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Top Secret, incorporating; SSS Chain of Command, SSS Weaponry, Who Is Sara Kingdom? and SSS Headquarters; was a feature published in The Dalek Outer Space Book. It was composed of a series of files released to the general public.

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Compuvac feels that the public would gain some reassurance if they knew of the capability of the Space Security Service in view of the grave danger that faces the world from the Daleks. It sends Colonel Marc Forest a series of SSS files and suggests they be published with some amendments. Included within these files is the dossier of Agent Sara Kingdom, whose daring exploits had been well-reported on Galactic Dimensional Television.

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Worldbuilding[[edit] | [edit source]]

  • 00A1 classification prohibits all personnel below the treble S rank from access to the file.
  • Compuvac is the supreme commander of the SSS and the most efficent computer in the universe. Its decisions are never questioned. Information is fed into Compuvac and then analysed and a course of action decided which is then passed on to Colonel Marc Forest.
  • Marc Forest is second in command of the SSS and is totally responsible for ensuring Compuvac's orders are obeyed. He is fifty years old and a veteran war rocket pilot who distinguished himself in the Space Wars.
  • The Galactic Government is comprised of representatives from all the civilised planets. It supplies the finances needed to operate the SSS but is only informed of its actions when Forest deems it neccesary.
  • As part of his role in charge of SSS weaponry, Kurt Soren is responsible for the maintanence of existing weapons and the devising of new ones. His duty is to ensure the perfect functioning of all arms used by agents.
  • The SSS yearly arms budget is 8000000 pounds.
  • It is the function of the SSS space transport division to ship agents to any part of the universe at a moment's notice. Four K9 Super Rockets are ready for launch twenty-four hours a day.
  • David Carson's favourite vehicle is the K9 Super Rocket.
  • The SSS yearly transport budget is 100000000 pounds.
  • Agent Seven is a humanoid robot impossible to distinguish from a normal human. It is his responsiblity to ensure all agents remain 100 per cent loyal.
  • The SSS yearly security budget is 100000 pounds.
  • Sara Kingdom is in charge of field operations and her duties are unlimited but include suppression of space piracy, galactic crime and space and terrestial wars.
  • Sara's exploits have been well-reported on Galactic Dimensional Television.
  • Sara's sex is female, her age is twenty-three, she has raven hair, brown eyes and is 5'9".
  • Sara has a small heart-shaped mole on her right hip and a bullet scar on her left upper arm.
  • Sara's nationality is listed as an Earthling born on Mars and her marital state is single.
  • Sara attended Space University on Mars.
  • Sara's father was employed by MM Rocket Co. Inc. before they were attacked by space pirates on their journey back to Earth on her twenty-first birthday. She was the only survivor. She traced the pirates and destroyed their headquarters and it was this that inspired her to join the Space Security Service.
  • Sara has captured several galactic criminals, is an expert in unarmed combat and is the only woman liscened to pilot all types of rockets.
  • Compuvac assessed Sara to have a tendency to ignore danger and must overcome her inclination to shoot first and ask questions later. Compuvac judged the SSS fortunate to have an agent of her calibre.
  • The magazine capacity of the Mk 6 variable effect hand weapon is one hundred shots, its weight is eight ounces and its length is nine inches.
  • The weight of the electro knife is ten ounces, its length is twelve inches, its throwing range is one hundred yards and the power unit life before it needs recharging is three hours.
A diagram of Agent Seven with labels pointing to a variety of features.
  • Agent Seven's hair is actually resilient fibre that protects head mechanisms from impact.
  • Agent Seven's ears are actually audio detectors that are ultra high powered microphones and are sensitive enough to hear a pin drop from over four miles away.
  • Agent Seven's eyes are vision lens that are miniturised television cameras that relay all visual images to a calculator cell. These allow Seven to read a newspaper from a range of five miles.
  • Seven has a magni radar unit designed to look like a human nose which can detect the approach of anything in total darkness. An early warning locator and scent analyser are also located here.
