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This story has not yet been fully published. Please exercise caution in asserting any more than is actually present in the narrative so far. Be aware that certain facts which appear to be true may not be true once the story is completely published.
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Doctor Who: Lost in Time is a licensed 2022 Doctor Who video game released for iOS and Android by Eastside Games and Bigfoot Gaming. It was only released in a "soft launch phase" on 27 June 2022, with its full release being 8 March 2023.[1]

The game was broken down into chapters with individual titles. The narrative, involving a mysterious temporal anomaly messing with the Doctor's memories, featured multiple Doctors and companions. However, it was not a conventional multi-Doctor story: the different Doctors never meet, with K9, newly-fitted with a vortex manipulator circuit, acting as a go-between.

It was an idle game, meaning gameplay consisted of little more than accumulating experience points via repetitive actions to unlock the next cutscene. The game also featured limited-time "Events", with varying time limits and some even featuring their own shorter storylines.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

From the world of the beloved Sci-Fi franchise, Doctor Who: Lost in Time is an idle game where players join the Doctor in unraveling a sinister plot threatening the universe!

Power-up your Waypoint to obtain the mysterious Vortex Energy, a crucial force used to thwart the Doctor’s most fearsome foes.

Travel to classic locations from the franchise, and team up with your favorite companions! Together you’ll face enemies like the Daleks, Cybermen and many more! Collect character cards and use strange new resources like Kyfred Gems and Henoch Matter to level up your companions. These resources are key to discovering why the Doctor and friends find themselves lost in time.

When supplies run low, complete tasks to get Kerblam Boxes crammed with rare rewards. But hurry! With your enemies hot on your heels, you’ll need to tap as quickly as you can to power the TARDIS and travel to your next adventure, just in the nick of time.


Episode 1: Lost in Time[[edit]]

When the Doctor's TARDIS is forced to make an emergency landing to the "nearest familiar spot", the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz Khan land in the Third Doctor's UNIT HQ laboratory. Making matters worse, the Doctor has no memory of the place, even though, by design, it should be familiar to her. The Doctor and Yaz are met with K9, who seems to understand more about the situation and explains that UNIT HQ passing through a black hole's event horizon created a "dimensional Waypoint", charging the building with Vortex Energy. The Doctor tells K9, who is able to move through time, to contact her other incarnations about the temporal crisis, and to pass on the message, "Memory gaps. TARDIS is stuck. Send Vortex Energy!", collected from other Waypoints across space and time.

Indeed, elsewhere in time and space, others have been affected by the crisis. The Tenth Doctor's TARDIS has been pulled off-course to ancient Skaro, with Sarah Jane Smith aboard, and has gotten stuck there. Sarah Jane is able to remember her past encounters with the Daleks, unlike the confused Doctor, but despite his mental fog, the Doctor is able to remember K9's message: the Dalek City has also become a Waypoint, from which he must draw vortex energy to revive his TARDIS.

At UNIT HQ, the Thirteenth Doctor succeeds in drawing sufficient power to unstick the TARDIS. However, she is worried that the unrefined vortex energy might cause power surges in the TARDIS console. Yaz jokingly advises her to "reverse the polarity" using her sonic screwdriver, a phrase she's heard the Doctor use before; it turns out to work, but to Yaz's surprise, the Doctor has no memory of using the phrase previously. The Doctor, Yaz and K9 get into the TARDIS and successfully take off, though they suspect they'll have to do it all again every time they want to take off again until such a time as the crisis is resolved.

Episode 2: Emergence of the Daleks[[edit]]

The Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS lands. As predicted, K9 notes that the trip depleted her reserves of vortex energy. K9 sends a message through time to the Tenth Doctor, still stuck in the Dalek City, to tell him that one of his future incarnations has freed themselves and will try to send him spare vortex energy if they can. In the meantime, Sarah Jane reminds the Doctor that, if his fourth incarnation's statement that the Daleks had been delayed for "a thousand years" after the Genesis Incident was accurate, the Daleks shouldn't be free yet in the time-zone where they've ended up. Indeed, they hear Dalek voices in the distance.

Meanwhile, the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz venture out into a marketplace where they meet Sil the Mentor, who sells them a way to absorb vortex energy in larger increments. K9 then transports himself to the Dalek City, where he proves a great asset, helping to automate the vortex energy collection process, and assures the bipeds that he is no danger from the Daleks: the smooth metal floors of the City are as ideally suited to his movements as to the Daleks', and he is faster. The Tenth Doctor additionally explains to Sarah Jane that "since [she] last met [him]", K9 has been upgraded, notably being given an internal vortex manipulator and a Temporal Positioning System. This is how he's been moving and communicating through time even with the Doctors' TARDISes partially disabled.

While K9 handles the vortex-energy collection, the Tenth Doctor and Sarah Jane resolve to investigate how the Daleks have re-emerged so early in Skaro's history by getting captured by a Dalek patrol. This is quickly done, but the Dalek which apprehends them is a Time War-style Bronze Dalek, and the Doctor spots a Dalek Time Ship in the distance, realising that future Daleks went back in time to help their own ancestors. However, the temporal crisis has grounded the Dalek Time Ship too, stranding the future Daleks in their own past. Sarah Jane suggests that the Doctor offer to help repair the machine, with the secret intention of sabotaging it while learning more about the Daleks' plans.

Episode 3: Home Is Where The Hearts Are[[edit]]

K9 has now dropped in on the Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts, whose TARDIS is stuck on Gallifrey. He advises the Twelfth Doctor to use "Matrix Representation Icons" and "adaptive neogenesis molecules", which the Twelfth Doctor knows better as Waypoint Cards and Henoch Matter, to upgrade the TARDIS's generator workers' efficiency. K9 also states that he detected a nearby cache of Kyfred Gems, which the Twelfth Doctor decides to "borrow" so as to be able to easily buy any equipment they may need along the way. After they recover the Gems, K9 has a better idea: to use them as temporal "skipping stones" in the space-time continuum so as to "refocus temporal energy". They decide to do it through the Untempered Schism, with the Twelfth Doctor giving Bill a protective shield to wear to prevent it "melting her brain". They walk through the Panopticon and out beyond the Citadel. When they get to their destination, however, the Twelfth Doctor suddenly gets a premonition and sends a message through K9 to Sergeant Benton that he may soon encounter Clara Oswald, and should do his best not to interfere with whatever she's doing. Benton readily agrees, but forgets to ask who she is and how he'll recognise her before K9 disappears again.

Episode 4: The Right Place At The Right Time[[edit]]

Now being chased through time by a Dalek, the Twelfth Doctor's newly-functional TARDIS makes an emergency landing in Nevada. After getting a message from River Song through K9, the Twelfth Doctor walks out and is confronted with Clara Oswald wearing an American diner waitress's outfit. He seems to remember her, but is very confused to see her alive. She explains cryptically that she is "here to save [him]" for "one last time". The Twelfth Doctor, with his memories, is very confused, as is what turns out to be another Clara Oswald — an earlier version, travelling with an earlier version of him. Their TARDIS, drained of power by an unknown source, also crashed here.

The Dalek chasing the Twelfth Doctor soon catches up with them. However, it is confused by the presence of two Claras, one of whom is only debatably alive. The younger Clara takes advantage of its confusion to talk it into self-destructing, drawing on her experience as a Dalek to convince it in highly Dalek terms that its time-travelling has splintered its DNA and made it an impure failure. When the Twelfth Doctor comments that the scene was somewhat disturbing, the older Clara wryly notes that she's done "much worse" since. K9 interrupts the conversation, calling out to the Twelfth Doctor to say that he has identified the next Waypoint: Stonehenge.

Episode 5: All The Better To Sea You With[[edit]]

Martha Jones, travelling across the stations of the Osterhagen Project with Project Indigo, ends up pulled off-course to Atlantis. Realising that she's ended up in the wrong place, she activates Project Indigo again, thinking to herself, "There's no place like home".

Moments later, the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS lands in the same place. He walks out with K9 Mark I, who detects "residual energy from a vortex manipulator". Before he can tell him anything more, K9 malfunctions. The Fourth Doctor realises that the time crystal is to blame, and that they've become stuck in a time eddy.

Episode 6: The Pandorica Prologue[[edit]]

When K9 Mark IV checks in at the UNIT HQ laboratory, Benton asks him if he can take a message back to the Doctor, whichever one is most readily available: apparently, NATO anti-submarine equipment has been "acting up", and the Brigadier is worried that it's "the Sea Devils again". K9 uses his vortex manipulator circuit to transport himself to the Twelfth Doctor in the Underhenge at Stonehenge, the "Pandorica Waypoint". Just as the Twelfth Doctor is explaining the nature of the Pandorica to Clara, they are attacked by a pair of Weapons-grade Cybermen guarding the Pandorica. Though unarmed and not even remembering what Cybermen are properly, the Twelfth Doctor puts up an unflappable front.

Episode 7: In All The Towns In The World[[edit]]

Jo Grant enters the UNIT HQ laboratory looking for the Third Doctor, only for Benton to explain that he and the Brigadier have been gone for a little while, having gone off to "some fancy shindig in Geneva": the United Nations are giving the Doctor an award for salvaging the peace conference "last January".

Elsewhere in time, the Tenth Doctor is visiting ancient Atlantis with Martha when he detects the presence of a vortex manipulator in a nearby temple using his sonic screwdriver. They rush there, and the Doctor is already rattling off the appropriate Shadow Proclamation warnings when the "tomb-robber" greets him with a "Hello, sweetie": it's River Song, who describes herself as the Doctor's wife. She explains that she intended to arrive literal moments before the sinking of Atlantis and rescue a "priceless artefact" which she intends to sell to the Lux Library Foundation. She is thus mildly confused to see that Atlantis is showing no signs of sinking. However, without further ado, she slaps a memory worm on the Doctor to make him forget the encounter, and thus preserve the timeline, then dashes off.

Episode 8: A Deep One[[edit]]

Inside Clara's TARDIS, Ashildr moodily asks Clara if her meeting herself is going to turn into a regular occurrence. Clara explains that it shouldn't, normally, but that, since her splinters are widespread throughout the Doctor's time stream, their best course of action is to avoid running into the Doctor. According to her, they need to find someplace the Doctor would never go — somewhere exceedingly boring. Ashildr knows just the place, and they set a course for the Minyan ship.

