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You may be looking for its in-universe counterpart.

Disney XD is a brand extension and an advertising-supported television channel featuring a mix of animated and live-action programming that is presented along with commercials, which mainly target boys.

Disney XD started broadcasting K9 in early 2010 at varied times according to the country in which it was broadcast.

On 15 April 2015, Disney XD's American version picked up the rights to Doctor Who's second, third, and fourth series. The show began airing on Disney XD on June 13, 2015, with a preview that aired on 9 May 2015.[1]

As promotion for this, several different promotional videos were created. 3 of them which featured unique content were: Breaking News! That Hasn't Broken Yet!, an untitled video, and Tired of Old-Fashioned Tools?. Others included a music video and at least 2 trailers compiled solely of archival footage.

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