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Timeline for 1816
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1816 was a year.


1816 was called the Year Without a Summer due to the accumulation of volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere after the eruption of Tambora in 1815. (AUDIO: Mary's Story)



In June, two versions of the Eighth Doctor were present at Lord Byron's summer home in Switzerland where Mary Shelley came up with the story of Frankenstein. (AUDIO: Storm Warning, Mary's Story)

At that same time, the Doctor was travelling with Samson and Gemma Griffin. He had left them in Vienna. When he attempted to pick them up, the TARDIS instead materialised in Vienna on 11 September 1873. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)

The Tenth Doctor discovers Zzazik in 1816. (COMIC: The Creative Spark)

The Doctor later returned to this time and place in his tenth incarnation to help the cross-dimensional traveller Zzazik. Mary Shelley received the inspiration for the name of her novel. (COMIC: The Creative Spark)


Suresh Parekh saw Susan in Bombay, India, looking for her grandfather. The Doctor had been rendered incorporeal whilst repairing his TARDIS, drifting through time and appearing to be a ghost. (PROSE: Indian Summer)

Alternate timelines[[edit]]

In a timeline negated by the Eleventh Doctor, someone disappeared into Swallow Woods. (PROSE: The Way Through the Woods)

Births and deaths[[edit]]

Edward Linfoot was born. (AUDIO: Plague of the Daleks)