Robin Bright-Thompson

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Robin Bright-Thompson was a resident of 107 Baker Street.



Robin was born around the year 2005 (AUDIO: Divine Intervention) to Ken Bright-Thompson (AUDIO: Lost Property) and Alison Bright-Thompson. (AUDIO: The Keys of Baker Street) Due to his father's job, Robin often moved around and was unable to get close to anyone for long as a result. (AUDIO: Dead Time)

In 2020, Robin moved into 107 Baker Street with his father but was unhappy with the situation and planned to run away. However, the Curator convinced him not to. (AUDIO: Lost Property) He was tutored in history by Helen Sinclair (AUDIO: Wild Animals) but spent a lot of time playing video games. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention)

Robin was upset when his father had to suddenly go to work and was comforted by the Eighth Doctor. He later asked him to have a look at his television after it began showing Mr Bird, whose voice he could hear in his mind despite the television being mute. (AUDIO: Must-See TV)

Whilst shopping with Helen, Robin agreed to test himself for Divine Intervention and was told by Rafaella Hicks that he was just what they were looking for, but Helen took him away. He was taken hostage by Bourakai and Teeja and later joined Liv Chenka and Tania Bell in going to the pub, where the former planned to tell them who she really was. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention)

Robin was eager to join the Doctor on his test flight of the TARDIS and stowed away in a cupboard when the Doctor told him that he could join next time. He sneaked out of the TARDIS and entered Earth Endstation 6 (AUDIO: Dead Time) where his ageing process was greatly slowed (AUDIO: What Just Happened?) and he learnt that he would become an important person. Upon returning home, he was upset to learn that his father's job meant they would be moving to Scotland. (AUDIO: Dead Time) Whilst he was still at Baker Street the Doctor checked up on Robin, who was playing a video game. (AUDIO: What Just Happened?)

Leading DI[[edit]]

With his increased longevity, (AUDIO: What Just Happened?) Robin became the masked leader of Divine Intervention, claiming the title of "the Doctor", (AUDIO: The Long Way Round) and went on to create the very technology in the Endstation which had slowed his ageing. (AUDIO: What Just Happened?) After capturing Gemma Houlbrooke in 2050, he revealed his identity and told her that he had come the "long way round". (AUDIO: The Long Way Round)

Robin genetically altered humanity so that all humans would be wiped out when a kill switch was activated, using this as a deterrent to maintain control over the Human Empire. Thousands of years after 2020, he ruled from a space station and met the Doctor, Liv and Helen once more when they infiltrated the station with Quinns. When Quinns held them all at gunpoint, Robin activated the kill switch, wiping out every human except himself. Furious, the Doctor subsequently abandoned him on the desolate Earth. (AUDIO: What Just Happened?)

As "Mr Bird"[[edit]]

Mr Bird. (AUDIO: Must-See TV)

After living for thousands of years, Robin, now under the alias of Mr Bird, travelled back in time (AUDIO: Crossed Lines) to 2020 and moved into the attic room of 107 Baker Street, effectively becoming the other residents' live-in handyman.

He placed extraterrestrial technology in the house for the purpose of surveillance, earning him the suspicion of both the Eighth Doctor and Tania Bell, with the latter informing Torchwood that he could be a concern. He blew up the MedTech building and used vortex transference to escape before the Doctor could catch him. (AUDIO: Must-See TV)

The Doctor initially believed that Mr Bird had killed Mr Crusoe due to the presence of scorch marks, but Teeja and Bourakai admitted to being behind it. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention)

He arranged for his father to move to Scotland to avoid the future he had already created. He encountered the Doctor, Tania and Helen and told them that their intervention was going to work. (AUDIO: Crossed Lines) He rescued Andy Davidson from the crashing spacecraft to show the Doctor that he was good but left him in Hull. (AUDIO: Get Andy)

The rewritten timeline[[edit]]

The Doctor came back to rewrite the time and visited him on the train to Scotland. He liked that this occurred. (AUDIO: Crossed Lines)


Robin liked hot chocolate and playing creative video games. (AUDIO: Lost Property) He was greatly upset by his parents' frequent absence and longed to have a family, telling Helen that he wished that the Doctor was his father. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention)

He looked up to the Doctor, and wanted desperately to impress him. (AUDIO: Dead Time)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

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