The Minds of Magnox (audio story)

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The Minds of Magnox was an audiobook in the Audio Originals range from BBC Audio as part of the Time Lord Victorious series, featuring the Tenth Doctor. It was read by Jacob Dudman.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

A brand new standalone adventure for the Tenth Doctor, which also forms part of the Time Lord Victorious story arc, read by Jacob Dudman.

The Doctor travels with Brian, the Ood assassin, to the planet Magnox, one of the greatest receptacles of knowledge the universe will ever know. The Doctor needs to ask a vital question, but the answer is Grade 1 Classified! In order to gain an audience with the Minds of Magnox themselves he must take a dangerous test. Is he smart enough to get through?

Meanwhile, Brian gets involved with the criminal fraternity and is given a job: to assassinate the Minds of Magnox. However, others also have the planet within their sights...


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