The Enemy of My Enemy (audio story)

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The Enemy of My Enemy was the second of three special Big Finish Productions released in conjunction with the Time Lord Victorious series. It was written by Tracy Ann Baines and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

The people of Wrax are happy to begin peaceful negotiations with the Dalek Empire. The two species are preparing to engage in an alliance that will last throughout the ages.

The only one who seems to object to this happy union is the Doctor. He knows that you can never trust the Daleks.

But more than that, he knows that the Wraxians should never have existed...


Having been captured by the Daleks, the Eighth Doctor exits the hold of the Daleks' ship and is confronted by twelve Daleks, before the Dalek Executioner arrives and orders the Doctor's extermination. However, the Dalek Strategist enters and orders the Executioner to delay the Doctor's extermination until all necessary information has been extracted from him. The Doctor observes that the two Daleks have conflicting interests and mocks the Executioner despite the advice of the Strategist. Suddenly, the Time Commander orders the Executioner to stand down and for the Doctor to be escorted to the bridge.

Onboard the bridge, the Dalek Scientist informs the Time Commander that the Dalek Time Ship is in position; the Time Commander orders for the ship to be hidden behind the Wraxian moon, proclaiming that "the Dalek Empire must not fall..."

Meanwhile, the Doctor deduces that the Time Commander supersedes the Executioner and the Strategist, the latter of whom is the Time Commander's advisor. The Strategist states that a Dalek Scientist has been assigned to investigate the cause of multiple temporal anomalies across the universe.

On the bridge, the Strategist explains that the temporal anomalies include new species and planets which constitute a threat to the Daleks. The Doctor realises that he has been captured to identify the source of the anomalies, due to his species' strong understanding of time. The alternative strategy is the extermination of all temporal anomalies, hence why the Executioner is onboard. The Doctor realises that the Daleks fear that the changes to time will spread to Skaro and erase the Daleks from history completely. The Strategist states that the entire universe had been affected already, and that the changes must be investigated, rather than simply exterminated.

The Doctor enters a transmat pod alongside the Time Commander, Strategist, Scientist and a Dalek drone. The Scientist states that such means of travel is necessary, as the planet is surrounded by unstable energies that must be bypassed via a more reliable travel method. The planet in question is Wrax; the Doctor is confused, stating that Wrax is supposed to be a barren rock, whereas this planet has an atmosphere and sustains life. The Scientist states that Wrax's timeline has been rewritten, and the Doctor realises that something is on the planet which scares the Daleks, before proclaiming that they will merely analyse Wrax before doing anything else. The Time Commander then broadcasts a message to Wrax, claiming that the Daleks come in peace.

Transmatting onto Wrax, the Daleks are observed by several Wraxian civilians before being greeted by Boros, advisor to President Sarathin. The group departs for Sarathin in the Great Hall. The Doctor talks to the Scientist, marvelling at the beauty of Wrax; the Scientist coldly states that he analyses with logic alone. The Doctor questions Boros as to their destination: a large, pyramid-like structure containing the Great Hall and the Wraxians's Gallieries of Victory, containing records of the races encountered by Wrax. Boros states that the dome-like structure on top is the Eye of Wrax, where the Wraxians "see the universe for what it really is". Boros then walks with the Time Commander, somewhat irritated by the Doctor's questions. The Doctor ponders with suspicion as to what the Eye of Wrax really is.

In the pyramid, the Doctor and the Daleks are greeted by President Sarathin. While the Doctor, the Strategist and Boros travel to the Galleries of Victory, the Scientist chooses to remain with the Time Commander and Sarathin. The Time Commander states that news of the Wraxians's conquests have reached the Dalek Emperor, and that together, the Daleks and the Wraxians could conquer the universe.

Meanwhile, the Doctor, the Strategist and Boros arrive at the Galleries of Victory. Boros explains that the exhibits are the last remnants of hundreds of civilisations conquered by Wrax, much to the Doctor's disgust. The Strategist requests to observe the exhibits further with the Doctor, and Boros complies. The Doctor angrily asks why the Daleks didn't tell him who the Wraxians were, but the Strategist advises him not to antagonise the Wraxians. The pair split, believing that they can learn from the exhibits as to what has caused the temporal anomalies. The Strategist gives the Doctor a communication device, allowing the duo to privately communicate between themselves.