Elsewhere and elsewhen, Atlantis, still in a time eddy, is being explored by Martha in the company of Doctor Liz Shaw. They are confronted with a Sea Devil, who explains that their local Sea Devil hibernation pod was activated by the Doctors' vortex energy-collection, and have set things in motion to send out a signal that will awaken the millions of other Sea Devils hibernating around the world. Liz and Martha try to convince the Sea Devil to delay the awakening so that a peace plan between the reptiles and humanity can be worked out; the Sea Devil seems amenable, and Martha calls the Doctor for help. The Thirteenth Doctor arrives to begin negotiating with the Sea Devil.

Episode 9: Forgotten But Not Gone[[edit]]

K9 brings Rose Tyler to the Panopticon to meet with Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane is just beginning to explain that she and the Tenth Doctor are drawing vortex energy from Skaro when they get side-tracked talking about how many times they've each faced the Daleks. Agreeing that the Panopticon is a risky place to meet, even with perception filters, they decide to move to a safer location to continue the conversation.

At the UNIT HQ laboratory, Jo is talking with Benton about the effort to recharge all the TARDISes when K9 appears and alerts them to the presence of an alien life-form somewhere within UNIT HQ. With a bit more data, the three realise that the Cybermen have reassembled themselves out of the broken parts stored in the UNIT Vault following the attempted Cyberman invasion of Earth. One breaks through into the lab, and K9 seems to have disappeared, but when it tries to capture Jo to convert her, she hits it in the chest with her golden bracelet, sending gold flecks into its respiratory system which prove sufficient to kill it. K9 returns to explain that gold is deadly to the Cybermen, clarifying that he had to teleport off to deal with other alien threats escaping from the Vault.

Episode 10: My Friend's Enemy Is Also My Enemy[[edit]]

Waiting for the Twelfth Doctor in the Panopticon, Bill is surprised to see Nardole, who she didn't know had been in the TARDIS. He explains that the Doctor has told him to help with the vortex energy collection, hence his leaving the ship.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor has returned to the Minyan ship P7E with Leela. He explains what he has learned from his future selves: Daleks from the early days of the Last Great Time War will attempt to attack the Minyans before they make it to their new home, afraid that, after being saved by the Doctor, they would return to being allies of the Time Lords. Indeed, the Minyans detect a Dalek ship, but the Daleks board them instead of initiating a space battle. After coming aboard, two Daleks explain that they are here for the Minyan race bank which they want to "study" and then return "undamaged". The Doctor realises that the Daleks intend to alter the genetic codes contained in the bank, so that the future generations of the Minyans will be ontologically loyal to the Daleks. While the Doctor distracts the Daleks, Leela manages to get behind them and startle them; they fire at her, not realising that she is now carrying a Minyan shield gun, which she uses to reflect their gunstick-fire back at them, destroying them. The Doctor congratulates her on her "excellent use of geometry".

Episode 11: Welcome To The Neighbourhood[[edit]]

In Victorian London, the Twelfth Doctor drops in on Vastra to help her deal with a Tyrannosaurus rex roaming the city. She initially believes that it has been taken out of time, but the Doctor explains that it was actually sleeping with a colony of Silurians in a nearby hibernation facility, whose reanimation unit was accidentally activated by the Doctor's collection of vortex energy. Confronted with the T-rex, the Doctor tries talking to it and it turns around. While Vastra initially believes the Doctor's appeal worked, the Doctor notes that his sonic screwdriver detected a high-frequency signal being used to recall the dinosaur.

Indeed, a trio of Silurians in full armour, calling themselves a Triad, arrive to confront them. They recognise Vastra and ask her where the rest of her "settlement" is, forcing Vastra to recall that there was "an accident" and she is the sole survivor of her group. The Triad are reluctant to consider peace, viewing the humans as nothing more than proliferating pests and explaining that they have already infected three prisoners with the Silurian plague, intending to release them at dawn to cause a devastating epidemic. When the Twelfth Doctor thoughtlessly mentions in the Triad's earshot that he already developed an antidote to the plague long ago, they threaten to take the Doctor and Vastra as prisoners, forcing Vastra to stun the three with her tongue. She then takes them back to their hibernation facility, seals the tunnel auto sealer to prevent them from being released accidentally again, and reactivates the hibernation circuits. Meanwhile, the Twelfth Doctor takes the T-rex back to Canada sixty-six million years in the past. Vastra approves, stating she never approved of "the practice of keeping wild animals as pets". The Twelfth Doctor mentions that one of the three men the Silurians captured, whom he has now released, was a Mr. Doyle who "said there might be a book in this".

Episode 12: If At First[[edit]]

The Minyan ship reaches their new planet, with the Fourth Doctor and Leela still on-board. Before they can begin the geomorphing, however, Leela gets a premonition of doom, soon fulfilled by the appearance of a further group of Daleks, intent on trying again to corrupt the race bank using the Mutation Device. While they activate the device, the Daleks plant a ring of explosives around the valley where the Minyans have landed, threatening to detonate them and collapse the valley if anyone interferes with the Mutation Device. After the Doctor tells Leela about the Daleks' eye-piece weakness, she manages to blind one Dalek which begins to frenziedly fire in all directions and ends up taking out the other Daleks even as they exterminate it. However, the Doctor and the Minyan Tala are left wondering if the Daleks will try a third time.

Episode 13: Everything At Once[[edit]]

In a flashback to Skaro, the Tenth Doctor is surprised to detect the presence of free-floating symbiotic nuclei, an essential part of Time Lord biodata that isn't normally supposed to ever be seen outside of a Time Lord's body. Sarah Jane suggests the Daleks could have lured and killed a Time Lord to the Dalek City, and extracted the nuclei from them; the Tenth Doctor admits that it's possible, but remains unconvinced.

In another flashback, the Twelfth Doctor, still in the the Underhenge, is joined by River. The two are confronted by the Lone Centurion himself, Rory Williams, but the Doctor barely registers the encounter, too busy trying to tap into "another dimension".

Back on the Minyan ship, prior to its landing on New Minyos, the Fourth Doctor is similarly distracted by what he describes as a time echo.

Back in the UNIT HQ laboratory, the Thirteenth Doctor finally remembers what she knew the place from, and also realises that "there is a fragment of [her] just beyond reach in a nearby dimension", namely her symbiotic nuclei. She guesses that there must be bundles of them overlaid over each Waypoint.

The Twelfth Doctor is coming to a parallel conclusion, and as he concentrates on it, his consciousness becomes almost completely untethered from linear time, with his awareness jumping between multiple incarnations.

On Skaro, the Tenth Doctor pursues his analysis of the symbiotic-nucleus traces, and discovers signs that the Master is involved. He heads back to the TARDIS, determined to track him down.

Episode 14: Not What You Know But Who You Know[[edit]]

Jo and Benton find out via the Thirteenth Doctor that the Master is involved, and she wants them to call her if he turns up and that she'll leave a note for the Third Doctor on what he should know.

Vastra shows concern on whether the Master shall appear in their location. The Twelfth Doctor doesn't think so, but states its possible that Missy might, and that it'd be more personal than her Nethersphere plot.

River tells Rory to prepare himself for the Master, though quickly realises he isn't familiar and never crossed paths with him, due to the fact Rory has spent the entire time simply guarding the Pandorica.

Martha and Liz Shaw are made aware of the Master situation, with Martha believing him to be dead, though the UNIT files state otherwise. The two had been told to capture the Master alive due to them needing information from him, but, due to the file stating that he rarely repeats himself, they may not have to expect him at all. Regardless, they'll be ready for him.

Sarah Jane and Rose also talk about the Master, with Sarah Jane being aware of him but not having ever met him, just like Rose. They also talk about the elusive topic about the Doctor's family.

On Gallifrey, Nardole and Bill discuss the Doctor's belief that the Master is responsible for his memory mishap

Episode 15: The Dark Side Of The Moon[[edit]]

Kate Stewart inquires to Petronella Osgood as to why they can't raise Dome Seven, which is due to a sphere found in a crater on the far side. Due to it being analysed in Dome Seven, it can't be raised. As it turns out, it's a Nestene Energy Unit and they are all in danger, so Kate orders all personnel to stay clear of Dome Seven. Osgood suggests calling the Doctor, but the Third Doctor is already there asking how much of the base contains plastic. Kate explains that almost everything does, with some of the domes being entirely 3D printed out of the material. She also states that the CCTV in Dome Seven shows three of their staff are dead, which the Third Doctor seems to believe is due to exposure to the vacuum of space. Osgood interrupts by stating the airlock hasn't been opened, but the Third Doctor is aware the Nestene Consciousness could have done a number of things to make that happen.

Things go from bad to worse as Dome Six's 3D printer starts by itself, which the Third Doctor says is printing Autons. He explains that one of the Energy Units has a small part of its consciousness stored in it, but enough to cause chaos, and that their antenna will be the next target, which they'll use to download more of its consciousness. After they take over UNIT Moonbase, they'll redirect it towards Earth. He asks to see Osgood's electronic stores.

The Third Doctor creates a device that's to be attached to the antenna to neutralise the Autons, Osgood likening it to the jammer he built with Liz. The Third Doctor tells Osgood to patch the link to the console and for her to be ready to activate it when he signals. Osgood volunteers to take his place due to him being more valuable to the Earth but the Third Doctor refuses, though would like a space suit for the occasion.

The plan is nearly finished, but the Autons are closing in on the Doctor. He combats them with Venusian aikido, which was easy for him due to the extreme cold making their plastic bodies weaker. The plan works and the Autons all collapse, the Third Doctor asks for a shovel to rebury the Energy Unit.

Episode 16: Lunar Petri Dish[[edit]]

After having taken samples from the Energy Unit he discovers that there are atypical traces that should require further analysis. Kate ponders whether this group is from the original invasion group but the Third Doctor doubts it as they aren't known for making mistakes or improvisation.

Kate was analysing data of their impact, but the Third Doctor believes their landing was planned, as the coincidence of it being found near a moonbase that wouldn't be built for decades is troubling. Kate asks whether the Nestenes would know that a base would be built before even they did. Given the only possibilities are foresight and time travel, neither of which the Nestenes have, the Third Doctor and Osgood deduce they had help from someone who does.

