The Brigadier Adventures

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The Brigadier Adventures was an audio series produced by BBV Productions, starting in 2021. It starred the Brigadier, licensed through Hannah Hatt.

The stories in the series were audiobooks, using a framing device of Giles (one of the main characters of P.R.O.B.E.) looking through documents concerning, or written by, the Brigadier himself.

After five releases, BBV lost the license to use the character of the Brigadier. They released one further entry, Translation, which was decried as illegal by Andy Frankham-Allen.[1]


# Title Author Featuring Released
1 Memories of Tomorrow John Peel Giles 28 June 2021
2 New Pastures James Hornby 2 August 2021
3 The Fall of Shield Sentai Charles EP Murphy 19 August 2021
4 The Man Inside Bill Baggs 9 September 2021
5 Necessary Force Steve Lyons 15 November 2021
6 Translation[2] John Peel 11 May 2022


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