Four. It also preceded the airing of Doctor Who @ 60: A Musical Celebration which aired immediately after.

The ident made its debut on BBC One preceding the premiere of The Star Beast [+]Loading...["The Star Beast (TV story)"] on 25 November. A condensed version of the ident later appeared on BBC Three for the associated episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed. The next week, on 2 December, the condensed ident preceeded both Wild Blue Yonder [+]Loading...["Wild Blue Yonder (TV story)"] and its episode of Unleashed, a pattern which was repeated on 9 December for The Giggle [+]Loading...["The Giggle (TV story)"] and Unleashed.

The ident is not included on international streaming via Disney+.


  • In the instalment of Gallifrey Guardian printed in DWM 597, Russell T Davies revealed that the inclusion of the various Doctors, companions, and monsters was much-deliberated over the span of months: Davies stated that he was sad that K9 didn't make the cut; that originally all the Doctors were included before it was decided that that was an "unholy mess"; that Jon Pertwee was the final Doctor added after they realised they had too much empty space; and that Missy was the final addition — a suggestion from Brand Director Vanessa Hamilton — being placed in the inner circle of the "O", as the rest of the "O" was intended for monsters.


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