  • Seven's speech projector is to allow his lips and tongue to simulate human speech methods.
  • The mechi-vocaliser in Seven consists of mechanical voice chords. These are variable and allow him to perfectly impersonate any voice or sound perfectly.
  • The calculator cells in Seven is built to resemble a human brain and has a high intelligence level.
  • Seven has muscular units that are powerful electric motors which are substituted for human muscle. He can lift eight tons with one hand because of these.
  • Seven's skin layer looks like skin and has flesh tones. It is actually bullet-proof, flexible plastic that can withstand fire and cut without damage.
  • Agent Seven's radicom unit is built into his right shoulder and is a powerful radio reciever and transmitter that allows him to be in constant contact with SSS HQ.
  • Agent Seven has self-charging electro cells that provide him with motive power. When his cells are discharged, he appears to be tired.
  • The muscular units in Seven's legs are so powerful that he could run at sprint speed for over one hundred miles.
  • The K9 Interplanetary Rocket is a huge and powerful spacecraft that has a speed approaching that of light. It is powered by Soval Hydran motors and carries a crew of eight.
  • The K9 can eject its nose cone after which it becomes a four-person vessel that is controlled from a mothership.
  • The K9 is designed for sustained flight and can stay in operation for up to six years. It is used exclusively by the SSS.
  • The mini rocket can be described as a space car and can carry two people. High ranking SSS agents are each given their own mini rockets.
  • The K9 can carry four mini rockets in its hold and is faster than a single vessel.
  • The mini rocket is powered by Carson anti-grav and does not need fuel of any kind.
  • The mini rocket can be remotely controlled and will travel to a black box possessed by an agent that will emit a homing beam.
  • An SSS identity card has a photograph of the bearer, their left thumbprint and their signature.
  • SSS identity cards are made from solid gold worth five hundred pounds and can provide agents with funds in an emergency.
  • All agents possess an internal transmitter pill as part of their special medical equipment. The pill is activated when swallowed and emits a radio signal but dissolves and deactivates after two hours.
  • All agents have a pocket computer with over eleven million memory cells. An agent requiring information on a subject speaks the question into a built-in microphone and it returns an answer within five seconds.
  • All agents possess SSS badges that are to be worn at all times when inside HQ. The badges are treated with radio activity so any counterfeit ones could be easily detected by Reinger counters.
  • All agents have a trans-reciever pen that transmits and recieves etheric radio beams at an unlimited range. They enable agents to keep in contact with HQ from anywhere in the universe.
  • At the SSS HQ, over two hundred men are on twenty-four hour guard at Gate 1.
  • The heavily wooded hilltop above the HQ slides back to open the launch tubes.
  • Everyone entering or leaving the HQ must first report to Main Reception to undergo a security check.
  • Each launch tube in the SSS HQ is two miles deep.
  • The K9 Rockets at HQ take eight seconds to blast-off.
  • Experimental work is carried out at the Weapons Laboratory at HQ.
  • All vertical shafts at SSS HQ are equipped with high-speed lifts.
  • SSS HQ has an Agents' Briefing Room , living quarters for male and female operatives, a Space Transport Control room and an Observation Room.
  • The housing for Compuvac is totally bomb-proof and ten miles beneath the surface. The size of the chamber is one mile by half a mile and is almost entirely filled by Compuvac itself.
  • SSS HQ has a Space Medical Centre that specialises in space illness and research.
  • SSS HQ has several kitchens that specialise in health-giving diets for agents.
  • SSS HQ has a gymnasium where agents keep fit and train in the arts of self defence.
  • Marc Forest's command office is directly linked to Compuvac by a tunnel.
  • The mountain village division of SSS security is said to very good as the inhabitants have no idea about what is inside.
  • The Communication centre at SSS HQ is in constant contact with every planet in the universe.
  • The Administration Sector of SSS HQ is where records and files are stored.
  • The power supply units at SSS HQ provide power for the entire network in the mountain.

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