Worlds Collide (escape game)

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Worlds Collide, also marketed as the Doctor Who Escape Room, was the first Doctor Who-themed "escape room" game developed by Escape Hunt.[1][2]


The Doctor has enlisted you to help defeat the Cybermen on Earth in the future after they went through a rift caused by a failed attempt by eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague to build a time machine at his company ChronosCorp HQ.


Friends of the Thirteenth Doctor are escorted into the office of Alastair Montague, who has inadvertently caused a time rift in his attempts to create a time machine. Their attendant receives a call from the Doctor, who informs them that they must locate a number of objects from across time and insert them into a machine to close the rift as otherwise the Cybermen will break through in 60 minutes. She imparts her sonic screwdriver upon her friends.

The Doctor's friends locate Montague's lab and the time rift in a hidden lab through a bookcase in his office. They locate the objects - which include a recorder, a dinosaur claw, an orb and a crystal - and place them into the machine in the order that the machine asks. They press a Jammie Dodger and the crisis is averted with the time rift closed. The Doctor materialises the TARDIS into the lab to take her friends home.


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