Having completed tests, Osgood find traces of artron energy, meaning it has indeed travelled through time.

Back a the Pandorica, the Thirteenth Doctor is checking for Time Sense bits. She states there are lots of traces from an earlier version of her. Yaz wonders if there's any sign of the Master, Dan Lewis unaware of who they are. She explains who the Master is to Dan though her memory fails her as she can't remember what they used to do. They return to the TARDIS.

Episode 17: Breadcrums In The Forest[[edit]]

In London, Vastra offers to help the Twelfth Doctor with his research if he helps with theirs. The Twelfth Doctor explains he's losing time in shards and doesn't want to play detective, but Vastra states it is important. Jenny Flint says that they suspect foul play as any physical traces vanish. Strax continues that no evidence can be found to suggest they were being dragged. The Doctor does a scan with his sonic sunglasses.

The trail directs them to an abandoned warehouse, though nothing is known about the owner of the building. The Twelfth Doctor decides he's going in, despite the danger as Vastra protests. He responds by saying there's nothing more dangerous than him, so Vastra decides to accompany him. Strax and Jenny stay outside to guard the perimeter. They enter, the Twelfth Doctor sensing a tingling and detecting the smell of copper in the air, meaning they entered a Transmat gateway disguised as the door to the warehouse. This has transported them to a Minyan ship, though there's something off about it.

Vastra claims to sense the stench of death in the air. They are then forced to hide as Daleks enter the ship desiring humans for experimentation, and that the plans obtained from the Time Lord time vessel must be completed.

Back on Gallifrey, the Fourth Doctor is telling Leela that Time Lords and their bureaucracy bore him. The reason for their visit it due to the library of Gallifrey potentially containing information about his current problem. They find a note for the Doctor, detailing that the Doctor is the writer's dearest enemy and it seems that he's finally won. It's clear that it's the Master, but it appears as though he's suffering from the same condition that the Doctor is.

Episode 18: The Moons Of Skaro[[edit]]

On Skaro, Rose notices an extra moon in the sky. The Daleks are clearly concerned about it as their patrols have tripled. The Tenth Doctor boosts their perception filters so the Daleks don't spot them by accident. The Tenth Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to find out what he can about the moon, and finds out it isn't one - it's a space station. A Cyberman space station, one that used to be a moon that was entirely cyber-converted.

The Daleks receive an incoming transmission from the space-station. The Cybermen demand information, ordering them to release the plans for the time ship. The two factions threaten to destroy the other.

The Tenth Doctor says it's time for them to leave, despite the TARDIS needing the energy from the waypoint due to how dangerous things are looking to be.

Back in Clara's TARDIS, Ashildr senses that the TARDIS is having some sort of trouble. Ashildr tells Clara to check the vortex energy. They find the node of another TARDIS unknown to them.

Episode 19: Jurassic Strife[[edit]]

Liz and Martha assures the Sea Devil of their ability to establish the relationships between species with the help of UNIT. The Sea Devil agrees before a UNIT soldier cries out that they are under attack by an unknown assailant. The attack puts the Sea Devil at unease as he's concerned the humans aren't peaceful. Eventually Martha loses communication with the surface, and wondering who attacked them the answer soon reveals themselves to be Silurians, who claim Atlantis now belongs to the Southern Clan.

The Silurians are surprised that Atlantis has fallen and its people are dead, and are disappointed they won't have their revenge. Instead they opt to turn to their descendants, with Liz and the Sea Devil wanting them to not escalate any conflict. The Sea Devil continues negotiating with the Silurians confirming the UNIT soliders are knocked out rather than dead. Given the population of humans now reaches billions, the Sea Devil assures them that co-operation is a better alternative than conflict.

The Sea Devil convinces the Silurians, but they're far from a peace treaty. The Siluarians are open to talks.

Episode 20: Two's Company[[edit]]

The Third Doctor has instruments for the Artron traces. He goes to investigate and leaves Kate and Osgood in charge of the base. As they talk, Missy appears with malice intent, but refers to Kate as the Brigadier, clearly under similar confusion to the Doctor.

They confront her about the Nestene, but she still seems confused about the order of things, referring to Osgood as Lizzy. Missy temporarily gains clarity and explains that her timeline is falling apart and is losing connection with her previous selves, and that she'll be dead without the connection, but she doesn't know who is doing this. Kate connects this to the memory loss of the Doctor, Missy says that she passed it on to him - like a virus that only affects Time Lords.

Episode 21: Cold Storage[[edit]]

In the caves of Mars, the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz and Dan are there to establish another waypoint to harvest the vortex energy. An Ice Warrior appears behind them. Unaware, the Doctor asks them to help with the knot of cables, Dan offering to help due to his experience of Christmas tree lights. Yaz offers to help with a device the Doctor forgets the name of, causing her to be worried and says she should rest. Eventually, they notice the Ice Warrior.

The Ice Warrior asks the purpose of their visit. The Doctor wonders why they're awake in this century as they should be hibernating, the word "Doctor" piquing his interest as there is a Doctor in their history. To the Doctor's surprise, the Ice Warrior says they are grateful as their hibernation chambers malfunctioned causing some to awake early and without her help they would've died, and that the Doctor traded their services for technology. The Doctor asks what technology the Doctor asked for, and is told that it was one of their cryogenic tissue sample preservation units, which causes the Doctor to potentially figure out who is behind everything.

Back in UNIT, Jo asks the Third Doctor where or when he's been. The Doctor goes to run tests and suspects the Master, or someone similarly clever and evil, is behind everything. He comes to a conclusion on who it must be.

Episode 22: Skirmish In Skaro[[edit]]

The Tenth Doctor, on Skaro, dislikes the current situation where it's a war between Daleks and Cybermen, but hopes they'll wipe each other out. Rose asks if this reminds him of the Last Great Time War and that they have to stop it. The Tenth Doctor believes the best course of action will be to let them wipe each other out, but Rose and Sarah Jane tell him they won't consider collateral damage and that they could prevent a war altogether.

The Daleks and Cybermen fight each other, with the Tenth Doctor getting in the middle of the two warring factions. The Daleks and Cybermen both say the Doctor must be destroyed, with the Tenth Doctor pleased at their finding common ground. The Daleks and Cybermen cease while the Tenth Doctor speaks, though they eventually bicker about wanting Time Lord technology and start the fight again. The Tenth Doctor says it's time to change the game, and elects to move the Time Lord technology away to stop the conflict. Using his sonic screwdriver, he detects no Time Lord technology here besides his own. The Cybermen confirm the data and evacuate to engage in search protocols.

Back in the TARDIS, Ashildr tells Clara their plan is going well, though it's a shame they're going to crash into the pink elephant. She says they won't help the Doctor because he can help himself, but Clara says they could send him a warning at least.

Episode 23: Game of Clones[[edit]]

Vastra asks the Twelfth Doctor what purpose the Daleks have being in London, which he doesn't know. The Dalek says their experiment isn't complete and that more subjects are required to complete the evolution. They mention how data from the time ship was acquired by "inferior beings" and that time squads search for specified raw materials. When they have sufficient mass, their experiment won't fail.

They activate a transmat and return to their command centre. The Twelfth Doctor asks Vastra for a distraction to deal with the other Daleks, with his plan being to hack computers to see their plans. Vastra paralyses the Dalek and they discover that the transmat was headed into London, so the Twelfth Doctor plans to disable it after they leave. The paralysis is wearing off, and they leave.

Back at UNIT, Jo is worried about the Third Doctor's lack of rest given the circumstances, in which he takes on the First Doctor's personality and calls her Susan. Benton walks in concerned for the Doctor.

Episode 24: Cold Logic[[edit]]

The Thirteenth Doctor explains that there are several uses one might have with a cryogenic tissue preserver, like keep a biological sample protected from all elements, terraform a planet and as a walk-in freezer. Yaz wants to ask about the stranger, but the Thirteenth Doctor advises against it. Yaz asks the Ice Warrior questions regarding the stranger regardless, but the Thirteenth Doctor interrupts him. When Yaz asks why she's doing that, the Thirteenth Doctor states that the stranger might be a future her. The Ice Warrior returns to his vigil as they continue to talk about the Thirteenth Doctor not wanting to know about her future, though Yaz suggests it may be her past.

Yaz pushes the Thirteenth Doctor on her behaviour before she finally confesses that she's scared in a way she hasn't been for a long time as she might not like what she finds when she pushes on in the situation. Dan interrupts by stating that the waypoint is full of gas - the Thirteenth Doctor saying it's Vortex Energy. They decide to leave as a result, the Thirteenth Doctor says to talk to a mysterious stranger about a fridge.

Ashildr tells Clara they got involved earlier and won't do it again, but Clara disputes this. She plans to instead go somewhere nice and isolated, wherein Clara breaks the news that someone is tracking their TARDIS in the Waypoint Network.

Episode 25: Seek, Locate, Exterminate![[edit]]

The Twelfth Doctor and Vastra are back on the streets of London with the TARDIS and Jenny safe. The Doctor tells Vastra to make sure none of the Dalek survives. Vastra tells Strax and Jenny that they're going on a Dalek hunt.

The Twelfth Doctor is back at the Pandorica calling out to anyone before finding scorch marks from a Dalek weapon, and concludes they have kidnapped River for their experiments. Back in London, Strax confronts the Dalek, whom he melts with acid. The noise alerts the police, so they leave to track down the Time Shards. The device the Doctor gave them to track it down buzzes meaning one is close by.

Rory returns with provisions to find River gone.

Episode 26: The Road Twice Taken[[edit]]

The Paternoster Gang try to follow the signal and arrive nearby. The TARDIS lands near them, with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara stepping out, immediately wanting to set up a Waypoint, and then leave, causing confusion between the Gang.

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara land in Christmas on Trenzalore, with the Eleventh Doctor stating this was a place he didn't want to visit again. Clara wonders why they're here, landing after he received a message in the TARDIS. They are there to setup a Waypoint. Strax performs reconnaissance with Clara.

Episode 27: Deep Diplomacy[[edit]]

Jo asks the Third Doctor why they are back in Atlantis, to which he says to search for knowledge lost to time. Jo spots the Sea Devils and Silurians. Liz introduces Martha to the Third Doctor and asks him for help with the diplomacy. He says he's busy and suggests calling the UN, but Liz says he's the most qualified.

