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Timeline for 1814
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1814 was a year.




In early February, the presence of a Hyban (PROSE: The Frozen) and a Phoenix egg in London resulted in a major drop in temperature that froze the surface of the River Thames. (AUDIO: Frostfire) The people of London saw the freezing over of the Thames as a time for celebration and a frost fair was held. Between Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge, the river was "crowded with stalls selling food and drink, clowns juggling burning batons, animals performing tricks, kids playing skittles, and hundreds of cold but happy people chattering, laughing, and skating to and fro". (PROSE: The Frozen)

The frost fair was not all fun and games, as there was a fish-like creature beneath the ice that ate revellers and converted them into feces which Lord Sutcliffe collected downstream and used as a powerful fuel. (TV: Thin Ice)

The First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Vicki Pallister visited London during the frost fair and came across the Phoenix's egg at the collection of a sea captain. The Phoenix took advantage of the presence of both Vicki and Lady Georgiana Mallard, wife of the Deputy Warden of the Royal Mint Sir Joseph Mallard, to possess the latter and escape. It also took control of Ippolito Valzacchi, an Italian charlatan, and used him to be brought to St. Cuthbert's church, before sending him to fetch Georgiana. When the intervention of the Doctor, Steven and Vicki prevented Georgiana from following him, the Phoenix kidnapped Georgiana itself and used her to attract her husband there. The egg's location was discovered by Vicki and Jane Austen, with the Doctor, Steven and Sir Joseph reaching them somewhat after. The Doctor offered the Phoenix to take it somewhere else, somewhere it could be born and feed without endangering any life forms, but the Phoenix refused and had Georgiana kidnap her own husband and force him to open the furnace of the Mint, hoping that the heat of the furnace was enough for the egg to be hatched. Its plan was prevented by the combined effort of the Doctor, Steven, Vicki and Miss Austen, which stopped the furnace from working and let the newly-born Phoenix die. Only a tiny spark of cinder survived in Vicki's eyes, to be revived much later in ancient Carthage and then come back to London only to be defeated, generating a time loop. (AUDIO: Frostfire)

The Tenth Doctor is chased by Masoon. (PROSE: The Frozen)

The Tenth Doctor and Mai Kondo visited the frost fair and encountered Masoon. After a chase along the Thames, the Doctor lured Masoon into the TARDIS and took it to Winter Wonderland in 5113. (PROSE: The Frozen)

River Song was taken to the frost fair by the Doctor to celebrate her birthday. Stevie Wonder performed for them. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

On 4 February, the Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts came to the frost fair directly after leaving a human colony planet. (TV: Smile, Thin Ice) They discovered that Sutcliffe was profiting off of the deaths caused by the alien fish beneath the ice and that he was planning on using explosives to crack open the ice and feed everybody attending the fair to the fish. The Doctor moved the explosives so that they broke the chains keeping the fish in the Thames and the fish escaped, destroying the ice covering the Thames as it left. Sutcliffe was killed during the breaking of the Thames and the Doctor and Bill arranged for his house to be given to a few orphans. The Doctor later speculated that the reason the fish's appearance wasn't recorded in the history books was because there was a lot of street drinking going on at the time. (TV: Thin Ice)

March - December[[edit]]

On 24 July, CEREBRA came to Washington DC through a time corridor from the 22nd century and disseminated itself within a copy of Robinson Crusoe owned by a government official. Ace followed CEREBRA to 1814 and spent the next month tracking CEREBRA and all the writing it had infected.

On 24 August, the British attacked Washington. Ace was reunited with the Seventh Doctor, who had met up with British forces at an earlier point. Ace directed the British army to all the buildings containing writing infected by CEREBRA so that they could be burned down; the White House and the Library of Congress were among the buildings reduced to ashes. (AUDIO: Washington Burns)

On 17 October, the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams visited London. Amy left the Doctor and Rory in a pub so that they could bond while she went sightseeing. Instead they decided to use the TARDIS to skip ahead a few hours, while Amy encountered an agent of the Silence and became caught in the London Beer Flood. (COMIC: The Doctor and the Nurse)

On 25 December, the Seventh Doctor and Chris Cwej became stranded on a small island in the Indian Ocean. (PROSE: No Room)


Following his service in the Peninsular War, Arthur Wellesley was made Duke of Wellington. (PROSE: World Game)

Norway gained independence. (COMIC: The Doctor and the Nurse)

Napoléon Bonaparte was exiled, though he came back the following year. (COMIC: The Doctor and the Nurse)

George Stephenson's first steam locomotive went into service. (COMIC: The Doctor and the Nurse)


George III was the king of the United Kingdom. (PROSE: The Frozen, AUDIO: Washington Burns)