BBV's Cyberon: Enhanced Spoken Word of the Novelisation (audio anthology)

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BBV's Cyberon: Enhanced Spoken Word of the Novelisation, or simply Cyberon, was an audio anthology released in 2021 by BBV Productions as an entry within their Audio Adventures in Time & Space range. It included audiobook readings by Nigel Peever of the first three stories in the earlier Cyberon prose anthology, which expanded upon the story of BBV's original Cyberon home video drama and injected other licensed concepts from the Doctor Who universe into the narrative.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Doctor Anderson's patients have permanent brain injury or suffer from brain diseases for which there is no cure. When Thomas Mordley begins introducing tests of Cyberon on her patients, Dr Lauren Anderson thinks she already knows how the trial will end — there will be some benefits, but no significant improvement in their condition.

Doctor Anderson is wrong... Cyberon is different. Mordley knows it's a wonder drug, and it's going to revolutionise medicine. He thinks it may even revolutionise the world. But does he realise that Cyberon has it's own plan?

And if he does, could he do anything to stop it?


# Title Author Featuring Release date
1 Flight of the Cyberons James Hornby Cyberon, Albert 21 September 2020
2 Cyberon Lauren, Ray, Tom
3 The Last Dose Louise, Patsy, Tom, Lauren, Ray, Albert, Cyberon


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