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Scott Handcock (born 8 November 1984[1]) is the author of several Doctor Who audio dramas and short stories. He has also directed many Big Finish audio dramas, covering Doctor Who, Torchwood, Class and more.

At BBC Wales, he started out as a runner on Doctor Who Confidential and The Sarah Jane Adventures, before becoming production secretary on Doctor Who from A Christmas Carol to The Wedding of River Song.

In 2020, he performed audio editing work for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! webcast Doctors Assembled!.

Personal life[[edit]]

During 2019's National Coming Out Day, Scott talked on Twitter about being gay.[2] Outside his usual roles, he also created and hosted From Queer to Eternity, a podcast centred around LGBTQ+ individuals. In the course of this podcast series, he interviewed several fellow Big Finish contributors who were part of the community. He was also interviewed by Tom Price about his own experiences as a bonus episode.[3]

In the DWU[[edit]]

He and Gary Russell play themselves as the directors of the story within the audio story In Living Memory.

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