Later, the Third Doctor is impressed with the way things are progressing as they've drafted the treaty and now need to focus on the details. He says he has to return to his work and goes to the library with Jo. The two talk about Atlantis before the Third Doctor has an epiphany.

On Gallifrey, the Twelfth Doctor explains to Nardole and Bill how the Ice Warriors gave cryo units to the time traveller who they suspect is Missy. The Doctor tells them to stay and maintain the Waypoint.

Episode 28: Queen Eats Bishop[[edit]]

The TARDIS lands on Skaro, the Tenth Doctor explaining they need to move fast as the peace will only be temporary. He explains that he needs to automate the Waypoint to generate Vortex Energy and that they need to leave. Rose asks if the Waypoint will be okay left on its own, the Tenth Doctor ensuring he's doing everything he can so this is the case. He says he's calibrated it, and takes everyone into the TARDIS and departs.

The TARDIS lands back on Skaro, the Tenth Doctor exiting confused, believing he had done everything correctly. Sarah Jane speculates the Waypoint isn't generating enough energy for the TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor says there's something else they can do, Sarah Jane offering to stay and man the Waypoint as he goes to stop the conflict. He increases the security for them using perception filters and reinforcing the locks.

Rose and Sarah Jane talk, concerned about leaving the Doctor alone. They hope that the Cybermen have left Skaro. Back on Christmas Town, Strax tells Clara that the perimeter is secure. As they squabble, a voice interrupts them, stating "Glory to our new leader! Glory to Sontar!" The Sontarans are on Trenzalore.

Episode 29: The Best of Enemies[[edit]]

Kate welcomes the Twelfth Doctor to UNIT Moonbase One, and is shocked to find Missy there, though Osgood explains she's unwell and arrived at UNIT asking for help. Kate adds that she has a pathogen that only affects Time Lords, though Missy wants to keep it a secret how she came by it. The Doctor confirms the diagnosis with his sonic sunglasses.

The Doctor fills people in with the war between Cybermen and the Dalek which threatens the universe. He asks Missy to work with him to find a cure or she'll spend the rest of her lives in custody. Missy starts with checking for Artron Energy traces with factoring the decay rate a few hundred years, with the strongest traces being in the 19th century.

Vastra sees something in an alleyway, which Jenny can't see due to differing biologies. She states they're a group of short dome-headed figures - a Sontaran base camp.

Episode 30: Let the Experiment Begin[[edit]]

The Eleventh Doctor is putting the final touches on the Waypoint when Strax and Clara break the news that there are Sontarans on Trenzalore. The Eleventh Doctor investigates their camp and sees at least twenty of them using Gallifreyan technology such as transmat equipment and other devices. Strax says they've mentioned working for a new leader.

The Eleventh Doctor goes to chat with them, despite Clara's wishes, and she and Strax go off to protect the Waypoint. A Sontaran tells him to identify himself or be shot, so he identifies himself as the Doctor, leading to his capture. Clara convinces Strax to go to help the Doctor. They arrive, with a Sontaran threatening to go through all of his regenerations. The leader appears, and the Eleventh Doctor is surprised to see who it is.

Episode 31: Shiny Cyber People[[edit]]

The Cybermen secure River and make haste to meet up with the Cyberfleet. River clogs up their respiratory filters with gold and escapes. As they search for her, River sends a distress signal. Ashildr responds, but won't pick her up due to the Cybermen. River asks for coordinates and fires up her vortex manipulator.

The Twelfth Doctor and Missy arrive looking for River, though Missy quickly finds out she isn't there after hacking the terminal. The Doctor buys them time by locking the doors while Missy needs time due to something wrong on the network. She says she's not the only one hacking them. As they deduce it's being done by someone smarter than them, the Cybermen break the doors down.

Episode 32: Revelation of Omega[[edit]]

On Trenzalore, Omega reveals himself to be the leader, claiming that his connection to the Doctor drew him back from the anti-matter universe. Omega claims to have heard a voice calling for the Doctor across time and space. The Eleventh Doctor asks why he attacked him, to which Omega denies doing so, as he needs him as he's weak and has thus infected him to replace him. The time illness that plagues him is Omega's doing. Each crystal the Doctor drops is a beacon tracing his timeline, as well as sabotaged his TARDIS. The Doctor using the Waypoints was what Omega wanted him to do. As the Eleventh Doctor tries to deliver a speech about stopping him, Omega tells him that his "pets" are under guard should be make a wrong move.

Back on Skaro, the Tenth Doctor thinks he has a lead. As he does he sees someone else has hacked it, someone who knows very advanced techniques.

Episode 33: If I Touch It, It Will Burn[[edit]]

To find the data, the Tenth Doctor decides to follow the flow of the Waypoints, as someone is piggy-backing the network for this purpose. He speculates the Cybermen, but think its too advanced for them, as it requires in depth knowledge of time travel, which is only found on Gallifrey. He speculates another Doctor doing it before he hears a crash. The Daleks have broken in, and demand his surrender. The Tenth Doctor barters with them claiming he has information explaining that their database is compromised and that they for once want the same thing.

In her TARDIS, Ashildr demands information from River, but she claims that she lied about that and just wanted a ride. Ashildr says if she wants to help the Doctor, she won't. River says she'll do it herself and speaks to K9, asking him to deliver messages to the Doctors.

In Atlantis, the Third Doctor and Jo are interrupted by K9, who gives them co-ordinates.

Episode 34: Strax's Stratagem[[edit]]

Strax challenges a Sontaran to a fight, a distraction that lets Clara knock him out in the Probic vent. Strax tricks another Sontaran into thinking he has orders from Omega. Clara congratulates him on that, before being stopped by another Sontaran. Clara hears a TARDIS landing, and out comes the Third Doctor, who knocks him out. Clara recognises him and Jo, and the Third Doctor says he was summoned by K9 and asks her to tell him everything.

The Third Doctor tells Jo there is no time to lose, but Jo inquires about the duo. The Third Doctor says they need someone to guard the Waypoint and that Clara will be fine having a Sontaran bodyguard. They notice odd behaviour, as everything looks empty and abandoned. The Third Doctor says that, if they were defeated, there would be bodies, and, if they were driven off, they would destroy the world.

The Twelfth Doctor remarks that Missy killed all of the Cybermen, which Missy wants to be thanked for, and asks him if he actually feels for the Cybermen. He says two wrongs don't make a right and tells Missy that this is Omega's doing. The Doctor doesn't feel good and begins falling unconscious, deducing they must be on Trenzalore.

Episode 35: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot[[edit]]

The Third Doctor warns Jo about Omega and the chance for nasty surprises. Jo can't make sense of gadgets lying around, which the Doctor believes are the tools of his trade. She deduces that figuring out what they do could result in learning Omega's plan, but the Doctor can't make sense of the devices either. As they continue conversing, Missy arrives and asks which Doctor she's speaking to.

Introducing herself, Jo asks if "the Mistress" is the Master's wife. The Third Doctor doesn't trust her, but she ensures she's trying to change her ways. He asks Missy why she's helping, which she says is because Omega also infected her. The Third Doctor suggests he's clamping down on his timeline and erasing him from top to bottom. They decide to team up, and K9 appears to help as well.

The Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz are on the planet Tanus VI, with the Doctor saying that they have to wait. K9 arrives with a message from River Song stating "Snowcap Base", which The Thirteenth Doctor recognises as the location that caused her first regeneration.

Episode 36: The First, The Last Time We Ever Met[[edit]]

The First Doctor remarks that something is interesting, with Polly Wright and Ben Jackson curious as to where everyone is. The Doctor thinks something peculiar is going on. He finds equipment that monitors the Earth's magnetic field. Suddenly, Ben notices Omega. The First Doctor doesn't really recognise him, but does sense familiarity. Omega says the Doctor will soon cease to exist, and he demands an explanation. Omega states that death is coming for the Doctor, with a timeline collapse wherein he can take the Doctor's place.

Ben hurries the First Doctor along, but disappears with Polly. Omega attributes this to the Doctor's time stream collapsing and they're disappearing because he never met them. The First Doctor begins to talk, and the Thirteenth Doctor arrives just to see him disappear.

Ashidlr is apprehensive about doing what River says to do, but Clara insists that they do. River adds that it's not for fun, but to save the universe. There's a "flashy thing" that's coming from the Waypoint grid that is leaking.

Episode 37: Control Group[[edit]]

Omega tells the Thirteenth Doctor that the process has begun and won't be stopped. The Thirteenth Doctor doesn't seem to know who he is and says she was done with the Time Lord's proclaimed neutrality years ago when he introduced himself as Omega. She says she stands by her actions as being neutral in a world of evil would make her just as evil, and if she is to die for these actions, then so be it. She concludes by saying life is more important and not to let others suffer for her fate.

Omega calls her naïve as becoming her is more than simply bringing him back, but about returning Gallifrey under his rule. He says that the universe with the Doctor is chaotic and that it will steady itself without them. She continues trying to talk sense to him, stating the universe will collapse if he only thinks of Gallifrey, but the planet isn't the endgame for him, and just part of his idea for conquest, as he plans to increase the number of Time Lords with the data obtained on River.

On Skaro, a Dalek orders the Tenth Doctor to open a door, with him feigning ignorance and pretending it's a cupboard. As he refuses to do so, the Dalek threatens extermination. The Tenth Doctor causes a feedback loop in the Waypoint network and tells Sarah Jane and Rose to get down.

Episode 38: There Is A Song[[edit]]

In Clara's TARDIS, River says she needs Clara for her plan, with Ashildr refusing it. Clara wants to help however, no matter the risk, saying she's done something similar before and she is stronger now. River says she needs to send as much information as she can to the Doctors as Omega needed them distracted. She speculates that he met the Fifth Doctor last, meaning the Doctor is in grave danger.

Omega tells the Thirteenth Doctor she's weak and ignorant, which doesn't phase her. He says he'll take over the universe without pets unlike her, regarding her human companions as her weakness. The Thirteenth Doctor says her companions are her strength. They continue to talk, with Omega thinking he's won before River shows up.

Omega doesn't know what this will change, revealing he can still access the Doctor's timeline through Trenzalore. He says nothing can stop him in time, but River suggests something outside of time.

