Size Control (comic story)

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This story debuted with either the Second or Third Doctor, then was reprinted with the Fourth Doctor. It may have had different companions in the reprint, as well. From an in-universe point of view, it's unclear which Doctor lived through these events.



Size Control was a TV Comic story featuring the Third Doctor. It was redrawn as a Fourth Doctor comic.


The TARDIS is taken aboard a giant space vessel. The Doctor has been taken prisoner by the Mantis, a race of giant insects. They are pursued by their former masters, the Tyrryxians. Using their ability to control size, the Mantis shrink their ship to the size of a microbe to avoid detection by the Tyrryxians. The Mantis leader is convinced the Doctor and the TARDIS can help him escape the Tyrryxians, but the miniature Doctor has escaped into the bowels of the ship. Determined to recapture the Doctor, the Mantis leader dispatches a beetle-like creature to retrieve his prisoner.



  • The Mantis carry out an x-ray scan of the TARDIS, which reveals that the interior consists of the control room and only three adjacent rooms.
  • The Doctor uses Jupiter as an intensive.


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Original print details[[edit]]

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • TVC 1170 (2 pages) Another thrilling episode next week.
  • TVC 1171 (2 pages) Another thrilling episode next week
  • TVC 1172 (2 pages) Another thrilling episode next week.
  • TVC 1173 (2 pages) Another thrilling episode next week.
  • TVC 1174 (2 pages) Another thrilling episode next week.
  • TVC 1175 (2 pages) Another exciting episode next week.
  • TVC 1176 (2 pages) A great new Doctor Who story begins next week


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