The Quality of Mercy (audio story)

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The Quality of Mercy was a 2002 release from BBV Productions that featured Guy de Carnac.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

In medieval Europe, the arrival of two strangers brings mystery and conflict to a peaceful market town.

The Inquisition is called for, with the capture of a foreign sailor. He looks like a man, but his clothes and language imply that he may be something more. Or perhaps something less. And what kind of ship sails through the sky?

The Inquisition discover that some questions are too dangerous, and some answers too sensitive. Soon, their fate and that of their prisoner, become bound up with the second visitor to the town.

A disgraced former Templar Knight turned wandering mercenary, Guy de Carnac.


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  • The Templars are a holy military order created to protect travelers and pilgrims.
  • The Bible says there are no innocent, as man is free of all but "original sin."
  • Suffering is "good for the soul."
  • An old Roman fort was used by princes and war lords.
  • Docking a horse's tail is part of a dismissal ceremony.
  • Guy wears a Roman breastplate and the cross of St. George.
  • Scarabs are beetles in Africa. Their design is incorporated into stone jewellery sold in Egypt.
  • Mohammadism is one of many religions, the first being pagans worshipping animal spirits.
  • Guy has not taken a vow of celibacy.
  • The Inquisitors and Kuchalain are mentioned.
  • The sailor's forefathers came from Egypt, and his people travel in a cloud ship and live at the end of the world.


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