Episode 39: Cosmic Plumbing[[edit]]

Omega is dumbfounded, but River tells him to check himself. He says he's not defeated yet. The Thirteenth Doctor asks if everything is alright and River says "we" have everything handled, offering to show her what she means, as the First Doctor returns.

Earlier, on Trenzalore, the Third Doctor and Missy have a device using Vortex Energy. The Third Doctor wonders why he is creating a dimensional rift, which Missy realises is bad news. Missy tries to explain how Trenzalore will have significance in his future without being obvious about why and says that this is important to target their timeline. Missy also suggests destroying the machine before it destroys the universe. The Third Doctor notices the machine is transferring energy but isn't sure how it's being directed through their timeline - Missy telling him it's the time illness, as it made the Doctors need the Waypoints. To stop it they need something immune to time.

Ashildr says she expected a bigger explosion, but that the comms are down. The Third Doctor is knocked out shielding Jo from the blast, with Clara suggesting to check the machine and ensure everything worked. Ashildr notices someone remotely rerouted the energy - Clara wondering who did it and where it went. Ashildr reveals it was transmitted to Skaro.

Episode 40: Climax From Start to Finish[[edit]]

Omega arrives on Trenzalore to find out who interfered with his plans. He asks Clara and Ashildr how they disabled his machine, with the Thirteenth Doctor and River arriving to taunt him, telling him he should know if he was clever and he'll figure it out if he puts effort into it.

Omega states how he won't be defeated, but Missy tells him to take the L and that the comms are back, but the Third Doctor just left and is headed there. The Thirteenth Doctor says his theory was faulty from the get-go. Omega says this isn't the end and will try again to destroy her and vanishes.

The Tenth Doctor expresses his surprise that they've survived, before pretending it was part of the plan, as Sarah Jane points out the Daleks were destroyed by the Vortex Energy. Rose asks what's next, with the Doctor stating they never did get round to seeing Barcelona.

Episode 41: Fields of Crimson[[edit]]

Iraxxa addresses the Lords of Mars, giving a speech about how they've spent years developing their might and rebuilding their empire, with them heading out to beyond the stars soon, taking peace with them. While Ice Lord Kaixa disapproves of these peaceful ways, Iraxxa asks him if he has a better solution. He says he does and addresses the Lords of Crimson, saying by their nature they are warriors and thrive in conflict. The two argue their opposing sides.

The Fourth Doctor says he's tired and can't stand for this any longer. Sarah asks what's wrong, to which he says he feels the walls around him are closing like a cage. Harry Sullivan offers to fetch something from the infirmary, but the Doctor quips that they don't stock freedom in pills, as he just wants to travel. He arrives on Mars, glad to finally be free in the infinite cosmos before Sarah reveals it's just Mars, disappointing him. He opts to head back into the TARDIS, when an Ice Warrior is alerted to their conversation. He engages the intruder alarm.

Kaixa speaks to himself how everyone will turn on Iraxxa before the Ice Warrior reports intruders. He orders them brought before him.

Episode 42: Drenched in Crimson[[edit]]

The Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry are taken to Kaixa, who welcomes them to the Land of Crimson Sands, and leads them to his leader. Iraxxa seems frustrated at there being humans on Mars again, but has her interest piqued when the man introduces himself as the Doctor. Kaixa asks her plans with the intruders, which she says are a cultural exchange, but Kaixa isn't pleased. The Fourth Doctor tries to convince Kaixa that they have a positive future ahead of them. His way of speaking and friendship with Alpha Centauri leads Iraxxa to believe he is the same Doctor she met before, though Kaixa still thinks the Doctor is lying and says he can never leave Mars.

Iraxxa tells the Doctor to ignore Kaixa, as he's an outspoken supporter of war and that she followed the Twelfth Doctor's instructions to wait for Alpha Centauri's envoys. Her faith is wavering and she asks the Fourth Doctor if he knows how to contact Alpha Centauri - which he can do if he sets it up via the TARDIS.

Episode 43: Burning Crimson[[edit]]

An Ice Warrior tells the TARDIS crew to wake up and to follow him to the prison. He explains that Iraxxa is under medical care as she was attacked, making them the prime suspects. The Fourth Doctor antagonises the Ice Warrior, whom responds by knocking him out. Kaixa appears, telling Sarah and Harry they'll be next if they continue to talk and orders the Ice Warrior to take them to jail. Harry tells Sarah to get behind him and attempts to fight the Ice Warrior, but it doesn't ract.

Now the Fourth Doctor and Harry are both knocked out cold. Sarah tries asking herself questions, like how to get out and who could've attacked the Empress. She also tries thinking what she'd do if she was the Doctor, leading to getting the sonic screwdriver from his coat. She now says to herself that she needs to find evidence in their favour.

The Ice Warriors approach, finding an escaped Sarah, who tells them to leave her alone, offending them in the process. They wonder if Kaixa needs her in one piece.

Episode 44: Crimson Rust[[edit]]

Sarah tells the Ice Warriors they're mistaken if they think she'll just give. The Fourth Doctor compliments her for standing her ground, and notices Harry is unconscious. The Ice Warriors are then knocked out by the Doctor's Venusian aikido. The Fourth Doctor tells Sarah to follow him, as there is no time to lose to solve the crime, saying that the culprit is obviously Kaixa.

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah wind up in the royal chambers and meet up with Iraxxa, content that the traitors haven't dispatched him. She's recovering, but Kaixa has taken advantage of the situation, chasing off her retainers and replacing them with his own. The palace crawling with enemies has given the Doctor an idea, and Sarah already knows she won't like it.

The Fourth Doctor mentions thermal hotpots under the surface which he'll search for and raise the temperature of the tunnels. However, the gap to access them is small. Harry, havingf woken up, asks if there are explosives at hand, but Iraxxa says there may be something else useful. She mentions a drilling machine brought by humans which the Doctor offers to rig to get the thermal fissure open, while Iraxxa alters her armour settings in preparation. The Doctor takes Sarah, while Harry stays with Iraxxa.

The Fourth Doctor tells Sarah that the drill has done its job.

Episode 45: Crimson Twilight[[edit]]

Kaixa notices the prisoners have escaped, with the Ice Warriors soon noticing the change in temperature. Iraxxa tells Harry she feels the temperature rising and her armour can barely keep up. They hear a crashing noise, signalling that Kaixa's men have begun their approach. When Kaixa arrives, Iraxxa gives him one last chance. When he attacks, Harry tells him it was a dishonourable move to attack while discussing.

Harry confronts Kaixa, who has declared himself the new king of Mars. Harry says he still has to get through him, and that he's a former Royal Navy boxing champ. Harry knocks out the Ice Lord, and Alpha Centauri finally appears, apologising for the delay.

Back on Earth in UNIT HQ, the Fourth Doctor laments that he's back in his cage. He claims it was a mere outing for him, but Sarah feels he isn't being entirely truthful.

Episode 46: Ood to Joy[[edit]]

On the Ood Sphere, an Ood asks Ood Sigma if the preparations are ready, to which he replies that everyone is in place for the concert. The Ood thanks the DoctorDonna for helping them contact the Shadow Proclamation, who have also received invites and that they will arrive shortly. Another Ood says the conductor has arrived, but the Judoon Delegation are late.

Inside the Doctor's TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor tells Donna Noble that they're about to witness history, as the Ood concert will be remembered for ages. He also explains that one reason for this journey is to show Wilfred Mott the universe. They arrive on the Ood Sphere and take their seats for the concert designed to echo a call for peace across the stars.

Ood Sigma introduces them to the composer that'll direct the choir, who goes only by the name "the Conductor". He goes off to tune the console, which strikes an Ood as odd.

Episode 47: Oodlight Sonata[[edit]]

Donna is tired of waiting, but the Tenth Doctor explains it can't be easy broadcasting a signal across the whole galaxy. Donna wants snacks, so he offers to get some from the TARDIS before Ood Sigma asks for a moment of his time, mentioning concerns from the other Ood regarding the Conductor. He asks the Doctor to keep an eye on him. The Doctor and Donna go to check him out, with Wilf staying behind for the concert.

The Conductor is almost done and ready before the Doctor interrupts him. When asked about weirdness, the Conductor mentions he had trouble arriving on the Ood Sphere after a near encounter with a Sontaran battle cruiser. Meanwhile, Wilf is in awe of the planet before the duo return to him.

Minutes earlier, the Conductor talked to himself, saying the Doctor is as blind as the Ood and that tinkering with the Chameleon circuit was genius. He says his masterful plan can begin now that the Doctor is there. He drops his disguise, revealing he was the Tremas Master all along.

Episode 48: Voices of Oodsphere[[edit]]

The Ood tell the concert goers that the show is about to commence as the music begins. Donna is impressed, but the Tenth Doctor senses something is off as the Judoon guards never arrived. He goes to snoop around, telling Donna and Wilf to stay put. With the Doctor leaving the auditorium, the Master is pleased. He tells himself it was child's play directing the Sontarans to chase the Judoon and that soon the whole universe will know he is their master. He monologues further, stating the choir doesn't know any better, that a carrier wave with hypnotic properties will wash over the cosmos and everyone will answer to him.

In the TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor looks for the number for the Shadow Proclamation and calls them. Judoon High Commander Gridon responds and tells the Doctor that contact with the Ood Sphere is impossible, as they were attacked by a Sontaran battle cruiser. Realising the peril, the Doctor tells Gridon that he has to go.

Back at the concert, Donna and Wilf discuss how beautiful the show is going, before Donna notices something happening to people on the screens in the stage from other planets. Wilf states they appear to be collapsing, with one drooling. Donna says they need to find the Doctor. The Master is pleased by the effect - an army across the stars all obtained from a celebration of peace, but his monologue is interrupted by Donna.

Episode 49: Tragic Oodverture [[edit]]

Donna confronts the Master, who doesn't seem to be listening to her as noted by Wilf. As she slaps the Master across the face to get his attention, Wilf goes off to find the Doctor. The Master is bitterly offended by what Donna did, but she threatens him with more if he doesn't stop what he's doing. He says he'll comply and stops sending orders to those under his control, but they start dropping as, without his brain waves, they can't stay alive. The Tenth Doctor joins in on the conversation.

