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Whoniverse on BBC iPlayer.

On BBC iPlayer, the Whoniverse is the name under which Doctor Who and related material is made available. The service itself was announced on 31 October 2023[1] and the collection launched on the next day on 1 November, coinciding with the 60th anniversary month of Doctor Who's original broadcast in 1963.

Following the announcement, the BBC unveiled a Whoniverse ident on social media platforms. This ident plays for all newly-created Doctor Who related programming on BBC iPlayer, starting with Tales of the TARDIS.[2] The ident made its televised debut on 23 November, the anniversary date, as it preceded the broadcast of both The Daleks in Colour [+]Loading...["The Daleks in Colour (TV story)"] and the 2023 re-release of An Adventure in Space and Time [+]Loading...["An Adventure in Space and Time (TV story)"] on BBC Four.

An Unearthly Child [+]Loading...["An Unearthly Child (TV story)"], the very first serial of Doctor Who, is notably absent on the Whoniverse due to an ongoing rights dispute which also resulted in scenes concerning its production being removed from the re-release of An Adventure in Space and Time. By extension, the original 2013 version of An Adventure in Space and Time also does not feature on the Whoniverse.


As of 9 January 2024 (2024 -01-09), the Whoniverse contains the following:


Category (and sub-category if used) Stories included Notes
Doctor Who (2023-) The Star Beast to The Giggle, and Christmas Special: The Church on Ruby Road A teaser trailer for the 2024 series is also included.
Doctor Who Series 1 Rose to The Parting of the Ways, and The Christmas Invasion
Series 2 New Earth to Doomsday, and The Runaway Bride
Series 3 Smith and Jones to Last of the Time Lords, and Voyage of the Damned
Series 4 Partners in Crime to Journey's End, and The Next Doctor to The End of Time - Part Two The End of Time is in two episodes as initially broadcast
Series 5 The Eleventh Hour to The Big Bang, and A Christmas Carol
Series 6 The Impossible Astronaut to The Wedding of River Song and The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Series 7 Asylum of the Daleks to The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor The Snowmen is included as episode 6, between the two season halves. The Mini-episode The Night of the Doctor is also included, listed between The Name of the Doctor and The Day of the Doctor.
Series 8 Deep Breath to Death in Heaven, and Last Christmas
Series 9 The Magician's Apprentice to Hell Bent, The Husbands of River Song and The Return of Doctor Mysterio The New Series Prologue is included before The Magician's Apprentice.
Series 10 The Pilot to The Doctor Falls, and Twice Upon a Time
Series 11 The Woman Who Fell to Earth to The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos and Resolution
Series 12 Spyfall, Part 1 to The Timeless Children, and Revolution of the Daleks Spyfall is in two episodes as initially broadcast.
Series 13 The Halloween Apocalypse to The Vanquishers, and Eve of the Daleks to The Power of the Doctor The episodes making up Flux do not have the "Chapter" prefix in their listed titles.
Doctor Who (1963-1996) Season 1 Missing serials: An Unearthly Child (due to ongoing rights disputes with Anthony Coburn's son) and Marco Polo (due to being fully missing and unanimated).
Season 2
Season 3 Missing serials: Mission to the Unknown, The Myth Makers, The Massacre and The Savages (all due to being fully missing and unanimated).
Season 4 Missing serials: The Smugglers and The Highlanders (both due to being fully missing and unanimated).
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7 Spearhead from Space to Inferno
Season 8 Terror of the Autons to The Daemons
Season 9 Day of the Daleks to The Time Monster
Season 10 The Three Doctors to The Green Death
Season 11 The Time Warrior to Planet of the Spiders
Season 12 Robot to Revenge of the Cybermen
Season 13 Terror of the Zygons to The Seeds of Doom
Season 14 The Masque of Mandragora to The Talons of Weng-Chiang
Season 15 Horror of Fang Rock to The Invasion of Time
Season 16 The Ribos Operation to The Armageddon Factor
Season 17
Season 18 The Leisure Hive to Logopolis
Season 19 Castrovalva to Time-Flight
Season 20 Arc of Infinity to The King's Demons
The Five Doctors The Five Doctors This episode is just listed as "Special".
Season 21 Warriors of the Deep to The Twin Dilemma
Season 22 Attack of the Cybermen to Revelation of the Daleks
Season 23 The Mysterious Planet to The Ultimate Foe These episodes are all listed as Part 1, 2, etc. of The Trial of a Time Lord
Season 24 Time and the Rani to Dragonfire
Season 25 Remembrance of the Daleks to The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Season 26 Battlefield to Survival
1996 TV Movie Doctor Who
Extras Surviving episodes from otherwise missing serials.
Doctor Who Children in Need Special 2023 Destination: Skaro [+]Loading...["Destination: Skaro (TV story)"] The episode is just listed as "Doctor Who Children in Need Special 2023"
Tales of the TARDIS Episodes share the same name as the serial they adapt.
Torchwood Series 1 Everything Changes to End of Days
Series 2 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang to Exit Wounds
Children of Earth Day One to Day Five
Miracle Day The New World to The Blood Line Episodes are only listed as Episode 1, Episode 2, etc rather than using their names.
The Sarah Jane Adventures Special Invasion of the Bane
Series 1 Revenge of the Slitheen to The Lost Boy Stories are included in two parts as originally broadcast.
Series 2 The Last Sontaran to Enemy of the Bane
Series 3 Prisoner of the Judoon to The Gift
Series 4 The Nightmare Man to Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
Series 5 Sky to The Man Who Never Was
Class Series 1 For Tonight We Might Die to The Lost
K9 & Company: A Girl's Best Friend A Girl's Best Friend [+]Loading...["A Girl's Best Friend (TV story)"]
Doctor Who: Dreamland [+]Loading...["Dreamland (TV story)"] Presented as a single 44-minute episode.
Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest [+]Loading...["The Infinite Quest (TV story)"] Presented as a single 47-minute episode.
Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and the Legendary Tapes Docudrama about the musical pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme, Delia Derbyshire.
Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story [+]Loading...["Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story (TV story)"] CBeebies Bedtime Stories is a series where notable celebrities read bedtime stories to young children (and their parents) in the early evenings.


