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Omega was the primary comic story of the publication of the same name. It is a spin-off of Doctor Who making use of Bob Baker and Dave Martin's individual license to the titular character from The Three Doctors as well as the planet Minyos and its people from Underworld.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Part one[[edit]]

The people of the planet Minyos are in revolt against their alien gods. This chaos is being stoked by the rogue god Omega, who longs to free himself from his black hole prison and wreak revenge. But brave Princess Malika, last of the Minyan royal family, is determined to fight back.

Part two[[edit]]

Princess Malika of Minyos has discovered that the politician Oxirgi is planning to release the rogue god Omega from his black hole prison. Framing Malika and sentencing her to death, Oxirgi is astonished when Malika is able to renew the damaged cells in her body and escape using a mechanical bird drone, vowing retribution...

Part three[[edit]]

Princess Malika of Minyos and her ragtag companions are desperate to prevent Oxirgi freeing the rogue god Omega from his black hole prison. But now Oxirgi has commandeered the planet’s mightiest starship and has turned the full force of its firepower against Malika’s craft...

Part four[[edit]]

Following the destruction of Minyos, the Princess Malika vows to avenge her people. With Omega imprisoned in a black hole and seemingly beyond her reach, does the answer lie on the exotic hunting world of Draktria?


Part one[[edit]]

On the planet Minyos, the Minyans lived a primitive and difficult life until the Gods arrived and gave them technology to help them lived a better life. Three thousand years later, and a revolution has overturned the regime of the Gods, desiring to free the Minyans of their influence. Oxirgi, the man behind this revolution, is informed by Chara of the success of the revolution, which he relays to his true master - Omega, trapped inside his black hole prison. They are trying to create enough psychic disturbance to help Omega escape and get revenge on his people, the Gods of Minyos.

Outside the city, the exiled princess, Malika, discusses the revolution with her loyal ally, Captain Himoyachi. She wants to see the revolution come to an end, trusting the Gods and wanting to save the planet from destruction. She reaches out to Oxirgi using her bird-shaped messenger drone, and they plan to meet in the Garden of Serenity. They meet an hour later, and Malika is accused of trying to kill Oxirgi, who has her arrested by guards. Himoyachi, who has been watching from nearby, retrieves her broken messenger drones, which was shot down by the guards.

At sunset, in front of a large crowd, Oxirgi announces the plan to have Malika executed by firing squad the next day. Himoyachi watches from the crowd, before finding a repair shop to have the drone fixed. The next day, he sends the drone to communicate with Malika. But on the way, the drone overhears Oxirgi communicating with Omega. Himoyachi learns that Oxirgi has built a matter converter, which will use psychic energy to create a gateway to Omega.

Himoyachi then sends the drone to Malika, but as he is relaying the plot to her, guards find and kill him. Soon after, the executioner comes to collect the princess, who quickly sends the messenger drone away. At midnight, in front of a large crowd, Malika is shot several times. However, the Gods have gifted the Minyan royal family with the ability of cellular renewal, and Malika is able to heal herself and transform. As she stands before the shocked crowd her messenger drone sweeps down and rescues her, providing wings for her to use to get away. As she flys off, guards shoot at her as she promises to stop Oxirgi and Omega, and save Minyos...

Part two[[edit]]

Having escaped capture, Malika lands in a street in the city, and begins looking for allies to assist her.

Oxirgi is barking orders at the guards, allowing them to use whatever method they have to capture Malika whilst protecting the matter converter. As they leave, he contacts Omega, who gives him the next step in the plan: to take the flagship of Minyos' space force, arm it and prepare to use it against the planet.

Meanwhile, Malika is searching through town when she is spotted by Chara, who sends a battle android in after Malika. Inside a tavern, Malika is being threatened by a man when the android bursts in. The android beheads the man, before preparing to strike the princess. However, she uses her messenger drone to re-programme the android to assist her instead. The battle android leads them back to Chara, who is forced to tell them about Oxirgi's plot and how he was taught his powers by the last mindwrangler, Kyril. As they begin to leave, Chara goes to attack Malika, before the android kills her. The android then holds other guards off, whilst Malika gets away. Elsewhere, Oxirgi and a force of loyal guards kill the flagship crew as they take control.

Up on the Green Mountain,  Malika has located the cave of Kyril when she comes across a strange beast, which the battle android reveals to be a hallucination caused by Kyril. Malika confronts Kyril, who reveals Oxirgi forced him to explain how fear could be turned into psychic power on fear of death. Malika convinces Kyril to help her save Minyos, and he reluctantly agrees. Later, at a used vehicles shop, Kyril projects money in order to pay for a top-of-the-range military interceptor.

In space, Oxirgi is preparing to strike Minyos when one of the guards detects a small ship. As it gets closer, Kyril projects a cattle-like animal from Minyos, provoking panic and chaos amongst the guards on the ship. Oxirgi sees through this projection, and is taking control of the ship when suddenly Malika is being projected into his mind, trying to get him to stop. However, Omega is too powerful, and Malika leaves his mind. Oxirgi begins firing on the ship, and although they manage to fire back, Malika's ship is soon completely destroyed. As Malika loats in the vacuum of space, Oxirgi finds the first targets for the missiles, and as he fires Omega prepares for his rebirth...

Part three[[edit]]

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Part four[[edit]]

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  • Princess Malika is the last living member of the Minyos royal family.
  • Oxirgi sparked the Minyans to revolt against their Gods on the behalf of Omega.
  • Malika sends messages with a bird-like messenger drone.
  • Malika's parents died in the upper atmosphere of Minyos to prevent their ship from crashing into the city.
  • Killing a lion mantis on Draktria gives one the right to hunt an exa-beetle.
  • Exa-beetles contain large air pockets and have a carapace strong enough to enter a black hole.
  • Omega's appearance changes with his emotions. He takes on the appearance of Medusa, an angel, a minotaur, a hydra, and a cyclops.
  • Omega creates an entire civilization with a university, a government, an army, religion, and atheists.


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