The Master remarks he doesn't like the look of the Doctor's tenth incarnation, and that he's already won. The Tenth Doctor tells him to stop, but the Master explains that removing him or stopping the song will kill everyone, as the whole telepathic circuit needs a powerful mind like his.

Episode 50: For the New Oodsphere[[edit]]

The Master tells them that it won't take long until his army arrives and his glorious conquest begins anew. Wilf suggests "changing the station" instead of outright turning it off, which the Tenth Doctor says could work and says they need to change positions with the Master and replace him. The Master says the Doctor replacing him would be spell disaster, as the hatred he contains for the Daleks and Cybermen is on par with the Master's hatred, and that the Doctor won't let them go so easily if he has control. The Doctor falters.

He confesses he can't trust himself with this much power, and the Master is glad he's defeated. Donna explains they have someone good, and everyone turns to look at Wilf.

Back in the TARDIS, with the day having been saved, Donna explains she can't wait to tell her mother about their adventute. However, the Doctor reveals that Wilf won't remember what happened as a side effect. Donna is disappointed, but the Doctor says he will always remember.

Episode 51: Fractions[[edit]]

On the UNIT Moonbase, the computer alerts of an internal system failure. When Kate asks for a status update, Osgood replies that essential systems are going down fast. The TARDIS lands, and, when the Eleventh Doctor steps out, Kate knowing it must be serious. They fill him in about the missing people. He checks with his sonic screwdriver, but finds all the data he was scanning has vanished, leaving trace artron energy, meaning it has been displaced in time.

Clara asks if they downloaded anything sketchy, and Kate ensures the cybersecurity is cutting edge. However, Osgood suggests it could be something they uploaded, when they hear the scream of a UNIT agent. Just then, a Weeping Angel appears on the screen. They believe it is from the Victorian dossier they uploaded surrounding a group of scientists from the 1800s studying an alien, writing notes and equations, and drawing the Angel.

The Eleventh Doctor tells them to keep an eye on all the screens, while he and Clara go to find the artron trail.

Episode 52: Geometry[[edit]]

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara land in 1891 London, with Jenny expressing surprise he arrived on time. The Eleventh Doctor asks if they received his message, to which Vastra says they sent Strax to scout ahead. Elsewhere, Agent Augustus Thorn says he's in the right place, with his records pointing to a certain address which he found using a holomap. Strax is near the address given to him and asks Thorn if he has any information. He derives it's a strange coincidence they are both looking for the same place. Strax immediately defines him as an enemy and goes on the offensive. Thorn suggests collaborating and Strax leads the way. Thorn asks if they are at the right place, which Strax is sure it is as the numbers and letters Thorn showed him coincide with the plaque. They see a weird figure in a hood, which cements to Strax this is the right place.

Episode 53: Arithmetic[[edit]]

Vastra tells the Eleventh Doctor that Strax should be around. The Doctor begins picking up traces with the sonic screwdriver showing Strax must be around, and Strax speaks, confirming his presence, introducing the group to Thorn. The Doctor concludes those who hired him to investigate were the Time Agency due to the high traces of artron. Thorn, however, is confused by this deduction. He eventually gives in however, and explains he was sent to research this time due to an incident. Clara asks if it's about the missing people and data.

Strax fills Vastra in regarding the people with hoods being inside. Jenny explains that the location used to be a mathematics research lab until it was bought. The Eleventh Doctor finds it curious, as it was possible that Osgood's equations could've been the ones discovered in the past - reducing the Weeping Angels into mathematical expression. The Doctor suggests they investigate.

Clara asks why she had to come, to which Vastra tells her she didn't want to risk something happening to Jenny, as well as Strax not being a good fit for stealth and him not trusting Thorn. The Doctor listens in to them who have a box and one asks if it's secure. Confirming it is, one leaves. They both say "Wisdom and Understanding through Knowledge. Knowledge through discipline and dedication!"

Episode 54: Equation[[edit]]

The Eleventh Doctor tells Vastra that the Weeping Angel is presumably inside it. They decide to be stealthy, with Strax and Jenny covering the perimeter with Thorn, but he says he should go in as it is his job, despite the others' distrust in him. The Doctor yields, but says he doesn't take responsibility if he's launched in time.

One cultist asks another if he's studied the sample, with the other stating the chemical analysis reveals nothing new. The Eleventh Doctor interrupts their conversation. Clara thought they were meant to be stealthy, but the Doctor says it was an excuse to keep Strax out. Thorn arrives yelling vengeance for his people. However, in his anger, he accidentally freed it. Thorn said he threw a quantum grenade which will blast it apart, but the Doctor explains that'll destroy the mirror inside the container first.

The Weeping Angel is freed, and the cultists flee. The Eleventh Doctor orders everyone to have their eyes on the Angel while he goes to pick up Thorn's vortex manipulator. The cultists yell that they ruined their work, but the Doctor argues what they did was reckless even as they defend the actions as being done for science and human advancement. The Eleventh Doctor sends Clara to get Vastra while he and the two cultists stay to keep the Angel locked in place.

Episode 55: Coordinates[[edit]]

When Vastra and Clara arrive, the Eleventh Doctor tells Vastra to open a path through London to the TARDIS, as he has a plan. The cultists say they won't allow the plan. The Doctor sends Clara to tell Jenny and Strax, and tells Vastra not to kill them. Clara tells the Doctor they're ready, so they move onto phase two: The Doctor leading the Angel to the TARDIS on his own.

Strax finishes up clearing the street, with the Eleventh Doctor passing him and the Angel close behind, following the trail of the vortex manipulator leak he made. The Doctor arrives at his TARDIS and traps the Angel between two time bubbles and forcibly transports it to the fall of Atlantis.

The Doctor tells the Angel that they lost the moment they began chasing him, and now they will be swallowed by the collapse of Atlantis. Though he laments that the Angel made him use a vortex manipulator, which he promised himself he would stop using them when he was young. Clara asks Jenny if the plan worked just as the TARDIS lands.

Episode 56: Worker's Union[[edit]]

In the Kerb!am warehouse, a Kerb!am Man with glowing red eyes delivers the typical message about a happy work environment being a good one, which White Band 913 has tired of, but White Band 555 warns him not to talk back. 913 keeps talking back, so the Kerb!am Man asks him to join them for a session with human resources. He runs away, causing the Kerb!am Man to order his capture.

Meanwhile in UNIT HQ, the Thirteenth Doctor and Yaz wonder where to fly off to next. Yaz has an idea and the Doctor promises her to get there in one trip, unlike their previous attempt of getting to the resort-casino on the Moon. She tells the Doctor that she wants to drop by the Kerblam! Office. When the Doctor asks her why she wants to go given the last time, she says she wants to check if they've made things better for the workers.

555 is looking for 913 when she sees the TARDIS land in front of her. The Doctor pulls out her psychic paper and poses as an inspector for the company, so 555 confides that something is really wrong and that she hasn't been home in three days. She adds that 913 is missing. When the Doctor mentions it's a strange name, she says she never learned his name and barely remembers her own.

The Doctor asks if 555 has any idea where 913 is. She explains he disappeared when he was marked for a meeting with human resources, something no one comes back from. When the Doctor pushes for why no one's done anything, 555 explains that, while the warehouse used to be automatic, they suddenly offered 50% of positions to humans, which nobody could ignore.

Episode 57: Human Resources[[edit]]

Two Kerb!am Men enter looking for 913. The Thirteenth Doctor finds the situation awful and searchs for the HR office with 555. The Doctor inquires about her actual name, disliking calling her a numbe,r but she says they don't like them using their real names, just like how they don't like them resting. She says the flow of products has decreased except to one location.

555 says she's not sure if they're going the right way when the Thirteenth Doctor notices a Kerb!am Man request both 913 and 555 for human resources. When Yaz asks what to do, the Doctor says she'll handle it and knocks out the floor supervisor by overcharging its circuits. She said she got weird reading from the Kerb!am Man's software - modifications that someone introduced six-to-seven months prior. The Doctor says that the software changes seem familiar to her, and that she's seen the code before.

Yaz says they should have transport here, 555 says they used to, but they had to spend part of their salary to use it, and that some of the older workers told them that the system was in place before the new managers. Yaz suggests investigating the new managers, but the Doctor is distracted trying to figure out where the code is from.

The Doctor suddenly remembers, and apologises to Yaz and 555, for the code is from the Cybermen.

Episode 58: Cyber Purchase[[edit]]

555 asks what Cybermen are and the Doctor explains, telling them that there will be Cybermen around.

Elsewhere 913 has lost them, but is confused as to what had gotten into them. A malfunctioning Kerb!am Man behind him speaks, yelling delete all workers. The Doctor hears 913s yells and he appears behind them, asking if that's 555. She's glad that 913 is alright and managed to escape them - he lets them know that the Kerb!am Man was acting weird. The Doctor introduces herself which sets him off, and he stars saying the Doctor must be deleted. She tells them that they've got him and they need to run.

Escaping the clutches of 913, 555 asks what happened to him. The Doctor explains that the Cybermen convert organic life into their ranks and control them. She asks 555 about the people who never returned from HR and deduces they must've been converted, but it curious why their tactic involves stealth. Ashad appears, and explains that it is because they are wary of her.

Ashad explains that this is the will of the Cyberium, to bolster his troops and flood this system.

Episode 59: Express Delivery[[edit]]

The Doctor says she'll stop him but Ashad is confident she'll fail. The Doctor asks 555 if she knows where the teleporters for packages are and they run in that direction. Yaz asks what the plan is and the Doctor says she's piecing it together but needs access to the mainframe. 555 says there's a console near here where she might be able to do that with the codes. She manages to get in to check all their recent shipments to see how they connected to the Kerb!am database. 555 says they haven't had any large shipments recently, which the Doctor likes, and asks her to lead the way to the teleporters.

As they're arriving, the Doctor explains that she wants to know if they connected their mainframe to Kerb!am's, as if they have she'd be able to bypass their security using Kerb!am's network. 555 says they might not have the energy but the Doctor says she knows where they can find it.

On Earth in the UNIT lab, 555 is shocked to find that the TARDIS was bigger on the inside. The Doctor needed a place to think and sets up the TARDIS coordinates for Yaz, giving her precise instructions too. The Doctor tells her she will start a subroutine and the TARDIS will home in on her signal which she will need to reconfigure the teleporters.

