Seventh Doctor (The Lenny Henry Show)

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The seventh incarnation of the Doctor emerged suddenly after a misdirection of the TARDIS caused a fatal injury of his previous incarnation. (TV: Untitled)


Following his regeneration, he and Peri arrived on Earth in the year 2010 where they encountered the Cybermen and their leader, Thatchos. (TV: Untitled)


This Doctor wore a long brown leather jacket, a red jumper and yellow striped trousers. His outfit was also complimented with sunglasses. When he exited his regeneration, he also wore a long scarf, which he quickly took off. (TV: Untitled)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

This parodical sketch (which unexpectedly correctly predicted that the Sixth Doctor would regenerate on the floor of the TARDIS after extreme turbulence, as later seen in TV: Time and the Rani) introduced the first incarnation of the Doctor in any licensed BBC material to feature a black actor in the role of the Doctor. Colin Salmon's implicit Doctor Moon notwithstanding, it wouldn't be until the casting of Jo Martin in 2020's Fugitive of the Judoon that a person of colour would portray a unique, mainstream TV incarnation of the Doctor, the Fugitive Doctor.

In 2023, Lenny Henry starred in another comedic Doctor Who sketch, this time for Comic Relief: Lenny Henry Regenerates into David Tennant. Therein, he regenerated into a version of David Tennant's Fourteenth Doctor. Although not explicitly identified as such in the short, the character portrayed by Henry was listed as the "9.5th Doctor" by the YouTube Shorts upload of the regeneration clip. In this sense, Henry joined Jim Broadbent and Richard E Grant in having portrayed two distinct non-mainstream versions of the Doctor.