Elsewhere, the Time Commander and the Scientist request a demonstration of the Wraxians's super weapon - the Devolver. Boros enters and offers to prepare the Devolver, although Sarathin bars the Scientist from a direct observation until the Dalek-Wraxian alliance has been established. She then departs.

In the Galleries, the Doctor reads about the Eye of Wrax, when the Strategist mentally informs him that he has found nothing of value within the Wraxian database. The Doctor analyses that the exhibits are spoils of war, yet the Wraxians lack any form of military force. Furthermore, the conquered worlds have all had their histories significantly rewritten, but the lack of a pattern between them suggests that the Wraxians are not responsible for causing the temporal anomalies. In addition, the Doctor has found a stone tablet that, unlike the other exhibits, neither he nor the Wraxian translators can understand. He suggests that the Strategist should investigate himself, before the two cut off their call. The Doctor removes the communicator from his ear, believing that the Strategist is lying to him. He decides to investigate elsewhere.

Inside the Eye of Wrax, Boros has set up a visual link to the Time Commander and the Scientist. He prepares to use the origin matrix and a captive Fellixian for the demonstration. Boros also informs Sarathin that another origin matrix has been acquired; Sarathin expresses disdain towards the Daleks, and leaves the Eye.

Nearby, the Doctor reaches the Eye from the stairs. He attempts to get in but is forced to hide when Quinso and Boros arrive in a lift. However, Boros's scanners detect the Doctor, and his guards take the Doctor to the laboratory to witness the demonstration of the Devolver's capabilities.

The Scientist and the Time Commander hypothesise that the Wraxians are planning to betray the Daleks. Sarathin returns, informing the Daleks that the demonstration is ready and that the Daleks can watch in the observation room; she is unable to stay as she must activate the weapon herself from within the Eye of Wrax.

The Doctor is restrained in the laboratory, and Krinso and Boros prepare to activate the Devolver. Krinso explains what an origin matrix is, and the Doctor realises, in horror, the Devolver's function. Via video call, Sarathin explains the purpose of an origin matrix to the Daleks and the Doctor; the Devolver consumes an origin matrix before targeting every member of the origin matrix's species across the universe. She then leaves the Eye of Wrax, as nobody can be within the Eye when the Devolver fires. Boros explains to an enraged Doctor that the Wraxians allow life to start again through the Devolver. The Doctor and Boros observe the Fellixian as it seemingly explodes. Boros explains that the Fellixians have been reduced to single-cell organisms, the earliest form of life - and now they have a Time Lord; the Wraxians have acquired an origin matrix from the Doctor whilst he was trapped in his chair. At that moment, however, the Strategist blasts open the door and exterminates the guards, although Boros escapes upstairs. Despite his frustration over the deaths, the Doctor requests the Strategist to free him from his restraints. The Strategist explains that the communicators possess trackers, which allowed him to find the Doctor. The Doctor then quickly locks the Strategist inside the laboratory, knowing that the Strategist lied to him as to why the Daleks came to Wrax, and decides to investigate alone. The Strategist begins burning through the door.

In the observation room, the Time Commander praises Sarathin for the Devolver's power, although Sarathin continues to bar the Scientist an analysis. She leaves to adjourn with the other council members on the alliance. The Time Commander states that Sarathin will be exterminated upon her return, and the Daleks will sieze the Devolver.

Sarathin meets with Boros, who informs her of the Doctor and the Daleks's betrayal, before handing her the Daleks's origin matrix. Sarathin orders Boros to search the whole pyramid for the Doctor and the Strategist, while she prepares to wipe out the Daleks with the Devolver.

In the observation room, the Scientist discovers that Sarathin has locked it and the Time Commander inside; regarding this as betrayal, the Time Commander dismisses the idea of the Doctor rescuing them, and decides to accelerate his own plan.

Finding several rooms down a corridor, the Doctor recognises the runes on a door that he couldn't translate in the Galleries. He attempts a temporal scan, only for an alarm to begin locking down the door, when the Strategist returns. Boros and some guards enter, and the Doctor and the Strategist escape into the library.

