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An unnamed sketch aired on the British comedy series The Lenny Henry Show featuring Lenny Henry portraying a seventh incarnation of the Doctor. The sketch used official props from the main series.

It was included on the VHS release of The Curse of Fatal Death, the DVD release of Mindwarp, and the blu-ray release of Season 22.

In a Comic Relief 2023 sketch Lenny Henry would go onto portray a meta-fictional version of himself who was actually the 9.5th Doctor that regenerated into the Fourteenth Doctor. No official connection has been made between Henry's two incarnations.


The Doctor has just regenerated and a Cyberman incident lures closer.


In the TARDIS, Peri shouts for the Doctor to help. He stands up from behind the console in a new incarnation, having regenerated during the earlier turbulence in the time vortex. The TARDIS lands on a planet where the pair encounter a Cyberman bearing a striking resemblance to Margaret Thatcher who has conquered the planet. After defeating her and liberating the people, the Doctor and Peri leave for more adventures.





Home video releases[[edit]]

The story was released on the VHS of The Curse of Fatal Death and the DVD release of Mindwarp. In 2022, it was included in the blu-ray The Collection boxset of Season 22.