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Happy Endings is the fiftieth Virgin New Adventures novel. It is a celebration of many of the elements of the series and features the return of many original New Adventures characters. It therefore has a certain commonality with The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, televised episodes that include significant characters from an entire era of Doctor Who, and The Flood, a comic story which ties a narrative bow around the Eighth Doctor's run in Doctor Who Magazine.

It centres around the wedding of Jason Kane and Bernice Summerfield. Much of the humour of the novel derives from the reactions of her wedding party — which includes Pakhars, Silurians, Ice Warriors and several other species — to ordinary life in an English village. Amongst the set pieces of the novel are two quintessentially British competitions — the pub quiz and cricket. Both get long, multi-chapter attention. Indeed, despite the fact that it is a Seventh Doctor story, its depiction of the friendly between the local villagers and Benny's mostly non-human wedding party is the longest and most detailed depiction of cricket in all Doctor Who fiction.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

"Doctor, this is my fiancé. Please don't kill him."

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr Jason Kane and Professor Bernice S. Summerfield, to be held in the village of Cheldon Bonniface in the year 2010.

If everything works out, that is. Between rows, fights and pre-emptive divorce proceedings, there may not be a wedding at all. Especially if there really is someone who wants to prevent it happening.

Everybody's coming: from Ice Warriors to UNIT veterans, a flirtatious Ace to a suspicious Hamlet Macbeth -- and a very confused trio of Isley Brothers. The Doctor has to organise a buffet, Roz has a mystery to solve, and Chris has a girlfriend who used to be the Timewyrm.


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Wedding Participants[[edit]]



Anatomy and physiology[[edit]]

Artefacts of Rassilon[[edit]]


Communications technology[[edit]]

  • Sherlock Holmes gets annoyed when they first arrive in 2010 because he can't work out what satellite dishes are for.

Foods and beverages[[edit]]





  • The Doctor regrets attending a Bucks Fizz concert.

Personifications of concepts[[edit]]

  • The Doctor introduces Emily to Time, Death and Pain. Time curtseys at Emily's feet and says, "Hello again, Grandmother."



  • The Travellers come and perform a ceremony with Bernice, Jason, the Doctor, an Ice Warrior and others, where they all end up in a field naked.
  • Death and Time are referred to as gods on Gallifrey. At least a quarter of Gallifrey's population worship them.




Theories and concepts[[edit]]

Time travel[[edit]]


  • John Benton owns (and drives to Cheldon Bonniface) an electric Bentley.


The Wedding of Mr Jason Kane and Professor Bernice Bernice S. Summerfield
Character guide
  • When the novel was first published, you could send away to Virgin and get a poster of the front cover.
  • The introduction is a poem written by Vanessa Bishop, while the end of the novel has words and sheet music entitled Opposites Attract.
  • The inside back cover features a larger version of the front cover "wedding photo" illustration and a character key.
  • Marked as the fiftieth release of the New Adventures line, this book introduced a new cover design. Among the changes, the Doctor Who logo on the spine, originally rendered as it appeared during the opening credits of the TV series, was replaced by an outline drawing of the logo.
  • A Goth girl briefly meets Benny and is said to have met her twice before; this is a reference to Neil Gaiman's character Death of the Endless and Benny's own brushes with Death.
  • The Seventh Doctor makes his final appearance on the cover of a New Adventures novel until the publication of PROSE: Lungbarrow, in 1997.
  • Despite being published in 1996, this novel features Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart coming down with a terminal illness and having only a short time to live by 2010, eerily mirroring Nicholas Courtney's own battle with pancreatic cancer and ultimate passing away on 22 February 2011.
  • Donna Noble, Amy Pond and Rory Williams also marry in 2010. (TV: The End of Time, The Big Bang)


Happy Endings references more or less every New Adventure featuring Bernice Summerfield (and some more besides) to date and beyond.

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