Meet Doom - the Universe's Greatest Assassin! (webcast)

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Meet Doom - the Universe's Greatest Assassin! was a webcast short which served as the introduction of the multi-media Doom's Day series. It was released in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

It introduced Doom, as played by Sooz Kempner.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Universe, meet its greatest assassin, Doom!


Doom's, the universe's surprisingly-chirpy "greatest assassin", sends out a video S.O.S.: someone allegedly sent "Death... literal Death" after her, and the entity is set to kill her within one day unless she can find the Doctor. Indeed, a mysterious shadow seems to be circling her even here. Every hour, her vortex manipulator can send her to new coordinates from a list of possible assignments supplied by the Lesser Order of Oberon. Finishing her spiel with a plea to tell the Doctor that "she's on her way" if the viewers of the message sees it, she activates her vortex manipulator and blasts off.



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