Game between the Toymaker and the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors

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A third game between the Toymaker and the Doctor was played following the Trilogic Game which was won by the First Doctor and the second game which the Fourteenth Doctor lost. (TV: The Giggle [+]Loading...["The Giggle (TV story)"])


Following their first game in the Celestial Toyroom, (TV: The Celestial Toymaker [+]Loading...["The Celestial Toymaker"]) and their second game in 1925 Soho, the Fourteenth Doctor decreed he and the Toymaker had to play a third game to determine the true winner per the best of three rule requiring they break their one-all deadlock. The Toymaker declared it would occur in 2023.

Atop of UNIT Headquarters in London, the pair encountered each other again. The Doctor initially offered the Toymaker an alliance rather than a third game, a chance to play infinite games across the universe. However, having acquired the galvanic beam, the Toymaker refused, instead threatening to shoot Donna Noble, Melanie Bush, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Shirley Anne Bingham. Distressed, the Doctor insisted the Toymaker owed him that final game. In response, the Toymaker shot the Doctor with the galvanic beam, declaring the Doctor had implicitly established another rule: given he played the first game against the First Doctor, the second game against the Fourteenth Doctor, that meant the Toymaker had to face the Fifteenth Doctor as his opponent for the third game. However, instead of a traditional regeneration, the Doctor bi-generated, summoning the Fifteenth Doctor into the game. The two Doctors together challenged the Toymaker. Perplexed, the Toymaker insisted they were cheating, but the Doctors established the Toymaker forced the Fourteenth Doctor to bi-generate, which did summon the Fifteenth Doctor as the opponent he desired, along with the fact that both of them were also the same person. Unable to counter their point, the Toymaker accepted the challenge.

The two Doctors stated they would play the first game ever created by the human race and named catch as their game of choice. The Toymaker conjured a juggling ball, establishing that the first side to fail to catch the ball and drop it would be the loser. He then tossed the ball at the Fourteenth Doctor to catch him off-guard and secure a quick win. However, the Doctor, though knocked to the floor, caught the ball while falling. He stood up, complimenting the Toymaker's throw, then tossed it to the Fifteenth Doctor, officially starting the game.

After several throws between the three players, the Fifteenth Doctor managed to launch a throw so hard and fast that the Toymaker failed to catch it. Having lost the ball, the Toymaker tried to a find a technicality to prevent his lose, but the Doctors declared they had won in a fair game. Despite the Toymaker's pleas, the Fourteenth Doctor declared his prize was to banish him from existence. The Toymaker then contorted, muttering how his defeat was not fair and that his legions were coming. By his own elemental powers, he was sealed in his toybox. Kate ensured it was taken away to be bonded in salt.

Some time later, the Fifteenth Doctor claimed his prize, using the Toymaker's powers to whack the Fourteenth Doctor's TARDIS with a mallet, causing it to summon the Fifteenth Doctor's TARDIS from the future. Therefore, this sustained the paradox of the Doctor's bi-generation, enabling the Fourteenth Doctor to retire on Earth with Donna to rehabilitate from his traumas, while the Fifteenth Doctor could carry on adventuring, functioning in a concurrent timeline. (TV: The Giggle [+]Loading...["The Giggle (TV story)"])