Category Sub-category Episodes included Notes
Doctor Who: Unleashed The three 60th Anniversary Special episodes are titled the same as the corresponding episode of Doctor Who.
Doctor Who Confidential Series 1 Bringing Back the Doctor to The Last Battle A New Dimension and The Ultimate Guide are not included.
Series 2 New New Doctor to Finale, and Music and Monsters Backstage at Christmas and One Year On are not included.
Series 3 Meet Martha Jones to The Valiant Quest, and Kylie Special
Series 4 A Noble Return to The End of an Era, Christmas 2008 Special, and The Eleventh Doctor to Children in Need Special, The Journey (So Far), Top 5 Christmas Moments and At the Proms are not included.
Series 5 Call Me the Doctor to Out of Time, and Christmas Special 2010 The Monster Files for this series and Charlie McDonnell's episodes are not included.
Series 6 Coming to America to When Time Froze The Monster Files for this series and Charlie McDonnell's episodes are not included.
Doctor Who: Video Commentaries
  • The Star Beast with commentary
  • The Giggle with commentary
  • Christmas Special: The Church on Ruby Road with commentary
imagine... imagine… Russell T Davies: The Doctor and Me imagine... is a BBC documentary series meeting the biggest names from art, film, music, literature and dance.
Talking Doctor Who
Doctor Who at 60: A Musical Celebration
Doctor Who at the Proms
Whose Doctor Who
The Science of Doctor Who
Totally Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 1 to Episode 13
Series 2 Episode 1 to Episode 12

Previously included media[[edit]]

Media previously included in the Whoniverse collection, but not currently available on the BBC iPlayer, includes:

History of the term[[edit]]

Main article: Whoniverse
""The word Whoniverse was invented by fans, so it's time to give it official status."Russell T Davies[1]

The term "Whoniverse" was used as early as The Second Doctor Who Quiz Book in 1982.

The Whoniverse was published by BBC Books in 2016.



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