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"World" was a term for someone's reality or universe — the environment they inhabited and experienced. As such, someone's "world" could be used to refer to their native universe or dimension, such that parallel universes were sometimes called "parallel worlds", (TV: Doomsday [+]Loading...["Doomsday (TV story)"], Turn Left [+]Loading...["Turn Left (TV story)"]) but also, in a common figurative use, to refer to someone's planet of origin; for example, the Eleventh Doctor described Earth as "your world" to Amy Pond (TV: Victory of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Victory of the Daleks (TV story)"]) and the War Chief described the Galaxy as containing "a thousand inhabited worlds". (TV: The War Games [+]Loading...["The War Games (TV story)"])


In the 20th century, the Grey Man and the Mandelbrot Set sometimes referred to the real universe (Plane Physical) as "the world" in relation to Cathedral which existed on another plane. (PROSE: Falls the Shadow [+]Loading...["Falls the Shadow (novel)"])

In March 2005, he Ninth Doctor told Jenn if she tried to skip her ICT A-Level the whole world would be doomed. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...["Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"])

The new webmaster of Who is Doctor Who? after Clive's death noticed that coverage of the Dummy Massacre was disappearing from World Media by 2 April 2005. He also sought to prove the truth about the Doctor to "the world" (PROSE: The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre [+]Loading...["The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre (short story)"])

After the defeat of the Slitheen family on 7 March 2006, Mickey Smith (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) wrote on his website the morning after about how he was watching the world forget the events that unfolded in the past couple of days. He also mentioned how the Ninth Doctor saved the world. (PROSE: Hoax This! [+]Loading...["Hoax This! (short story)"])

A week later, he wrote that the Government and the world's media was conspiring to deny the event. In an interview with Henry Van Statten, Van Statten told Mickey that as he could not physically travel to an alien world, the intial experience of having moondust run through his hands was "ultimate". (PROSE: Henry Van Statten [+]Loading...["Henry Van Statten (short story)"])

By 2007, one of David R's interests was "revealing the truth about [what is] really happening in the world". (PROSE: Who Am I? [+]Loading...["Who Am I? (feature)"])

The Saxon Master proclaimed that hell was "[his] kind of world". (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

In the 26th century, Eric Klieg wanted to use Cyber-Technology to become "master of the world." (TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen [+]Loading...["The Tomb of the Cybermen (TV story)"])

Undated events[[edit]]

On Planet Bedtime Stories, after the Fourteenth Doctor asked an audience where they would travel to if they had a spaceship, he wondered if they would go to another world. (TV: Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story [+]Loading...{"timestamp":"00:00:47","1":"Doctor Who: The Bedtime Story (TV story)"})

The stories contained within the Cheshire House were of worlds beyond your "wildest dreams". (PROSE: I'm Dreaming of a Cheshire Easter [+]Loading...["I'm Dreaming of a Cheshire Easter (short story)"])