The Dalek Revenge (comic story)

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The Dalek Revenge was a TV Comic story featuring the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.


The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane are sent on a mission by the Time Lords to Ercos. The Daleks enslave the Klims. Their plan is to use their driller to destroy the Earth. Will the Doctor stop their plan?


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TARDIS doors opening outwards
  • The TARDIS doors are shown opening outwards, having previously only done so in TV: The Ice Warriors.

Original print details[[edit]]

(Publication with page count and closing captions)

  • TVC 1251 (2 pages) Next week: the doctor departs on a mission of mercy!
  • TVC 1252 (2 pages) The Daleks discover the Doctor next week!
  • TVC 1253 (2 pages) Next week: a traitor sets a trap!
  • TVC 1254 (2 pages) Next week: a double discovery!
  • TVC 1255 (2 pages) Next week: a double discovery![1]
  • TVC 1256 (2 pages) Our fugitives take the plunge soon!
  • TVC 1257 (2 pages) Next week: deadline to destruction!
  • TVC 1258 (2 pages) The Doctor begins another adventure next week!



  1. Part five really did feature the same closing caption as part four.