Kerb!am Man

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Kerb!am Men, or Kerblam! Men (GAME: Lost in Time [+]Loading...["Lost in Time (video game)"]) were Delivery Bots used by the Kerb!am warehouse to deliver packages that were packaged by the Kandoka human colonists and TeamMates. They were the mascots of Kerb!am and wore more formal uniforms than their TeamMate counterparts.

They replaced the Twirly as the android workforce.

One such Kerb!am Man entered the Doctor's TARDIS in order to deliver a fez. However it came with a message saying "HELP ME" which prompted the TARDIS team comprising of the Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair and Graham O'Brien to visit Kandoka's moon, the Kerb!am warehouse.

Later, the Doctor and her friends discovered Charlie Duffy, who was working as a cleaner for Kerblam, was in fact an expert in explosives, teleportation, and cybernetics. He was not happy that only 10% of the population had work since all of it was taken up with automations.

He converted a large number of Kerb!am Men into a massive army while the system tried to stop Charlie's plans. The army would deliver explosive bubble wrap which were wrapped around the products they ordered, and the customers would pop the bubble wrap to kill them. In the end the Doctor worked out what was happening, She reprogrammed the army to detonate before they would teleport out to their respective targets. (TV: Kerblam!)

Historians concluded that incidents with the Kerblam! Men, as well as the Heavenly Host, Voc Robots and Handbots, gave electronic robots a reputation for being dangerously unreliable, causing engineers to revert to earlier, classic technologies leading to the Clockwork Droids of the 51st century. (PROSE: The Monster Vault)