The Interstellar Convergence (video game)

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The Interstellar Convergence, also known as EVE Online x Doctor Who, was a limited time crossover event collaboration between the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) EVE Online and Doctor Who, released between 13 January and 1 February 2022.[1][2][3][4][5]


The world of Doctor Who has come to New Eden in EVE's first major crossover, The Interstellar Convergence. Running from 13 Jan to 1 Feb, this limited time event focusses on the quest to track down and repel an iconic evil – the Doctor’s notorious foes, the Daleks. Track down items that unlock new areas of space, unearth rewards and themed items, and go to battle with the Daleks themselves.


Due to "chronological complications" that Gallifrey endures during the Time War, Gallifrey, Bronze Daleks, and many artefacts from the Doctor's universe appears in a remote area of another universe, New Eden, for a brief time.

The inhabitants of New Eden, a large society of alliances and empires that either battle or trade with one another, use the artefacts to track down the Daleks — known as Biomechanoid Combat Units to the Capsuleers — and face off against them in an interstellar battle.




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Story notes[[edit]]

  • The Interstellar Convergence was covered in the "When Worlds Collide" article in DWMSE 62, about the games Doctor Who crossed over with in 2022.
    • The article detailed how the "Doctor Who and BBC teams [had] reached to [CCP Games] a few years ago with the idea of doing something together. The thought was initially for the two established sci-fi worlds to tip their hats to one another, but as we unleashed our creative - and Doctor Who loving - brains on what we could do, the project took on its own life."
    • The article also gave a brief summary of the plot of The Interstellar Convergence and the "healthy debate" and "initial concerns" the collaboration spawned among "some fans" of "both communities", although the reception was "ultimately very positive".

Event Details[[edit]]

The Interstellar Convergence is set to be one of the most exciting, distinct, and awesome events ever to take place in EVE. And it’s been built to make sure it’s perfect for new players and veteran players alike.

  • Solve an intergalactic mystery.
  • Battle the Daleks in an intense conflict.
  • Get themed gear and other rewards.

How to Participate[[edit]]

To join The Interstellar Convergence, head to New Eden between 13 Jan and 1 Feb. Once you’ve completed the AIR Capsuleer Training Programme and have grasped the fundamentals, you’ll be ready!

  • Fit your ship with all the scanning technology you need.
  • Investigate a source of the strange readings – the ‘Warp Matrix Convergence’ site.
  • Scour this new area of space for event items and rewards.
  • Use your newly acquired technology to travel to the Dalek’s hiding place.
  • Team up with fellow pilots and obliterate the iconic evil!!

Reap the Rewards[[edit]]

The Interstellar Convergence also gives you a chance to claim themed-gear that brings you a little of the Doctors’ iconic style. There's also a chance to secure special SKINs, exclusive packs and other rewards.

  • Pilot apparel inspired by various incarnations of the Doctor.
  • Event-exclusive packs at the NES.
  • Daily log-in rewards for Alpha and Omega pilots.


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Production errors[[edit]]

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  • The Bronze Daleks are known to the Capsuleers as "Biomechanoid Combat Units"; the Daleks had previously been referred to as biomechanoids on several occasions in the Doctor's universe. (PROSE: Alien Bodies, Pre-narrative Briefings)

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