Back at Kerb!am, the Doctor tells 555 she can stay with Yaz as the TARDIS is the most secure place in the universe. 555 decides to stay to help 913 and the others. The Doctor commends her bravery and asks her to follow. The Doctor then explains that the hack will take a while, 555 says she'll keep watch but asks if she teleports the parts the people affected will die. The Doctor doesn't want to give her false hope and states she doesn't know what will happen.

Episode 60: No Return Policy[[edit]]

Ashad commands Cybermen to find the Doctor and delete her. A Kerb!am Man establishes mainframe uplink and scans the warehouse for lifesigns. The Cybermen deploy Cybermites in scouting mode.

The Doctor asks 555 if she sees any sign of the Cybermen. She says no and asks if saving people is her work - she says it's more of a calling or a quest. 555 reveals her name is Charlotte. She then asks the Doctor if she's nearly done as she can hear them approaching. 913 catches up to them and requests backup to their location. Just then, the TARDIS activates its forcefield. Yaz tells the Doctor everything is ready inside and has the power conduits.

The Doctor says they need to get everything ready before the rest arrive but is interrupted by Ashad's appearance, threatening her with death. Yaz says the power conduits are sending energy. The Doctor only needs to charge the terminal and flip a switch. Ashad however is throwing others against the force field in an attempt to overload it. The Doctor says the two into the TARDIS while she stays and finishes the circuit, but Charlotte offers to do it herself as she claims to have found her calling, much to the Doctor's dismay.

Ashad commands the Cybermen to track her location but Charlotte stands up to him. Ashad claims she's a mere human and thus can't cause problems but she flips a switch which causes the deliveries to teleport to the middle of nowhere. Ashad says he will have his revenge but White Band 913 confronts him and says he won't.

Back at the UNIT HQ, Yaz asks the Doctor if she thinks Charlotte made it out fine - the Doctor thinks, or rather hopes she did.

Episode 61: Unauthorised Parking[[edit]]

In the Shadow Proclamation, a Judoon states to Ood Gamma that the perimeter is secure, who tells him he's done a splendid job. Gamma hopes the peaceful time continues. Lady Christina de Souza enters, stating she should've invested in a better universal translator. She's searching for the vault when she encounters the Judoon.

A Judoon order the others to hurry and advance to Jenny's location, who doesn't understand what she did wrong. The Judoon states Section Zyan KZ-9, which is her right to silence. Jenny says she doesn't mind and only wants to know what she did wrong as she just saved a solar system. He retorts with the fact she committed a violation of Code 661-2. She asks if it was the energy feedback loop that turned off the bombs, but in reality it was the fact she parked on a trade route without a permit.

Christina needs to input the code and get the biometrics into the system. She overhears the Judoon and Jenny, prompting her to hide. Jenny argued that saving four planets from the Cybermen should be worth something - the Judoon says not if she parks on a restricted space line.

The Second Doctor lands with Jamie McCrimmon, who explains what the Shadow Proclamation are.

Episode 62: Jaywalking[[edit]]

Christina arrives at the vault, but attempting to break in sounds an alarm. She leaves before the Judoon arrive. Jenny and her Judoon also hear it - he tells her to stay where she is as he plans on investigating the alarm, locking her in place with Spatial Paralisis. Jamie tells the Doctor that they're here to save Zoe Heriot but asks how they're going to do that. The Doctor says he needs some peculiar reactives that are locked inside the vault - peculiar in that they're illegal on 45 systems and are harmful in the wrong hands.

Jenny is frustrated, but is found by Christina. She asks for help but Christina asks what's in it for her, she offers to help if she needs a hand in anything. She cuts her free. Elsewhere, Jamie asks the Doctor where the vault is. He can't remember, stating he was a different man last time he was here, but he was arrested before he stole anything, due to parking the TARDIS on a trade route without a permit.

Meanwhile on a Sontaran ship, General Kark declares to launch an attack on the Shadow Proclamation. Ensign Trak reports for duty. Kark tells him that his mission to capture the Gallifreyan exile is on hold.

Episode 63: Disorderly Behaviour[[edit]]

Jenny thanks Christina for the save, whom tells her about her plan to steal from the vault to redistribute the wealth among the less fortunate. Jenny says she will ask her dad next time and if she sees him, and being asked which one she’ll meet next, she replies that it’s a lottery while she did like the one with the umbrella. Elsewhere Jamie tells the Doctor to hurry up - but the Doctor says luckily someone else did half the work for them. Suddenly, an explosion is heard - something has gone wrong.

The Sontarans and Judoon commence battle, the Sontarans breaching their defences. The Doctor and Jamie are about to head back to the TARDIS when Trak and Jenny both see him. Trak threatens the Doctor but Jenny knocks him out. Kark orders the Sontarans to flood the hallways, find the Judoon and take them out. A Sontaran reports they are encountering pockets of resistance, so Kark sends Trak to handle those with his squad. The Sontaran however seems to think there's a problem with that - Trak noticed a blue box and left in a rush.

Episode 64: Minor Assault[[edit]]

Kark says they need to flush the Gallifreyan out. Meanwhile the Doctor finds the news shocking about Jenny being his daughter - stating he shouldn't remember something like this regarding his future, which Jenny says she has jelly babies laced with memory worm toxin ready. Jamie asks Christina is she's understanding any of this, which she is. The Doctor wants to get back to the problem at hand.

The Doctor says their best bet would be to reach the security room. They then hear Ood Gamma cry for help. Jenny knocks out the Sontaran despite Gamma wishing there was a peaceful way out. The Doctor says he doesn't have a plan but he does have an idea and asks Gamma to guide them to the security room. Jamie asks the Doctor if he's sure he can win this. He says yes, but needs more information.

Episode 65: Trial and Punishment[[edit]]

In the security room, and is pleased with gaining more information, such as there being 294 Sontarans in the building. The Doctor reveals the plan. He says that due to Judoon having magnetic boots - standard issue for their uniforms - so he presses a button.

Meanwhile Kark asks a Judoon is they surrender and submit. The Judoon's suit AI says "MAGNETIC SAFETY ENGAGED!" and "ATMOSPHERIC SEAL PROTOCOL INITIATED!" The Doctor asks Jenny to press another button, activating the emergency override, opening the atmospheric hatches, flushing them out into space. Gamma thanks the Doctor for saving them all. Jenny reminds the Doctor he needs to take the jelly baby. After they leave, she asks Gamma is her parking ticket is void, to which he agrees to, though a Judoon reminds her not to forget Code 661-2 and she will be alright.

Christina reflects on her adventure, saying it was like taking candy from a child. As she does, the Twelfth Doctor appears stating he needs her help, and if she wants to steal something.

Episode 66: Slither Me to the Moon[[edit]]

Doctor Tori Hart introduces a group of people to her vision of the future - a scientific station on the Moon. She's met with a round of applause, with the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw watching - the Doctor stating he's appalled it took mankind this long to envision this.

Tori overhears the Doctor calling her work a small step, and she asks for what changes he'd make before they are interrupted by a Cultist shouting death to the false gods of steel and lightning. The Doctor fights them off, and Tori tells him that the Cultist is a part of the Cult of the Serpent, who keep showing up to conventions. The Brigadier told Liz they seem to be anti-science.

They move elsewhere, having ascertained ironic knowledge of the intruder - they're well equipped, such as having a sonic phase shifter that allows them to phase through walls.

Episode 67: Scaled Side of the Moon[[edit]]

The Brigadier has obtained permission for them to act and asks Dr Hart to use her lab, even though he full well intended on using it anyway. Arriving, he says he felt something that seemed like a time echo and asks if they've been displaced. They amplify the sound wave analyser to pick up the sonic frequency to get its signature, though Hart suggests it'd be easier to harmonise another frequency and match it, something the Doctor finds clever. Using his sonic screwdriver, he finds a peculiar sonic signature.

The signature is older than human civilisation disguised as jewels, which he deduces may mean there are Silurians involved.

Episode 68: Moonage Snake Dream[[edit]]

In the sewers, cultists praise glory to Quetzal, a Silurian. He explains that their time is night, and that the horrors of technology that tainted the land will end. He commands them to destroy all technology.

The Doctor traces the signal, with Liz getting a squad of UNIT ready. Hart suggests it's too dangerous for a scientist, but when the Doctor tells her to leave the lab more often for inspiration she says her work is flawless. He bites back by stating her moonbase idea would collapse within months. Back at the room of the convention, they start tracking the sonic signature.

Quetzal says their efforts must be tripled if their dream of a pure world will be realised and that his power is the only thing that'll guarantee it. He states enemies will approach and that the cultists should stop them. Once they leave he monologues to himself, not able to believe his plan worked into tricking them his Silurian tech is magic. He says that soon they will start a fire to burn human technology and from the ashes he will build a new Silurian Empire.

Episode 69: Hiss at the Moon[[edit]]

The Doctor has a strong trace, and asks if the soldiers are ready. They eventually arrive at the sewers, with the UNIT soldiers spreading out and blocking the exits. The cultists detect them and prepare to fight them. As the cultists leave, Quetzal tells himself they will fall into his trap that'll kill them.

Benton tells the Doctor that the Cultists were waiting for them and are ambushing the squads. Hart tells them they've already lost and that they're her prisoners now, and traps them in an invisible force field. Tori Hart reveals she's working alongside her associate and has betrayed UNIT because they don't appreciate her work. She also reveals her moon base plans were flawed on purpose as a trap. He deduces she isn't the leader but the bait, so Quetzal reveals himself as the Serpent.

Episode 70: Can't Bite the Moonlight[[edit]]

The Doctor asks for silence as he thinks for a plan while Liz mentions the Brigadier should notice their disappearance soon. The Doctor realises the moon base being a trap is to kill anyone smart enough to see through their plan. The Doctor thinks to use the device they took from the cultist to escape the force field.

Back at the moon base, Tori gathers esteemed pillars of the international scientific community. Quetzal makes his presence known, offering power if they vow to abandon technology. The Doctor interrupts him, so he sets his cultists on him. Tori and Quetzal escape to the roof and await a helicopter. The Doctor appears, challenging him. Liz shows up asking the Doctor if he's alright as he and the Silurian fight. Quetzal is however bested and thrown off the roof.