Onboard the Dalek Time Ship, the Dalek Executioner is informed by the Time Commander that the Daleks's covert mission has been compromised, and that the transport pilot drone is not responding. The Time Commander orders the Executioner to transmat to Wrax with some support units immediately.

Inside the library, Boros orders the Doctor to surrender, but the Doctor pushes several bookshelves down in a domino-effect, before ordering the Strategist to destroy an outer wall. Faced with a large drop, the Strategist begins to elevate, with the Doctor riding on it; he informs the Strategist that, based on Boros's disregard for the Strategist, the entire Dalek race is in danger. The Doctor tells the Strategist to hover down and order the Time Commander to halt the attack, after allowing him to escape upwards. The Strategist brings the roof down afterwards to stop Boros and his guards.

Oustide, the Executioner transmats onto Wrax. When the natives are unable to say where the transmat pilot is, the Executioner summons its support units and orders them to exterminate all Wraxians.

In the Eye of Wrax, Sarathin is informed by Boros that the Doctor has escaped, and that the Daleks have begun killing the Wraxian civilians in the jungle. The Doctor then enters the Eye as Sarathin orders Boros to defend the city, before the Doctor deadlocks the door with his sonic screwdriver.

While Boros and his soldiers begin attacking the Daleks, the Strategist arrives; when the Executioner refuses to listen to him, the Strategist leaves to find the Time Commander and the Scientist.

In the Eye, Boros informs Sarathin that the Daleks are heading towards the Eye, before he is cut off. Sarathin then reveals to the Doctor that they lured the Daleks here after they killed the transmat pilot Dalek and made an origin matrix from its corpse. The Doctor realises that origin matrixes are unnecessary; a body in the Eye will suffice. Sarathin gloats that she has the power to erase the Daleks, Time Lords and the Wraxians in an instant. Outside the door, the Time Commander orders all Daleks to blast open the Eye of Wrax, only for the Doctor to exit with Sarathin. He tells the Daleks that Sarathin can end the Daleks instantly by remotely triggering the Devolver via the pendant around her neck. Despite initial disagreements, the Daleks allow the Doctor to negotiate with Sarathin alone.

Inside the Eye, Sarathin argues that the Devolver allows dangerous species to be reborn into peaceful races. She then gives the Doctor her pendant, granting him the chance to devolve the Daleks, but he refuses to commit genocide against even the Daleks. The Doctor then shows Sarathin the civilians outside, who are helping each other following the Daleks's attack; he considers this the essence of life, proclaiming that the Devolver erases such essence.

The Doctor exits the Eye, stating that Sarathin has left to shut down the Devolver. The agreement between him and Sarathin is that the Daleks leave Wrax and never return. Sarathin then arrives and states that the Devolver is being permanently dismantled. The Doctor states that he now knows where the time alterations originate from, but refuses to tell the Daleks until they are onboard the Dalek Time Ship. He, does, however, allow the Daleks to destroy their origin matrix, before the Daleks return to their ship.

Onboard the Dalek Time Ship, the Doctor prepares to move his TARDIS to the Time Ship's engine room, but first communicates with Sarathin, who states that she is preparing to dismantle the Devolver and destroy all knowledge of it. The two bid each other farewell, but as she closes the Eye of Wrax, the Dalek Executioner exterminates her, before entering the Eye; the Time Commander remotely orders it to use a remote activation device. The Executioner exterminates a Wraxian guard, allowing it to target the Devolver on the Wraxians. The Executioner transmats away, as the Wraxians painfully regress into single-cell lifeforms.

As the Time Ship enters the Time Vortex, the Time Commander convenes with the Scientist and Strategist on the bridge; the Strategist proclaims that he has successfully manipulated the Doctor, and he is oblivious to the real reason why he was captured by the Daleks. The Doctor suddenly enters, requesting the Scientist's help; he explains that the untranslatable runes on Wrax were ancient Wraxian, confirming that the Devolver existed long before the Time Lords. The Doctor states that the source of the time alterations can only be reached by linking his TARDIS and the Time Ship's engines, and the information from Wrax will lead them to the source - a location in the Dark Times.





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