Spy Master's TARDIS

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The Spy Master's TARDIS was a Type 75 model. (TV: The Power of the Doctor)

The Spy Master disguised "his TARDIS" as a wooden house situated in the Great Victoria Desert during his time disguised as O. Before revealing his true identity to the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions, his TARDIS flew alongside the VOR aircraft for them to see. The Master used his TARDIS to transport Daniel Barton to the plane's programmed destination, then followed the Doctor as she was transported across space and time by the Kasaavin. Finding it in Paris, 1943, the Doctor remarked that it had not changed its appearance. The Doctor used this TARDIS to return to 2020, leaving the Master waiting for 77 years to return to the same time. (TV: Spyfall) The Doctor apparently retained possession of his TARDIS after he became trapped in the Kasaavin realm. (PROSE: TARDIS Tour)

During the events of the Master's Dalek Plan, the exterior of the TARDIS was identical to the Doctor's, but the text on the door was replaced with that of laughter. The interior was also similar to the Thirteenth Doctor's but pink and with more features inside of it. The Master used it to power the spatial-temporal movement of Qurunx, but in the process, he "pushed his TARDIS right to the edge, burned out half his systems, marooned himself here." By linking her TARDIS, piloted by Yasmin Khan, Graham O'Brien, Tegan Jovanka, Ace and Kate Stewart to the Master's, the Doctor was able to give it a jump-start, giving them a double-powered TARDIS to temporal hop the planet from 1916 to 2022 and stop the volcanic eruptions that the Master had caused on Earth. Teleporting back to his TARDIS, the dying Master used his Tissue Compression Eliminator to direct the energy from the planet's destruction into the Doctor, mortally wounding her and triggering her regeneration. The Master was left collapsed on the ground of the imploding planet next to his TARDIS. (TV: The Power of the Doctor)