Dionus's War (series)

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Dionus's War was a Faction Paradox audio series produced by BBV Productions starting in 2021. It was released under the banner of BBV's Audio Adventures in Time & Space.


# Title Author Featuring Released
0 Eternal Escape James Hornby Faction Paradox, the Friend 6 June 2021
1 Call Me Ishmael J.T. Mulholland Ishmael 23 June 2021
2 The Healer's Sin 24 July 2021
3 Me & My Ghost Bill Baggs 1 October 2021


  • Eternal Escape, though introducing the set-up of the series, was not originally released under the Dinonus's War subtitle. However, it was included, six months after its release, in a retrospective listing of Dionus's War stories on the BBV website, placed before Call Me Ishmael as per the real-world release order.[1]

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