Hart shouts after him, but it's too late, and allows her to be arrested. She promises to avenge him, to which he tells her to enjoy her time in prison.

Episode 71: Stay With Me[[edit]]

On the planet M'ariya, a rusty damaged Dalek screams at Taku-Chi to work faster. Bill Potts exits the TARDIS commenting to the new alien world she finds herself in. She asks the Twelfth Doctor where and when she is, but he doesn't have the answers to that as the TARDIS sensors are telling him they are nowhere. Bill determines someone doesn't want him finding this place, the Doctor wonders who.

Using the sonic sunglasses, he receives weird readings - many life forms all over the planet including something else, but before he can say they are interrupted by a Dalek screaming "EXTERMINATE!" Taku-Chi tells them to follow her, warning them they shouldn't be in the flats during the day. They thank her and explain they're not from around there, which she finds confusing as all the villages are enslaved. She explains they want white rocks with strange properties, such as making one of her friends sick when they touched it.

Meanwhile at a Dalek outpost, the damaged Dalek requests a status report. An Armoured Dalek, resembling a Special Weapons Dalek tells him that the materials obtained are being processed. The damaged Dalek detects an artron energy spike and proclaims "INVESTIGATE!"

Episode 72: Summer Suspicion[[edit]]

At night, Taku-Chi tells them to stay silent as they patrol at night too. She explains they've been there for half a rotation and shot some, and forced others to work. She takes them to the Dalek base. The Doctor notices they don't have too many numbers, Taku-Chi mentioning four, one distinct large cannoned one and the rest patrolling together.

They review what they've learned while Taku-Chi scouts - the Daleks are few and damaged, perhaps needing the white rocks to repair themselves. The Doctor speculates they may not even be capable of shooting. Taku-Chi returns, having found a secret entrance. The Doctor says they can take it from here, but she insists on joining them.

A Dalek gets visual confirmation that the Doctor is there, the Armoured Dalek proclaiming he must be exterminated. The damaged Dalek has plans to take the TARDIS. The Doctor sees them on the move so they take the opportunity to sneak in. The Doctor scans the material, determining that they're mining plastic - specifically parts of a Nestene Consciousness.

Episode 73: Rolling Memories[[edit]]

The Doctor explains what a Nestene is to the two. Taku-Chi tells him that those who got sick were killed by the Daleks due to not being well, which the Doctor thinks might be intentional. Meanwhile, the Daleks find the TARDIS, the Armoured Dalek energises its weapon, ready to fire. Firing, they find it has no effect.

A pinging noise is heard, alerting the Doctor to the fact the Daleks are attacking his TARDIS. The Doctor runs to the TARDIS, telling Bill and Taku-Chi to hide until he returns. While he's away, Taku-Chi tells Bill she contracted the illness that's fatal for her people. At the TARDIS, the Daleks are reloading the main cannon when the Doctor shows up, revealing to them that they're mining Nestene.

Bill can't believe what she heard, hoping the Doctor can help but Taku-Chi says there's no time. As they talk, a Dalek interrupts and starts firing, with Taku-Chi telling Bill to get behind her. A beam hits Taku-Chi.

Episode 74: Midnight Pretenders[[edit]]

Taku-Chi is unharmed despite the direct hit. When Bill asks how, she reveals she's not alive. The Dalek detects an unidentified energy signature. The Dalek is hit, taking critical damage and dying. Bill looks back, in Taku-Chi's place there's now an Auton and telling her she serves the Nestene Consciousness.

At the TARDIS, the Doctor warns them about going against the Autons. As they proclaim they will emerge victorious, an alarm triggers, warning the Daleks that their outpost is under attack. They leave to defend the outpost. The Auton tells Bill that the organic lifeform of Taku-Chi was simply a host for their plastic self - the plastic cells dormant until her natural death. She was dead before their arrival. The Auton reveals that the deception was required for the Nestene's survival, knowing what the Doctor is like.

Missy appears, telling the Doctor to quit complaining as it wasn't her behind this but one of her other selves that sent damaged Daleks to mine Nestene. She tells him that the other self's plan was to make the Autons and Daleks destroy each other. The Auton explains to Bill that they've learned conquest is futile, but planned to slowly take over the dead as hosts, coexisting with the locals but were interrupted by Daleks.

Missy explains that the planet was cloaked, so she believed the Doctor would never find it. As a plan she suggests talking to the Autons as they are less trigger happy. The Doctor receives a signal, showing him that life signs are lower than they originally were.

Episode 75: Love Was Really Gone[[edit]]

Bill agrees to back up the Auton when talking to the Doctor. The Auton thanks here as the Nestene's last hope but are interrupted when the Daleks attack, causing them to leave. The Doctor tells Missy they need to leave, but Bill arrives with the Auton, telling him they need a chat. The Auton tells the Doctor all about their plan to just use the dead as their host, and having protected the younglings of the species when the Daleks attacked. When the Doctor asks if they want his help to destroy the Daleks, he says he wants his help to transport the refugees off-world. The Doctor is skeptical, believing the true plan to be to transport infected people across the universe, but Bill implores him to help them.


Main article: Lost in Time (video game)/Events

Time of the Cybermen[[edit]]

A mysterious phonecall to the TARDIS phone draws the attention of the Eleventh Doctor and Clara. Meanwhile the Cybermen and their Cyberlegions seem to be operating across time and space with a single malicious goal in mind.

Surf & Turf[[edit]]

Silurians and Sea Devils attempt to invade Victorian London at the same time. Only the Paternoster gang is present to stop them, with Madame Vastra attempting to gain enough time for Jenny Flint to gather Vortex Energy and call the Doctor.


Elizabeth Shaw, an alternate version of UNIT's own Liz Shaw finds herself trapped in our dimension, trying to leave and return to her own home. She will need to play coy and be sneaky if she wants to avoid being detected.

Purity of the Daleks[[edit]]

Skaro materializes over Earth as the Dalek Empire is on a cleansing crusade, attempting to destroy every divergent Dalek from the Universe as a way to avoid any imperfect Daleks ruining their plans. The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts will face this peril.

Reverse the Polarity[[edit]]

A squad of ancient Ice Warriors, freed after 13,000 years from the Antarctic Ice, seize control of Snowcap Base and the UNIT Moonbase, with the intent of transforming the Earth for a Martian invasion.

Exodus of the Silurian[[edit]]

A colony of Silurians have left Earth in the far future, using a refitted ship obtained from a wreckage to transport their people across the stars. A malfunction of its engine puts the whole crew in danger so the Tenth Doctor and Martha will arrive to help.

Proud Son of Sontar[[edit]]

Ensign Trak, a loyal member of the Sontaran Empire, is sent to Earth to defeat the Doctor once and for all. The issue for him is that he isn’t the sharpest knife in the shelf, even when it comes to Sontarans.

Doctor Who?[[edit]]

The Doctor has lost his memory, Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood try to help him by contacting Gallifrey through a beacon so they can get an specialist in Time Lord physiology.

Doom's Day Part I[[edit]]

A haven for cybernetic lifeforms is under attack and only the Doctor and K-9 can stop it… with some help from Doom.

Doom's Day Part II[[edit]]

Doom needs to protect Martin Tyr, a regular civilian, from any harm that others might deal him.

Planned Obsolescence[[edit]]

The Doctor is tracking down a series of malfunctioning Vortex Manipulators

Elemental, my dear Doctor[[edit]]

Sherlock Holmes is real?

Coal for Skaro[[edit]]

Merry Christmas!

Professor What[[edit]]

Cut! Next scene!

Tears of Ink[[edit]]

Inspiration can strike from the most unlikely of source, just be careful what that source is.


Always get a certified technician when you need to fix your devices.





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Daleks demand the player rate the app

Story notes[[edit]]

  • In The Right Place At The Right Time, it is explicitly suggested by Clara Oswald that she was able to remember her splinters' lives as she states that her memories of crossing the Doctor's time stream are "a bit blurry now", but is still able to refer back to her experience as Oswin Oswald, using her inside knowledge of Dalek psychology to thwart another Dalek. This makes the story of very few to make this suggestion.
    • Furthermore, two different Claras are seen crossing paths in that very section of the game.
  • Several of the Episodes' titles in the game are references, either coincidental or on purpose:
    • Episode 1 is entitled Lost in Time, which is the name of the game itself.
    • Episode 8, which features a Sea Devil, is entitled A Deep One.
      • The Deep Ones are antediluvian, fish- or batrachian-like sea-dwelling humanoids from the works of H. P. Lovecraft. The novel All-Consuming Fire previously implied that Lovecraft's Deep Ones and the Sea Devils were one and the same.
    • Episode 20 is entitled Two's Company, which has several meanings, such as being 1936 British comedy film, a 1952 American musical, an Australian variety series running from 1959 to 1961, a British TV sitcom which ran from 1975 to 1979, a 1961 music album, a 1974 jazz album, a 2006 music album a home decoration company started up in 2009, a musical symphony collection from 2013, a romantic novel from 2017 and the title of the 2023 Once and Future audio story Two's Company.
    • Episode 23 is entitled Game of Clones, which is a reference to the franchise Game of Thrones.
    • Episode 25 is entitled Seek, Locate, Exterminate!, a phrase often used by Daleks when they’re hunting someone down to kill them.
    • Episode 35 is entitled Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, which is a lyric in the New Year's Eve related song "Auld Lang Syne". This song was also sung by the British and German soldiers in the 2017 Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time and used in the trailer for the 2022 New Year Special Eve of the Daleks.
  • In Skirmish in Skaro, when the Daleks and Cybermen are battling, screaming their battlecries "Exterminate! Exterminate!" and "Delete! Delete!", the Tenth Doctor says "Doctor! Doctor!", a reference to the Rock-song Doctor Doctor by UFO. He claims it to be an 80s music, despite the song being released in 1974.
  • Although there have been many examples of this in fan fiction since 2015, this is the first BBC-licenced Doctor Who storyline to feature Clara and Ashildr after the events of Hell Bent.

Production errors[[edit]]

  • In Queen Eats Bishop, the TARDIS is accidentally laid over the Sarah Jane and Rose characters instead of behind them.
  • The title for Episode 61 incorrectly spells the word "unauthorised" in its title Unathorised Parking.


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